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Kelly – Feb 12, 2021

Victim 10176 I ordered 2 bean bags I payed 125.90 on Jan 24th and I want my money back I haven’t received my order and I haven’t gotten a response from this company I’m beyond pissed I called my bank and when I gave the order number they tell me it’s a healthy health food market I’m so mad

Arthur – Jan 15, 2021

I never got my bean bag and they took money out of my bank i want my money back $69.67!

Ricardo – Dec 14, 2020

Ordered tje beanbag chair on April 17th 2020 and never received it! So sick of these scams! Where are all the facebook fact checkers for this crap?

Megan – Nov 21, 2020

I spent $70 on april 16th for one of these bean bags. It is now Nov 20th and I have yet to recieved it or a refund despite sending many emails. I bought this as a joint gift for my kids for their birthdays. I am a single mother and work my butt off for everything we have which is not much and that $70 was the little extra I had saved to get them something special. I am beyond angry.

George – Sep 23, 2020

I ordered a bean bag chair in April 2020 it’s September and the phone number is disconnected and email invalid!

Emily – Sep 19, 2020

I order a 10-55 LBS dumbbell set 52.49 plus tax and shipping, Trough stack retro. I though is hella good deal. I try to check the Bus no.but none on the list, I Try to email but no response. Pls shut down the servers Stack retro.

Jenny – Sep 14, 2020

Same drill as above. Ordered an Ultimate Bean Bag on April 15 for $62.49, was charged and never received my chair. I waited patiently and now it’s too late for my credit card company to dispute the charge. It was advertised on Facebook (after I had Googled it). I wish there was a way Facebook could monitor scam companies that advertise on their sites. It’s a shame so many people are out money.

Evelyn – May 30, 2020

I order two bean bag chairs in april pay 122.00 and didn’t get or no email or tracking number and cant get know one to answer me

Tanya – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 89801

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a bean bag 3 weeks ago, the website is no longer available. No response to the email I sent, no shipping or tracking information for the item. I lost $66 on this order.

Randall – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 13901

Total money lost $62.49

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a bean bag chair for 59.99 plus tax and shipping, I never got it and I have emailed them with no response. i tried to go on web page but it is now gone.

Courtney – Apr 29, 2020

Victim Location 29445

Total money lost $139.86

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 2 ultimate bean bag chairs one black on 04/19/20 and one red 04/20/20 for my best friend. The bags were $69.93 a piece when u added warranty which i did to both spending a total of $139.86. I tried calling there number because i have not recieved anything about my order being shipped for either. The number does not work and the website has now been taken down. My bank will not give me the funds back even with me explaining the situation and providing proof. After reviewing the reviews from stack retro I found out I have been scammed and I found that out about 2 days ago. This fake company has gotten thousands of dollars from social media users. I am highly upset, I paid for something that I will never get I just want my money back and this entire company closed for the fraud they are. Please help!!!

Cole – Apr 28, 2020

Victim Location 32256

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Order their bean bag chair on 04/15/20. Money was withdrawn, received order confirmation email. However since then, cannot get any tracking information, phone number is disconnect, and website seems to no longer be active. I have no way of tracking this order.

Veronica – Apr 24, 2020

Victim Location 75232

Total money lost $188

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order my 3 children the overstuffed bean bags that Stack Retro was advertising on Facebook for a really good price or I thought. All the review I read was positive and said their stuff come in really fast and was great quality. I placed my order on 4/15/20 and have not received a tracking number. I have emailed this company 2 time and have tried to contact them by phone (which is disconnect now). I have completely been scammed. I will be disputing the chargers with my bank and hope to get my money back.

Charles – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 43338

Total money lost $62.49

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a bean bag from Stack Retro. they took the money out right away. no contact information is correct. the phone numbers are disconnected. Ordered from Facebook.

User Review
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