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Alan – Dec 02, 2020

This is happening to me right now. I paid $800 for a snow lynx Bengal kitten, 10 weeks old. We absolutely fell in love with the kitten and now we are not receiving a response and we have lost over $1,000 considering everything we had to buy for the kitten. THEY ARE A SCAM, please do not send any money to these people. Attached are the photos of the cat I “adopted”.

Rodney – Oct 11, 2020

I had this happen on sept 9th just as the other person did. I paid $650for kitty +$150 for shipping. I also received pictures and a little bit of info and contract. When the day the kitten was to arrive i was told i needed to pay a additional $1900.00-1400.00 and i actually tried to pay that but that didnt work. So then i was thinking we have a contract. So i was like no we have a contract to where and no time did youbtell that this additionally charge could happen.
And i actually talked to these people and i asked why do you sound like the same people,then they messed up and talked to me as shipping company on the wrong number. So they proceeded to try to get me to pay every which way.. and i just said no. They stopped responding. So i wasnt going to and didn’t pay anymore. And i am now disputing this with cashapp and my bank. Beware daniel scott and starbengals i only lost $800 though.

Derrick – Dec 02, 2020

How are you getting your money back !

Seth – Sep 26, 2020

Through simple communication with this vendor you can tell they are not a real business. Their prices are the first red flag, their payment services used are the second (all unprotected platforms and unwilling to use PayPal or a protected service). Almost lost $800 but after a few simple questions it was easy to see this is a complete scam. Beware.

Leonard – Oct 08, 2020

Hi how did you receive your money back. I am currently dealing with this scam

Savannah – Sep 09, 2020

Victim Location 46032

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was trying to purchase a Bengal kitten online. The seller did send pictures of the kitten and also sent a contract. However when shipping time came, the delivery company is not responding to calls or emails. But they did want me to purchase a USDA contract to have the kitten shipped.

Stephanie – Aug 04, 2020

Victim Location 60016

Total money lost $3,600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a kitten online from them. after 700$ and a signed contract they told me they would need an additional 1100$ for shipping and then another 1800$ for more shipping costs but that it would be refunded. The shipping company is fake and cannot get a hold of anyone and the breeder is now refusing to refund me the money for the cat and the shipping. no longer want the cat just my money and they keep emailing demanding i send them more info and the shipping company keeping emailing harassing me for more info. Now the breeder wont replay or answer my calls.

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