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Steven – Feb 10, 2021

I ordered the Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky in White color in December 2020 order number 73651 and was sent a shipping notice on January 19 with a tracking number of 9400111899560885270007 and did not receive it. My Mastercard was charged $27.93. I wish to have the product ordered. Please check this out and let me know about the problem. Jo Lovig

Patricia – Oct 29, 2020

Country Singapore

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I did get my product from this company but it never worked. I emailed them October 6th but haven’t heard anything from them. They contacted my bank and said I received the product so my bank denied my claim so I had to refile it to keep my money. Please do not use this company!

Trevor – Oct 11, 2020

Ordered 40 illuminated balloons for daughters wedding. Ordered on September 14, 2020. This is October 11, 2020, I have yet to receive a response other than a standard form letter. I have tried to contact at least six times, as soon as I send the email a form letter is sent to me within 5 seconds!
I suppose I was scammed out of $104.93 and have learned a lesson! Nothing coming out of China or Hong Kong is going to be honest!
Had I known when ordering that this was out of the US I wouldn’t have ordered it! Now I know. This place totally sucks, steals your money and after reading reviews they should be removed as online retailer!
What a scam. For the most part I blame myself for stupidity!

Oscar – Oct 05, 2020

This is not a complaint but after 6 months my item from Stylish New Deals finally arrived. It came from Singapore. Due to covid it took longer than normal and that was expected. I files a claim with my bank months ago and received a refund so I ended up getting this free.

Julia – Sep 12, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered back in March or April and I finally received one of them about 2 weeks ago. It is now September. I have bee emailing them to no avail. There is NO PHONE number to call. There is no way to contact them to return something. They are in HONG KONG.

Jose – Sep 12, 2020

I ordered some items back inApril. I kept emailing them telling them I had not received the items. I ordered the soft dog bed and something to make moving heavy furniture. I received the furniture mover thing about 2weeks ago. The only thing you can do is email the address on your order form. There is NO PHONE number. Since it’s in Hong Kong calling probably would not work. I accidentally ordered 2of each of these and I want to return them. I think I’m stuck. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Colin – Aug 13, 2020

order back in April of 2020, finally received my package August, 11, 2020.

Johnny – Jul 10, 2020

Placed two orders in April and still haven’t received the masks.
Order # 42094 – $64.75 and Order # 42098 – $16.91 in the amount of $81.66
I have been e-mailing them and they keep telling me “This delay in postal services is a result of the current COVID-19 situation.” which isn’t true since I have received any items from different companies!

Maria – Jul 10, 2020

I placed two different orders back in April and still haven’t received anything from them. When I sent an e-mail they replied “there is a backlog and to be patient”. However, I have ordered different masks from different companies and I have received them. Poor business management and would like a refund for the masks I ordered.
Order # 42094 – $64.75 and Order # 42098 – $16.91 in the amount of $81.66


Tabitha – Jul 10, 2020

I ordered these stylish clippers for my SPOUSE for Father’s Day..o felt really bad that his first pair was broken so I wanted him to have another pair 39.95 is wat I paid but I ordered them from this company Stylish NewDeals here two months later..still no [censored]ing clippers..I just wanna know how can this company be so heartless to post and false advertise and ROB PPL DURING A PANDEMIC..I WAS LAID OFF WORK SO I DONT HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY..IM VERY PISSED..but I’ll know next time scamming [censored]ers

Christy – Jun 25, 2020

Do Not Order Anything From Stylish New These are Chinese crooks operating out of Honk Kong with a Canadian address. Once your payment clears, they will go silent. They will not answer your emails. There is no telephone number to call. You are screwed. Don’t waste your money! This company is a Total Scam, check out their reviews on Google before you order. If you were a victim of these thieves, then complain to your credit card company or PayPal.

Rebekah – Jun 25, 2020

Made my order May 23, 2020 and now it’s June 25, 2020 and still have not received it, tried calling them number they had letting me know that they got my order and it’s not even a working number!
I will never order anything else from them!
I really think it’s a scam!

Sara – Jun 22, 2020

Placed in order with this company in April 2020, it is now June 2020 and I have not received my purchase nor a refund of money. Very vague responses emails with grammar errors and untruthful customer service tickets, zero follow-up! There is no contact phone number to speak with anyone. BUYERS BEWARE! This has to be scam, lesson learned.

Cara – Jun 02, 2020

This company is a total scam! Ordered a trimmer about 2 months ago. No response to multiple emails. I am yet to receive the product. They claim to abide by Canadian laws, but they list a Hong Kong address. Report to law enforcement if you were cheated by these crooks!

Francisco – Apr 28, 2020

I believe this company to be a fraud. I ordered a dog bed a month ago. There was no confirmation, order number or any contact. After numerous emails I received responses that appears to be a form letter. Theiy English if very poor and can’t understand canceling the order. I have since bough the same item from Amazon which arrive within the week I do not know how to communicate to these people. Be warned. Stay away from “STYLISH NEW DEAL.

Karl – Mar 14, 2020

Victim Location 44109

Total money lost $86.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered 2 of the new calming dog bed for a certain amount then a day or two later they charged my card a $2.00 international fee. I have been emailing for days to get my money refunded to no avail, not to mention the products haven’t even shipped!! Very disappointed with their service.

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