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Nina – Jan 06, 2021

Dec8 I ordered a Robo Vac and every time I call ‘James’ answers the phone and saying its on its way. Ive asked for a refund multiple times but now my phone number is blocked.

Raul – Nov 27, 2020

I ordered one heater and was charged for 3 PLUS they signed me up for monthly donations to their planting of trees! On my first call they removed the monthly tree donation fee but said their “authority” would need to return my call in two hours! When I again called back later the same day, the SAME CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT took my call telling me the company is based from TX % Fl. For 10+years, yet he could not give their exact location info out? Said the company was BHLabs? This is a scam. Google should have screened this company before enabling them to advertise via Google ads!

Jack – Apr 29, 2020

Ordered cream online.. listed for 7.00 and then got 2 charges on my credit card totaling $75.00 and then called to cancel and it was some kind of number for saving trees.. such a scam

Jacqueline – Apr 21, 2020

Do not order from this company I ordered a facial cream for $7.99 and a couple weeks later I got charged 159 on my card I never saw it was a subscription So I got that all canceled and just today I got a $25 fee on my card I have no idea where it came from my card company said came from BG food you never even heard of that company So I looked it up online and I saw the cream for sale tried calling their number and it just hangs up on you so I called Sunday Nu and they said I ordered a magazine subscription online which I never did and they will not give me my money back I repeat do not order from this company!

Richard – Oct 03, 2020

File a complaint to your credit card, i did that and my money was refunded

Tammy – Apr 16, 2020

I don’t feel that I need to repeat my story, as mine is the same as many of you. It taught me to be very skeptical in looking at the ads on Facebook, even though there might be lots of legitimate companies out there. But it is companies like Sunday Nu who ruins it for everyone. They used my credit card information to “purchase” an esubscription on Wonder Vida. I finally had to cancel my credit card in fear that they might have sold my information to another of their related businesses.

Please take care and check your credit card statement each month after buying from these scammers or cancel your credit card with the bank.

Jared – Apr 12, 2020

I cancelled my subscription in Feb after this company charged me when I stated I didn’t want the product. Then today I get an email stating thank you for your order for $25. I had already told my bank not to authorize anything from them. I’m so mad about this!

Alexis – Apr 03, 2020

They are scammers. I ordered online Jan 31 for $2.99 and free 3 day shipping. With the guarantee on the website for 60 days. I noticed on the immediate receipt an additional item of colon clense, I immediately called and I told her I only wanted to try the facial cream. She said there was no other charges. I was unsure of the conversation but waited for the cream. It showed up as promised but I tried it and it caused my face to itch and become red. I left the country and was going to call to return when I returned(still within the 60 days) home but when I got home I had another box with the same two items and now I had 2 very large charges on my bank account, $156.99+$164.95! I was furious! Nothing on the website says that. I called and was told no refund. It was only 14 days return policy(NOT STATED). So he canceled my “subscription” and said have a good day good bye. I called back and immediately hung up on. I called multiple more times with no answer. I even called a couple days later and he would not uphold the return policy. I see the new website still boosts 60 day guarantee and they are boosting backing by large companies. I do not believe this is true. None of the reviewers look real. I looked at BBB and FTC and there are multiple scam claims. Even the address they use is incorrect the number is still correct. Someone with a higher power needs to shut them down asap! They are scamming people and still doing it now! I have put a claim into both the FTC and BBB. Please everyone do the same! Terrible people!

Clinton – Mar 11, 2020

This company has a new ad out on Facebook where they changed their name. It’s called Eve Prima! I’ve also seen them as Sunday Nu La. If you look at the site it’s the same! I’m still working with my bank to get $152.98 refunded.

Abigail – Mar 10, 2020

How many would be willing to do a civil lawsuit?
I told them if I didn’t get ALL my money back…it was going to happen!
They guy I talked to offered one refund of $164.98 but there is another charge for $152.98. I’m sending it all back. He tried to tell me there is a 14 day trial yet the website says 90 days.
My name is Sue & I can be contacted at [email protected] Thanks

Jimmy – Mar 10, 2020

I meant a class action lawsuit

Kelsey – Mar 08, 2020

Victim Location 43082

Total money lost $166.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company offers a free facial product with only paying $7 for shipping. What is not made evident is this is actually a monthly subscription with subsequent mailings being charged 86.99 to credit card. By the time I realized what I was being charged and called the company., I had been sent two orders. Nowhere on the facebook add did I see any indication this was a subscription. I immediately cancelled and returned unopened product. I am now trying to get things resolved through my credit card company.

Joy –

They charged my account$152.98. I called and cancelled and told them off and never even got anymore product. I’m in the process of working with my bank to get my refund. I’ve left comments in their adds and they drlete it and then block me. So pissed right now!

Juan –

Victim Location 35962

Total money lost $77.10

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They had an advertisement on Facebook selling face cream/moisturizer, and the price wasn’t bad so I purchased the cream and under eye serum for $12. After 14 days I noticed a statement from my bank where Sunday NU took an additional $77.10. I contacted the company on several occasions and emailed. I finally was able to speak with a representative of the company who confirmed that they lock you into a subscription without telling you anywhere on their website, and that they get away with it because when you type in your payment information and hit ‘submit’ that is your way of agreeing to their subscription! I asked for my money back and they say no. Also they do not allow returns. He said that they had actually tried to take $350 out of my account and it did not go through so after a couple days tried to take $175 and it did not go through so their third attempt they tried $77.10 and it did go through. So if I had of had more money in that account I would have been out 350 dollars!!

Reginald –

I also ordered from the Facebook ad offer was for 7.00 FACE cream – 5.00 FACE serum… 12.00 total … when I received the items there was a FACE cream and an EYE serum (eye serum NOT a face serum) so I emailed few times & then called.

I said I had the WRONG item and he BOUNCED around that and said you have the Face Cream and Serum… yes, WRONG serum should be the FACE serum NOT the EYE he bounced around again AND THEN mentioned a subscription … WHAT a WHAT ? … subscription – I said I DID NOT sign up for a subscription – he said yes, you have 14 days to try & return so just try those. I said HOLD ON … WAIT a MINUTE!
WHAT happens after 14 days then we charge you for the items … I said OH no…
no no no … I will return these NOW then I did not sign for a subscription MATTER OF FACT – there was NOTHING on the offer page in large or small print that mentioned a subscription AND nothing NOTHING on your website either that mentions it … I want to return these NOW! he said (after some time of back & forth) he said just keep the items you do not have to return them. I said I have no problem doing so and he said NO just keep them AND i then said WHAT about the “subscription” – he said I am canceling them both now – do I get an email or something confirming that and he said yes… I said okay then I will wait online with you to make sure I get them WHICH I DID – and then I said how do I know since there is no return of product that I will not be charged for these FULL price and he said because I canceled your subscription on both and took care it from here …

THIS was the 1st time I EVER EVER did a trial thing and WILL NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN

I was not charged for anything else NOT refunded but I don’t care and have the 2 cancel subscription emails

Kristopher –

Ordered on the try the product for 7.00 shipping charge. Two weeks later they charged me 72.00. When I called and sat on hold for an hour, they said I could not get my money back. I asked for a supervisor and they said I would get a call within 24 hours. I never received a call. The cream is a 1 oz. bottle and ended up paying 80.00.

Amelia –

When I called them I was told the charge was for my original order so I only received the 1 jar.

Shanna –

Scam! Never again will i order some [censored] like this. Got 1 jar for 7 bucks and 3 weeks later had one in my mailbox and a 79.99 reciept in it. They took that money without permission and no subscription. I better get my 80 bucks back!

Eric –

I ordered Sunday nu for $7.00. They charged my credit card 7 and then $72.99. Then they sent me another jar for $79.99. I called them to tell them I was sending it back unopened and they said I couldn’t but they would send me future orders for 35 percent off. I said no I don’t want it. They said it was on the ad but it wasn’t

Tina –

Same exact thing happened to me!

Raymond –

They are thief’s do not buy anything from this people. Do not give then.access to your card .SCAM

Daniel –

I had the same experience and they charged my account without my permission

Alexander –

I thought it was a one time cost. Until, 3 weeks later they charged my $169! Another scam! Do not purchase.

Tristan –

I called my credit card and they are going to cancel it for me .. Please call your credit card company they will help you..

Sandra –

I got scam with this company as well, I thought I read the whole thing to make sure there there’s no recurring order, so I bought the one on sale, but after 3 weeks I recieved another package and charging me $164.99 . I cannot afford things like this and I when I called he said I cannot return that anymore but will cancel my account and will no longer be sent another package. Oh my gosh please please don’t even try to buy this product unless you are a millionaire !

Suzanne –

Scammer’s phone 877 730 3374

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 12000 66th St Largo, FL 33773

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered two products for $12,00, then they charge my credit card twice, totaling over $300.00 and send products that I did not order. They make it look like a good deal, but they put you in subscription, not being aware of. After long wait , they answer the phone, and in a very rude way refuse any product return or refund.
It is a big scam. We will fight.

Ashleigh –

call and fight them! They just reimbursed me my $152.98 today! Don’t take no for an answer

Russell –

Victim Location 07601

Total money lost $317.96

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order for Sunday Nu anti-aging cream for their"special"price of $7.00, and their eye serum for their "special’ price of $5.00. Received that order than 2 weeks later I was charged $152.98 , a week later $164.98 for nothing! No authorization…no other order.. TOTAL SCAMMER! BEWARE. My credit card company is fighting them for my refund…

Taylor –

Victim Location 55960

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

DO NOT order anything from them! It’s a revolving subscription that is not disclosed anywhere on website nor when I called them. They added orders without my consent and then charged it to my card it went from $7 to $160! Advertises there is a no questions asked full refund in 60 days and I called after 14 days and was told no. Literally just no! Then hung up on! I tried to call back after on hold for 20 mins and immediately hung up on. They need to be shut down! They are the true meaning of scam! I want my guaranteed, no questions asked FULL refund!

Jenna –

Scammer’s phone 877-730-3374

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 12000 66th St Largo, Fl 33773

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I purchased a free sample and paid for shipping. There was nothing about a subscription anywhere. I carefully looked before the purchase. This was on Facebook. They took $72.99 on feb 6th and feb 19th $79.99 from my bank. They will not refund my money

Ivan –

I’m going to go pick up a few things from the store to hold me over. When I get back I will cancel the card. I hate thieves

Rebecca –

Also, cancel your card and get a new one otherwise they will take it again.

Julian –

Same thing with me – dispute it to your bank as fraud. You will get your money back, it will just take a little bit of time.

Benjamin –

Ok here’s an update on my last post. My husband came home and I told him what happened and he was furious. He said give me the number and he called the 1-877-730-3374 number on package slip and immediately told him that he wanted to talk to a supervisor and was immediately shot down. after at least a 20 minute phone call and when he threatened to call the state police on them he finally ended up getting a 100% refund on the seven dollar jar I initially bought and on the second jar that was just shipped to me. The guy on the phone offered a 25% refund at first and once he started there my husband didn’t Stop and said if you could do 25 you can do 100. After the 20 minutes the guy finally agreed to give them back 100% refund and both jars so he made sure to get it in writing in an email which was sent to me and he said we would have a refund in 2 to 4 days. So here’s hoping! My advice to all of you is to call this number and don’t stop until they give you the refund because obviously they can once they knew they were being reported in the fear of maybe being reported! Good luck and don’t take no for an answer!

Sandra –

When I called, they said they would stop the subscription, but will not refund the $165. and hung up on me. I had to dispute it with the bank. Then they used my credit card to pay for another “subscription” that I did not order a couple of months later with another one of their companies, Wonder Vida. So keep checking your credit card to make sure there are no other fraudulent charges. Thank you for your information. Maybe we should all have your husband call for us! lol

Arthur –

Same exact thing with me … he said exactly what he told your husband … I told him my bank was investigating and I was Filing a police report and he said ok 100% But I wonder if I will actually get it back ?

Marie –

What a bunch of scammers! I cussed them out and the [censored] told me to stop using profanity on a professional call. I said professional? You are scammers! I’m contacting the bbb and blasting them all over the internet

Shaun –

I am not going to let this drop

Cindy –

OMG he said the same thing to me!

Jesus –

I ordered a jar of the anti-aging cream off of a Facebook ad that I saw for seven dollars. Nowhere in there did it say anything about a 14 day trial and if you keep it they will charge you 72.99! I just received a second jar of the cream which I did not order on February 18 and they charged me 79.99! ! I just called the number listed on the packing slip and the girl told me there is nothing that she can do and basically I am out all that money but she will take me off the subscription list and I will be no longer Be charged anything on my card. I’m so furious I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that there was nobody there and that someone would call me back in 48 hours. I also told her I’m returning this product because I didn’t open it and she said it would be considered an unauthorized return and I would still be out my $80 is there anything or anyone we can call to fix this and get our money back?

Chelsea –

Does anyone have an email for them? They scammed me too

Brianna –

I called the number 1-877-730-3374 on the packing slip but got me nowhere! I asked to speak to the supervisor and she said no one was available. How convenient

Calvin –

That won’t answer your email unfortunately

Nicholas –

Same here. I ordered two items a $7 cream and a $5 eye serum. got charged $152 without permission two weeks after the purchase.
those two transactions were made by two different names. neither of them say “Sanday Yu” on the statement.
I canceled my debit card and got a new one so that they can’t charge me again.
also talked to my bank for refund.
I don’t know if I get my money back yet though.

Drew –

My bank won’t give me a refund. they think the transaction was ok…!
I called Sunday Nu costumer service and after 20 minutes of conversation
I finally gave up with full refund and accept 50% of refund.
but I already canceled my debit card after the unauthorized charge, so told him to send me a check.
he said “NO”. he told me that the refund would go through. during this phone call,
I received a refund confirmation email. so I hung up.
And I called my bank right after and was told that the refund on the canceled debit card will be declined.
I was advised to give my new debit card information to the fraud… so,,, I gave my money up 🙁

Bobby –

Firdt off it was supposed to be $7 ,they charged me $79 a piece for 2 tiny bottles of crap. Then are Charging me a renewal when I did not sign up for it. So far $330 has been charged to my card with out authorization. Something needs to be done here! There is no way to reach them besides a bogus number that no one ever answers. They never return calls

Scott –

Ordered some creams on an offer. Then this month they have taken 2 unauthorised payments of over £100. Did not sign up for a subscription! Bank have been contacted and are opening a dispute. I doubt I’ll get my money back. This company needs to be closed down

Jamie –

I ordered a trial for $7, two weeks later $223 was charged to my credit card which I did not authorize. Have disputed with my credit card company, and cancelled card so they can no longer get into my account. New card with new number being sent.

Erika –

Scammer’s phone 1-877-730-3374

Scammer’s website Sunday Nu

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Basically ordered face cream and eye serum for 7$ on fb. Site states 90 day money back guarantee. Supposed to have 14 days before being charged however I’ve only had it 5 and was charged 152.98$ today. I’ve tried to contact the company to no avail. The phone number provided send me straight to voicemail and the emails say not deliverable. I don’t know how to get in contact with this company to request a refund and to return the product. Would like to find a way to contact them. Thanks.

Frederick –

I just called and they won’t refund

Victor –

Basically same thing has happened to me, ordered the face cream and eye serum for 7$. I’ve only had the product 5 days and they deducted $152.98 from my account today. Supposed to have 14 days to test the product before being charged but even the info for customer service isn’t right. No way to cancel. The phone number directs you straight to voicemail and every email address I’ve found says email can’t be sent. I had to go to the bank and get another card. If anybody has any contact info that has gotten them to the company representatives, I’d appreciate it.

Carla –

I called 877-730-3374 and someone answered

Phillip –

I have also called and keep getting voicemail. I saw on this page a different email address that I used. It’s [email protected]

Janelle –

Victim Location 63301

Total money lost $312

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a free sample of their product and was charged $12 for shipping. 2 weeks later I was charged over $300 for 2 purchases I did not make. No where did it say that there was going to be an auto renewal.

Albert –

Victim Location 48380

Total money lost $152.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased an eye and a face cream from them through a Facebook ad for $5 and $7 respectively. Nowhere did I see that I was entering into a monthly subscription with this company. I happened to look at my bank account today and had 2 different charges for $79.99 and $72.99. I immediately called their customer service to see what happened. They said I agreed to their terms of contract from their website (it was never disclosed on the FB ad) and they refused to refund my money. They did cancel my subscription that I never agreed to in the first place. Their website clearly states that they have a 100% money back guarantee bit when I asked for a refund the Indian man on the phone literally laughed at me and said they cannot do that. I have not received my additional shipment that I paid for even though he said that it showed that it was delivered.

Luke –

Scammer’s phone 8777303374

Scammer’s website Sunday’

Scammer’s address 12000 66th St Largo FL 33773

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

There was a trial product for $7 advertized. There was no subscription stated, after 14 days, I was sent same trial product, and I was charged of $79.99 from my bank account that I’m not aware of. I read it carefully before I placed my order, but there was no subscription stated. When I called, I was told, I did not cancel within the 14 day trial period.

Chase –

When an order is placed it does not say you are enrolled in a monthly subscription.
Their ad does say 90 day money back guarantee. If they decline it is false advertising.

Denise –

Who did you submit a report to? Your bank?

Leonard –

This company is a scam! I ordered this cream for 7 bucks in jan. No subcription nothing.. What do I know i got charged 79.99 2 days ago! Pissed off! There was no subscription! And i call and email and no one returns anything. This is unreal!

Kristina –

I was just scammed to. Please submit a report. I just did.

Steven –

I had the same thing happen I was charged the $7 and $5 for cream and eye serum then three weeks later $152.98 and a week after that $164.98! They refused to refund said I could t return for a refund there page states in one place 90 day 100% money back guarantee and in another 60day 100% money back guarantee “no questions asked! As soon as I said I was calling my bank he put me on hold and said I could have 30% of the second charge back which was $41. I said no! You charged me $330! Explain to me what terms you do give you 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back and he kept changing the subject and then told me I could have 50% of my second charge back. I called my bank and despite’s the charges and had to cancel my card for a new one. I’m furious and feel so taken advantage of

Nina –

Same unfortunate thing happened to me. I had to cancel my card. They sent me a email saying they are giving me a 100% refund but nothing yet. (It’s been 3 days) it’s highly upsetting.

Claire –

Victim Location 95340

Total money lost $72.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I brought a item advertised for a special of $7.00, two weeks later they charged a additional $72.99. I try to contact phone number on the website, went straight to voicemail and as well try to contact the receipt number which was another company listen on there called wondercomestic LLC with a different phone number. The website for that one didn’t work it went to this Godaddy website and the phone number was to a charitable donation subscription for trees. BIG TIME SCAMMERS!!!

Douglas –

I was scammed out of $152.98. I bought from FB and NOWHERE did it say that I was signing up for a $72.99 per month skin care products. They took $72.99 and then $79.99. I have called my bank and cancelled my debit cards – both my husband’s and mine. Also did a dispute with my bank. I loathe “companies” like this.

Angel –

Victim Location 45103

Total money lost $152.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made a purchase for an introductory price, never did I know I was signing up a subscription. My bank account was charged for $152.98. I called their office and he stated the money was not refundable and I need to refer to their terms and conditions. I printed a copy from their website and it clearly states money back guarantee. I called their number and they refuse to refund my money. This business is scamming several people. There are several complaints on Facebook and the Better Business Bureau.

Dennis –

Dispute the charges with your bank.

Gloria –

I also got the cream for 7 dollars on facebook. All i had to pay was for shipping.It never stated anywhere that it was a subscription. Got the cream and next day they tried to charge my card for 72.99. Lucky for me funds were not available. Cancelled my card so they could not try again. Scam…

Patrick –

Same exact story here. But Discover card blocked a $72.99 unauthorized transaction in the middle of the night from this company. Thank you Discover! That’s interesting they recognized it as fraud! It is totally ILLEGAL to obscure critical info from an ordering process and as they claim, ”we signed up for it”…Nope! Please report the Facebook site for starters. Keep pressing your banks or CC about the fraudulent practice.

Ann –

Major scam! I ordered the $7 cream on feb 3. It’s feb 15 and I saw they had deducted $72.99 from my account. I called them which seems to be a call center in India. I was informed that when I purchased the $7 cream that I had opted to pay that $7 which was for shipping and handling. After 14 days trial period I would pay the full price of the cream which is $72.99. Apparently I had agreed to this when I purchased it by reading the terms of agreement. Nowhere did it say this at all. Anyway after lots of back and forth, he agreed to cancel my “subscription” and refund me my money. This was after he offered me 25% refund, then 50%, then 75% until finally he gave me a full refund. I threatened legal action which worked I think. They say you have 14 day return policy but they took $72.99 out of my account on day 13 so I pressed that issue and it worked. I also called my bank and they put a block on any future transactions going forward. My advice is to not to give in to the offers of a partial refund etc, what they are doing is illegal and an utter scam. I’ll be reporting them to the BBB immediately.
Hope this helps

Maurice –

Hi Pam, I called that same number. It took about 15 mins of being on hold to speak to somebody.

Jenny –

What number did you call? I have repeatedly called 877-730-3374 and always get transferred to voicemail!

Melody –

I called SundayNu on the 11th of February to cancel my subscription. I could not talk to a representative, but left a message at 11:02 CST to cancel. However, I was charged $152.98 on my debit card this morning, the 15th of February. I did not authorize this payment. I have tried several times to contact this company, but can never connect with a representative.

Brandi –

Same here! This is unreal! Bought for 7 bucks and just got charged 80 on the 15th of feb. How are tbey getting away with scamming so many people?!

Ashleigh –

Ordered a product for $7 on 2/3/2020 and woke up this morning (2/15/2020) to a charge of $72.99 that I did not authorize. People have said they supposedly sign you up for a 14 day “trial” when you order. I didn’t agree to that and it hasn’t been 14 days! Currently on hold with my bank because Sunday Nu is not open right now. TERRIBLE COMPANY.

Devin –

Victim Location 53919

Total money lost $164.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some face cream and eye gel 7.00 dollars for the face cream and 5.00 for the eye gel. I never agreed to auto-ship and was never informed that they would be taking $152.98 from my account. I feel they were in the wrong and misrepresented everything they did. I’m praying the bank with stop their payment. If they cannot stop I will be out all of that. I have called and email to no avail. Please shut these people down before they steal from someone else.

Shawna –

Victim Location 11710

Total money lost $73

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I admit I’m gullible to believe a 80 dollar cream could be for $12 however I ordered it, no warning that it was a trial for 2 weeks, charged full.price to my acct.

They do not answer their phone, and now I know this may be a monthly charge that I can’t unsubscribe from because I can’t get them on the phone.

I will.probably have to card & get a new one.I did initially order some I cannot deny that but I did not authorize a monthly payment.

Cindy –

Same as everyone else. Got sample 7$ then bam my account charged for 72$. Will dispute charge. No where did it say anything bout reoccurring charges!

Jessie –

I was browsing my fb and this Sunday Nu popped up. They offer creams to send a face cream for just 7 dollars. I was intrigued so I put in my credit card(bad mistake). They sent the jar by slow mail with no invoice so I thought, that’s it it must be a sample. After a few days another jar came in the mail, this time it is in a box but inside is an invoice for 79.99 dollars. I was bothered so I checked my credit card statement and there are two charges of the same amt. I went to the website and call them. After a long conversation, they won’t let me return the products. They said the most they can do is give me full credit for the second jar. The lady(probably a call center from India) said she can’t talk for a long timeand thatis the best she can give me and said she hasto hang up. THIS IS A REAL SCAM. They even put “100% Risk Free Money Back Guaranty” which doesn’t mean anything.

Lindsay –

Victim Location 07731

Total money lost $152

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered product and used my credit card. Two products were charged on my credit card. One was $5.00 and one was $7.00. Two weeks later over $152.00 is charged on my credit card. Bank is putting in a dispute, but no guarantee that I won’t have to pay that additional charge. Apparently, when you order, you are automatically put in a subscription, without being aware that you are. Fraudulent practice. Many attempts to contact Sunday Nu and it’s parent company are useless. Website is down. Facebook page is littered with complaints. Phone does not pick up.

Ronald –

I ordered for 7.00 dollars.
Now they charged from my card.65.39 dollars.
I tried to find a number to call but guess what?

Kristi –

877-730-3374 is number for anyone else misled. You must stay on hold and MUST talk to representative to get cancelled

Tony –

Like everyone else on here, I ordered the cream for $7, next page said complete order and added $5 for another product. NOTHING said trial or membership or any future charges. $110.14 charged to my card and I didn’t even receive the products (they say delivered) by post office and provided me a false tracking number. You have to be absolutely tenacious with them, refuse their 25% off, 50% off and 75% off AND threaten to involve your attorney, the BBB and to add to all the scam reports you’ve seen online. Do and say all this even if you don’t have an attorney (I don’t) and haven’t seen the scam reports. I did get a full refund after saying repeatedly I would involve my attorney and the BBB! Good luck to you all … stay vigilant and maybe we can get them shut down!

Stephen –

Help I was scammed for 152

Tristan –

I filed a bank fraud and was issued a complete refund for 152.

Martha –

I purchased the cream for $7.000 and then the serum for $5.000was added, I wanted to cancel it and I was not able, then on 1/23 I got charged;$152.98 and again on 2/7 another charge for $164.98 I didn’t know I was subscribing to anything, this is fraudz I need my money back to my credit card!

Jose –

I just saw a large charge on my debut after purchasing the 7 and 5 to, I don’t know what to do

Maria –

Hi, Iam from the UK and just like you guys I have been scammed, I have sent several emails and messages via Facebook but they haven’t responded! Iam in a position that my bank won’t refund me because I signed up to it…I really don’t know what else I can do, any advice would be appreciated…they have taken £120.00 from me which is around $150.00

David –

Did you tell your bank that in no way shape or form did they state that you were signing up for a membership?

Donna –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered the product for what I thought was $7 turns out it was $12 then two weeks later they took $152.98 out of my account. I’ve tried calling several times and left messages and no luck.

Julia –

After ordering the $7 jar they took $152 out of my account two weeks later! They refuse to give it back saying I signed up for a membership which is totally false! this company is a scam and they will drain your bank account! They say there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee and they lie about that too because they would not take it back and refund my money! These people need to be stopped! When I tried calling I got someone that could barely speak English and he ended up hanging up on me when I demanded a refund.

Monica –

Got the trial moisturizer for $5. At the end of ordering that there was a button that said “complete order”, so I clicked it. That magically added on a $7 eye cream and was final. Ok, whatever, it’s $12. Tried them, they are dollar store quality. Forgot them. 2 weeks later my husband was like, what did you buy for $152? It was them. It took me all day to connect the dots but I called them and demanded a refund. She refused and then put me on hold to confer with the “finance dept”. She came back and said they agreed to give me a 25% discount. I wouldn’t take no for an answer, finally told her that I would get my money back from the bank and hung up on her. She kept calling me back, like a crazy ex-girlfriend. I had called a number from NY but her return call was TX. Probably a spoof. Longer story short, i got an email after all that, with my refund.

Jacob –

Did you actually get your money back and if so, how long did this take? Thanks!

Paul –

I did get the cream (worthless) called to cancel. Took along to get a rep on phone. But was able to cancel. Don’t waste your $$ on that crap

Allen –

They lie from the start. Don’t do a trial offer. They never tell you it’s a trial offer. They allow 4 days of your trial for shipping. It’s part of their 14 day trial. But you don’t get there product in 4 days. So you don’t even get 10 days to try it.
Then they charge your account hundreds of dollars because they have claimed you’ve enrolled in a club. They don’t tell you that their is a subscription service enrollment anywhere. If you want that information you must read “every word on their website” according to them. There is a terms and conditions link on their site at the very bottom. They don’t clearly state these conditions anywhere other then you accessing that link. They will not give you a refund. Their product doesn’t work.

Ashley –

Victim Location 80215

Total money lost $79.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order a product for $7 and never received the product, then 16 days later they to 74.99 from my account. When I called the representative she refused to give me a refund and hung up the phone on me. Now that I look at the reviews they are fake and deceiving.

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