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Monica – Mar 03, 2021

Company is unreliable. I ordered over $100 worth of clothes and they shipped only one dress to me. It’s so hard to get a hold of them for anything. There’s no contact number. I will never order anything from them again. They have beautiful clothes but bad services.

Aaron – Feb 07, 2021

I order a coat from Sunjoy and when it came ,i wasn’t even given the coat to my cat to sleep on it ,the most horrible material and nothing like a picture,hope that this scammers get stop selling the wrong product and advertise wrong product and use pictures of different companies.I did not order the coat that they send me .

James – Feb 04, 2021


Raymond – Jan 12, 2021

I ordered a leather Jacket 11/27/20 within hours my credit card was charged $52.28 AND an ATM fee of $0.41 cents. Never received order.

This is a SCAM and product misrepresentation – must be taken off Internet !

Brett – Jan 11, 2021

Scam company, ordered an item of clothing. When it arrived it looked nothing like the item in the picture on Instgram I supposedly purchased.]

Geoffrey – Jan 10, 2021

Nothing but a scam of a business. Ordered a hoodie well over 2 weeks ago. Never got an update on it and when I go to check the status of it says that it can’t be found. Try contacting someone 3 times now and nothing. I wanna know how to get my money back. They have no problem taking your money without replying back or sending you your items. Does anyone know who I can contact. Thanks in advance

Johnathan – Jan 07, 2021

Hi i ordered a flying jacket , they sent the incorrect size , and they sent me a plastic rag , really rubbish , i want my money back , what they are selling is a disgrace , how do I you contact them ?

Amelia – Dec 12, 2020

Got what I order but can’t figure out refund? Any help?

Tiffany – Dec 10, 2020

I ordered a brown leather coat from Sunjoy on 11/2/20 and received an ? Orange fabric shirt. Horrible ! For $65.90. No way to reach them or contact them for refund/ return. This is a scam !

Ashley – Dec 12, 2020

Can you dispute it on credit card?

Manuel – Nov 16, 2020

I am owed a shirt how can I get a refund

Caleb – Sep 22, 2020

DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM NINA CLOAK, NO MATTER HOW CUTE THE PHOTOS ARE! (Parent company SunJoy Technology Ltd.) I ordered $79.60 in women’s clothes from NINA CLOAK on May 3rd. Due in 1-2 weeks and finally arrived June 28. Sizes all wrong and nothing fit! One shirt not even delivered and is no longer in their advertising. The fabrics are awful and not something I’ve ever seen before. THEY ARE ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! GUARANTEED RETURN IS A JOKE! Of course there is no return address on the original package. You must write to them to request the address to send the items you do not want. I did twice but they never responded. DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM NINA CLOAK!

Rosa – Jan 07, 2021

Yea , i got conned , they are a right shady outfit , selling 1st class crap , they must be making a fortune out of us —i have learned my lesson , cost me 52 quid ! I,m sick of these scammers , i seen the ad on facebook —they should vet these ads more closely ! When i look at what they sent me , its just a rag , my dog would,nt wear it — and I certainly won,t !

Chase – Sep 02, 2020

Ordered clothes back in May 01 2020on line. They charged my credit card $100. Never received the items and there’s no proper website or phone number to contact. So based on all the reviews, the website is fake and they are a big FRAUD..

Chase – Aug 08, 2020

Lisa August 8th 2020

I placed an order with them on June 18th through Instagram and have not received anything. I reached out to them twice and the email they provided is no good. This is aweful that we all were scamed by these people. Why would Instagram be connected with CON ARTIST such as these. What does this say about Instagram? REALLY!

Hector – Sep 02, 2020

Samething happened to me. I ordered through Facebook back in May. Never received the items.

Lawrence – Aug 01, 2020

Same same same, wtf! I feel like this is instagrams fault for letting such obviously shady company’s like one run advertisers on their site. They need to take some responsibility for allowing this kinda of [censored] to happen to so many of us.

Stephanie – Aug 01, 2020

I ordered an outdoor swing. The advertisement said it would hold 300 lbs. My husband weighs less than 200 lbs. Sat in the swing and it collapsed in on him. It’s a piece of junk and I want my $ back.

Dominique – Jul 31, 2020

Merchandise did not arrive. Disputed the charge with my bank. The merchandise finally arrived, but too late. Bank re-charged my account, and company will not contact me as to how to return items. As of right now I’m stuck with this charge, for merchandise that is terrible.

Bethany – Jul 24, 2020

I brought products from this company and haven’t received anything. I reached out several times and they continue to say “ Your order is being processed currently.” It’s been over a month. I asked for a refund and they ignored and told me to wait patiently.

Deborah – Jul 22, 2020

As similar to others I too ordered clothing. It was extremely misrepresented, not even close to the length, size or material. I looked like an old lady in their stuff! I also tried to request return labels 7 times and got a response from different names requesting info and details and pictures. NEVER a return label. THIS IS A SCAM!

Alyssa – Jul 22, 2020

They got me too. I actually received items. The jewelry pieces were okay but the clothing was GARBAGE. Apparently they use photos from other sites and send a very poor knock offs! One of the items wasn’t even remotely close to the photo! So frustrating! We need to be careful what companies we order from- I am thinking we should stick with USA companies!

Katelyn – Jul 18, 2020

I ordered clothing for three granddaughters for 352.00 I received no confirmation and my attempts to contact site for confirmation of order failed. I checked my credit card and the money was taken off my card. I ordered in early June and still have received nothing and all attempts to contact company failed. Do not order off wish on facebook.

Diana –

I spent $70 on 3 items about a month back and haven’t received any emails or information about how to track my order and now I realise after reading the complaints on this that it’s a scam, I’m furious want a full refund!

Joel –

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

j ai commandé pour un montant de 55,41e depuis le 09 mai 2020 et je n ai toujours rien reçu a ce jour

Martha –

Scammer’s phone N/A

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address N/A

Scammer’s email N/A

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

A company by the name of Sunjoy limited had an ad on Instagram. I clicked on it because I have shoped on Instagram before. I paid $27 for a black tshirt. And I gave all my credit card information accordingly. Proceeded to checkout. It ended by saying order confirmed.

Deanna –

I ordered one $27 shirt. And recieved no information at all. I want a refund. It’s a scam. It’s been over a month since I recieved any information about it. I found it via an ad on Instagram and clicked on it. It just said order confirmed.

Amanda –

I ordered some clothing worth $121.63 on May 4th, 2020 and was charged that amount on my visa May 5th. To date, July 12, 2020 I have not received any items.
I have sent 3 emails to the company requesting my items or a refund. I have never received a reply nor did I receive an acknowledgement of the order when it was placed.
This is obviously a scam and I would like to report this to the authorities but don’t know who to contact.

Jorge –

Same thing happen to my wife but she received one of the items out of 3 ordered. Sent numerous emails no reply. Confirmation emails come from a different address than the sun Joy

Ruth –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

i ordered four t shirts from on july 8,2020. after i had purchased the shirts for $69 i received no tracking information so i reached out to them via email and asked to cancel my order and for a full refund. they did not get back to me until way later and told me they could just offer me coupons. i am very upset. i still have no way to track this “order” and i just want my money back. please help.

Lindsey –

i ordered shirts and then asked for a refund and cancellation because people told me it was a scam after i had already ordered them. they told me they’d offer me a coupon but that was it. i spent $69 and i want my full refund.

Wendy –

I ordered two pairs of shorts for $71.32. I got a confirmation email but never received the shorts. This was on the 12 of April. Today I got a refund from them for $32.91 but I’m wondering where the rest of my money went.

Matthew –

Είστε μεγάλοι απατεώνες, παρήγγειλα στις 5/5/20 ρούχα αξίας 90,36 ευρώ. Τράβηξαν τα χρήματα και εδώ και δύο μήνες δεν έχω λάβει τίποτα. Επίσης, προσπάθησα να στείλω email και η διεύθυνση αποστολής ήταν λανθασμένη ή άκυρη. Η Συγκεκριμένη εταιρεία είναι φιάσκο! Ντροπή να εκμεταλλεύονται με τέτοιον χυδαίο τρόπο τους καταναλωτές!

Jillian –

I’ve used both Musi cool and gift muscle. In total I spent $350. I canceled my order with gift muscle well actually they canceled it and they said that I should be refunded but it may take up to 30 days. I have tried to cancel with musiicool. However they are beginning to become hard to reach and trying to cancel it online is almost impossible it seems. Both I have ordered and paid for over a month ago and neither was actually filled or shipped and then I became actually very concerned so I decided to cancel them all together because I feel like this is a scam. Now I feel stupid and I just don’t want anyone else to lose out on anything because this is a scam. The worst part is is that I found these online shopping platforms through the odds that I see on my Snapchat Instagram Instagram page Facebook. However they are beginning to become hard to reach and trying to cancel it online is almost impossible it seems. Both I have ordered and paid for over a month ago and either was actually filled or shipped and then I became actually very concerned so I decided to cancel them all together because I feel like this is a scam. Now I feel stupid and I just don’t want anyone else to lose out on anything because this is a scam. The worst part is is that I found these online shopping platforms through the ads that I see on my Snapchat Instagram Instagram page Facebook.These clothing stores were being advertised on my social media which is crazy and I think that the social media platform should be held responsible just as much as these scam online shops would be. So everyone watch out for those advertisements on your social media platforms because not all of them are legitimate. Hopefully they didn’t steal my credit card information and I’m going to sell it or use it for their own personal gain but that is what I feel like might happen so I will probably have to get all new cards and close out my accounts fabulous. and

Marc –

I ordered clothes from multirink for $81.96. It’s been one month and the order hasn’t even been processed yet. Sent an email for a refund and I haven’t heard anything back.

Carmen –

Same I bought a shirt, account charged, and never received the purchase. This is ridiculous. Someone needs to hold them accountable. I am a teacher in Oklahoma. 49th in the US for teacher’s salaries. I cannot afford to lose money.

Lucas –

I ordered 27 of April and did not receive anything yet!
Paid by credit card.

Tara –

I ordered women’s clothing on 5/8/2020, I have not heard anything about my order. I paid with my credit card $48.43. I do not have the the order number, but so far I am thinking about contacting my credit card company to report it.

Tyler –

I spend in cloth $116.86 in June 5 , 2020 and paid with my credit card.
I have not received nothing yet any e-mail respond to my merchandise.. Do not make any order with them.

Dale –

Scammer’s website Sunjoy technology limited

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Website

I bought a shirt off the website that seemed legit. But then they told me they would send an email when they will send it out. I never got an email or anything but it did charge me. I then checked the website that it charged me from and it turned out that others were scammed and had the same thing happen to them

Arthur –

I ordered a shirt but I have no email back from them that they said they would send . They took the money but I don’t think it’s shipping to me. I can’t even figure out a way to track it so I think it’s a scam

Jeffrey –


Dane –

I bought summer clothes on April 17, 2020 and spent $43.00 and still have not received no email confirmation no nothing. How is this company able to take my money without sending my products? So unfair and rude when Im already broke and now have been scammed! And do not have my summer clothes!

Daisy –

I ordered a shirt from you guys back in May 25th to be exact and I spent $33.16 for a sun moon t shirt I still have not received anything.. please give me my money back. If not, I’d love whom ever is in charge to be sent to the Bruning pits of hell. Thank you have a nice day

Mary –

I want to return my muse but unable to find them. Please help

Brenda –

I want to cancel my order ” carlotear ” number order ck1612 and I want to import my amount. Please return the amount in time!

Victoria –

I placed an order with Berry look for 2 pair of boots. My confirmation number is E 1767309. I have NOT received anything, and was told my order was in processing on June 4, 2020. My original order was placed on May 17, 2020, and money was taken out of my bank account for purchase. Where is my order. My patience is growing thin, and if I do NOT receive my order, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau!

Mitchell –

Purchased 3 x jumpers on May 10, 2020-off a site and cant even remember the name now, it was through an ad on Instagram. I knew straight away it was a scam because there was no email of confirmation. i spent $120 NZ dollars and wont be able to get a refund. so annoyed!

Corey –

I placed an order on 31st March, $109.80 have not heard anything and have not received the articles. As per previous complaints my bank cannot do anything, money has been taken and no articles. So very disappointed. If I am not going to get the articles then I want a full refund.

Jonathan –

My daughter ordered $75.34 in merchandise on May 28, 2020 and never received any acknowledgement. I have tried to contact the company and can’t get to them. My bank can’t do anything for me. I am hoping to get this resolved. Thank you.
[email protected]

Kathleen –

Purchased a cool shirt through an FB Ad…big mistake. 86.03 billed to my CC instantly but never received an email confirmation, acknowledgement or tracking number. Don’t even know how to contact the ad looked to be from a US website. 3 weeks ago. I thought FB would be a little more stringent on who they allowed to advertise.

Evan –

Scam! I ordered
Shirts from this company May 2nd. I never received anything.

Timothy –

I ordered 1 a couple months ago and I still haven’t recieved it yet

Darren –

I ordered 4 camp chairs and have not received them and its been over 1 month.

Lindsey –

Es primera vez que me pasa esto, por lo tanto no puedo contar una experiencia, lo que si me quedará es que si no se logra solucionar mi problema, me quedará una pésima experiencia.

Jaime –

Order 3 shirts from Solocake and charged by Sunjoy Technology in HK. Contact Solocakes customer services and they continual indicate to be patient the items will ship eventually and due to covid shipments are delayed. Been 3 weeks and nothing has shipped.

Bonnie –


Scammer’s address COSTANERA 198, PUERTO WILLIAMS

Country Chile

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Phone

Buenas tardes, me llamo Carla Vega Vega, vivo en Puerto Williams, Región de Magallanes y mi caso es el siguiente con fecha 04 de mayo del 2020, se carga a mi tarjeta CMR falabella, un monto de $114.109, por una compra de ropa mujer y niña en la tienda Sunjoy technology limitade, la cual yo nunca realice y que están cobrando. si fuera posible contactarme a mi numero o correo electrónico si necesitan algún otro dato o poder resolver este tema y si pueden hacer la devolución de la plata a la tarjeta, le adjunto la factura donde me están cobrando este monto. Esperando una buena acogida y pronta respuesta.
Saluda Atte.,
Carla Vega Vega
+[protected] (Chile)

Javier –

I ordered $160 AUD + on jumpers in April and have not received. Super frustrated

Kaitlin –

I ordered $200 worth of clothing 2 weeks ago. They took money out of my checking account but I’ve received nothing and no communication.

Javier –

Like an [censored] I ordered clothes and jewelry from Nina cloak without researching it. It’s been a month and I have nothing from them. Can I get a bill from the sun of joy technology LTD and Sunjoy Calabay for over $200. I’m going to see if I could put a stop on this pill. Lesson learned never buy anything without researching the company first unless it’s already well-known like or etc.

Terry –

I spent like 30 € on a pair of shorts in a web called hoatvivi, and my order appeared under the name of Sunjoy Technology Limited. I did my order the 5 th of May, but nothing arrived, and I received no confirmation email or could enter with my email on the website. I couldn’t file a complaint, as the page didn’t allow me to, and there is no contact email or phone number.

After reading some opinions from this vendor and comparing the website with others mentioned, they are all the same and part of a scam. So sad.

Monique –

Country Hong Kong SAR China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

On May 1, 2020, I placed an order in the amount of $79.93 from an F.B. clothing advertiser. I am extremely disappointed. I’ve only received two of six items I purchased and they’re JUNK! I am so Pissed!

My credit card statement indicates Sunjoy Technology LTD in Hong Kong, but there’s a return address for an Exxon at 2352 BENT CREEK ROAD
AUBURN , AL 36830
Telephone 334-501-5151

Juan –

Hi there, sharing my anger from London. I bought $100+ worth of clothing from a website called and was charged by Sunjoy Technology HK. Never received a confirmation nor items. I realised very quickly that it was a fraud. This was done through a repetitive add on Instagram, I don’t know how this can be allowed!

Richard –

I have a charge of $93.12 to this company and I have no clue who or what they are. I am furious having my card compromised and get absolutely nowhere trying to contact this company.

Preston –

I have ordered a shirt from during april and waited till 8th june 2020 and still havent received the item yet. the customers service did follow up every email i addressed to them but the deliveries never progress.

Vanessa –

I ordered clothing in May and haven’t received and I was charged twice on my AMEX. Could you please address this complaint. It is well over $200.00.

Krista –

Buenas tardes
He hecho una compra desde el pasado 4 de mayo y no resido nada ni información ni factura. No sé si algún día vea lo que ya pagué

Kristine –

I ordered from mihustyle but in my bank account it says I bought from sunjoy technology limi. I sent them a message 2 times to check on my order which they eventually cancelled and now I’m still waiting for a refund. I ordered about a month ago, they cancelled it yesterday and I told them I wanted a full refund and they haven’t responded.

Jill –

I order a sweatpants pair for $36 dollars and I never received the item!

Dana –

I ordered my items on the 3rd may and I haven’t received anything yet could you please look into this for me ! I wait you’re reply thankyou

Nathan –

I ordered my t shirts on the 3rd may I haven’t received them yet ! What is the delay ? Could you please look into this for me and inform me ASAP thankyou

Stacey –

I bought goods on 11th May this year and never received them, spent around 100 USD. Shame for this company who advertised. I want a refund.

Robyn –

I also bought through another ad couple of dresses and was charged to this Sunjoy Limited on 11th May this year, nothing received nor have I been sent via e-mail on the confirmation of shipment of the goods. I ask for refund.

Ebony –

Wow wish I would’ve read this sooner. It’s been over a month n a half since I ordered. Yes cards been charged!

Danielle –

Ripped Off for 145.84
The pictures of the clothing were so beautiful. My daughter and I had a lot of fun shopping for the right summer outfits. Shame on the thieves.

Maggie –

I order back in march on the 27th never received anything, I would like my money back. It’s not fair to other companys when theres people scamming makes it bad for online shopping who can you trust

Isaac –

Where are my T-shirt’s I ordered and spent $40 on

Julia –

I purchased four shirts on April 17,2020 and just received them May 30,2020. They are to small and all I want to do is return them and get my money back. They have no phone number to get in contact with. And their on line-gets you no where. I never experienced such a hard time purchasing something before. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I have a funny feeling I am going to be stuck with these shirts that are to small and a total wast of $72.81 and the international fee of $2.18. Please, anyone who is thinking of dealing with this company DO NOT. Pauline C. from OH.

Jacquelyn –

Bought a shirt through an ad of fb, still haven’t received but have been charged for it

Leslie –

I bought online few summer shoes (april 2020,basel).. never received anything. Charge on my credit card about 113Chf. I guess, i never get this money back.

Allen –

I ordered clothes from this company due to an ad on my Facebook page! Facebook should be more cautious about who they let advertise! I have never heard one word from this company, all they did was quickly Bill my credit card! I want my card refunded! Nadine Moan

David –

I purchased a item and spent $43.00 on May 3, 2020 and I still have not received a confirmation number for my order or tracking number. It’s been a month now an I’ll never purchase anything else from this company. I need to figure out how to receive a refund.

Robyn –

I am writing from Russia. same story! spent $ 63 did not receive a letter! I want the scammers to be punished!

Kristy –

Buenas, hice una compra el 24/4. No tengo novedades del producto. Me descontaron el pago por tarjeta con impuestos y demás ya que es en dólares. Nk tengo respuesta de la empresa. Nose como Tebas jna solución. Si alguien me puede ayudar para saber como proceder mi e-mail es: [email protected] gracias

Shawn –

In April 2020 I ordered clothes online from Holapick, a beautifully photographed website that pops-up on the AARP website. I ordered 4 items, but, luckily, printed the order #, because they never sent a confirmation. My AX credit card was debited $86.30 by Sunjoy Technology Hohk HK. I received an email saying my order needed to be cancelled due to the virus in China and I was offered either a credit for future orders or full refund. I asked for full refund. I received 3 out of the 4 items a few days later, but just barely resembling the photos in their website, poorly made, inferior materials, and not sized by US standards, and with no shipping label for returns. Again, I asked for a refund and a return shipping label. They do not want their clothes back and after many emails, are now offering a partial refund (around $20). They have told me to ship the items to China, which would cost more than I paid for them. The last email reported that their warehouse is temporarily closed, but then I saw new pop-ups on the AARP website that same day. They are huge scammers who are cheating the world out of a tremendous amount of money. Why are they allowed to continue?

Lauren –

did not ever receive any items, i spent $100. i need a refund.

John –

Buenas noches , el dia 10 de mayo del 2020 hice una compra con esta tarjeta el cual el producto aun no llega ni tampoco he podido dar con la pagina donde lo compre. Necesito respuesta ya que uno se fia de que los articulos lleguen y no es la idea que uno este preguntando de cuando llegaran , etc. Para gastar dinero asi y que no lleguen los productos no es la idea.

Luke –

Purchased a shirt and paid 34.00 on 5/3/20… today 5/29/20 no package yet NO EMAIL… a courtesy message with a tracking number would have been nice. Is it even being prepped for shipping? Was hoping to get a confirmation email just as quick as they were to take my money!

Natasha –

Reference: my order dated April 26 2020
I have ordered and paid the amount of USD 223.12 and I still not have received my parcel !
Still waiting for the delivery of my order!
I do not understand why you don’t even send a message to inform me about my order!
Looking forward to receiving your reply and the date of the delivery urgently!

Christine GEORGES

Haley –

I have a similar experience. Purchased $93.97 of clothing in April, 2020. Credit Card company/bank showed payment to Sun Joy Technology, Ltd on 4/26/20 which was not the same as the name of company from where I purchased according to an ad online. I still haven’t heard anything about delivery. No email confirmation. I have not received the merchandise as of today May 29, 2020. When I started researching, I realized the clothes are coming from Hong Kong. I would have never made this purchase had I known this when placing the order. This is fraudulent. There is a “middle man” involved with a U.S. address who takes the order. They do not want to publicize that the clothes are being made and coming from HK. I reported it to my credit card company, and they are investigating. I do not want the merchandise and would appreciate a refund. In light of the whole COVID crises, and even if it wasn’t for that reason, I do not want clothing from China. It is a cover up. I’m sure they don’t want people to know the origin for fear of losing the business. I would appreciate any help you can give.

Isaac –

I have ordered on April 14th, they charged my card the same day with the amount of 126,23usd and till today, May 29th I have nothing received. they sent me several times a tracking no for part of my order (the updated is May 13th!)and they reply to my emails with the same answer! still in processing!

Summer –

Scammer’s phone 0648161282

Scammer’s address Grietenij 16

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Netherlands

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I buy 30 april clothes , but they never send a e-mail.
Also i can’t found the website anymore..
i pay 77 eu for nothing..
they website i found was from image on facebook

Robin –

I spent EUR 92,80 for my purchase, still have nothing. Order made on 8.05.2020

Randall –

Im in the same boat, I’ve purchased Clothes from similar sites with no issues. These weren’t awesome deals, just slightly lower than normal (I.e. $25 t-shirt for $20) so i wasn’t real skeptical. I ordered $68 worth of clothing from a site and sun joy technologies is what the billing says. It’s been over a month and I haven’t heard anything, not a receipt email or any other information. I want a refund!

Chad –

I’m in the same situation. These godless people took my money and nothing came back. I’ve been waiting for over 4 weeks!

Olivia –

Hi, I’m preparing a collective complaint to Sunjoy Technolgy. It’s a big Internet scam.


They are based on Hong Kong with servers linked on Canda and China. And the works trough Shopify.

Please send all your info ( just name, city, and what happened ) to [email protected]

Thank you

Monica –

I ordered a top for 40.92 on April 9th…still nothing and no email to track my order… I want a refund or my order shipped to me… How do we go about this?

Stacy –

Same story. Spent over 80$ and haven’t rec’d anything out of 4 tops. I too, clicked on an ad for NINACLOAK. Never again. Yes, report them!

Melinda –

I ordered $134.45 worth of clothes from SUNJOY TECHNOLOGY (Hong Kong)That is the name that showed up on my credit card billing. That was not the name they were advertising under. I believe they used the name “Jon” on line but I am not sure because it was so long ago. It took a long time to receive my order and I never received confirmation `so I figured my order did not go through. About a month after I placed my order their package showed up. No name of the company on anything and no way to contact the company. I ordered 7 items. Nothing fit and very poor quality material. They were about 4 sizes too small. They looked like they were made for a little girl. One top was advertised as embroidered but was not. It was just a print on it. At the time of purchase there was nothing mentioned in their advertisement about returns. On the invoice that came with the package there was no name of the company, address, e-mail, or phone number so I had no way to contact them. On the outside of the package there was a address in case it was not delivered. Since I could not contact them I packed up the items immediately and spent another $15.70 in Postage to return all the items to the address on the outside of their packaging (92352 Bent Creek Road, Auburn, Al. 36830). I tracked the return package on line. It went to the above mentioned address but they REFUSED THE PACKAGE . IT CAME BACK MARKED “REFUSED”. I did not seek this company out. It popped up when I was reading something else. Never again will I ever order anything from a unknown company.

Albert –

I purchased $80 for of clothing from Ninacloak company over a month ago,
in April 2020. I have never received anything from them. Charge on my credit
card is posted from Sunjoy Technology Limited, HK.
Can you help me get my money back?

Tommy –

Jeg har købt T-shirts for 2059,36 DDK henholdsvis den 27/4-20 og den 1/5-20- men har intet modtaget.
Pengene bedes refunderes.

Bethany –

I bought $65 worth of clothes and never received a thing! Never got a confirmation email or anything so I cannot track and I can no longer find the website where I purchased clothes at. I want my money back ASAP!

Colin –

I was debited over $100 AUS dollars and have not received a thing. I want a refund or my goods ASAP

Jasmine –

I paid $63 for clothes that i never got? I’d like the clothes that I paid for, or my money back. This is unacceptable.

Phillip –

I also paid 50 Dollars … what can I do to get my money back ?

Kurt –

I ordered 90$ worth of clothes and never received them on the 24th of April 2020.
I need my refund please

Tyrone –

I ordered $90 worth of clothes and i’m just now learning this is a scam i need this to be refunded..

Paul –

Placed an order from today pink for $84.83 on april 27th 2020. Did not receive a confirmation email and have never received my order. My card was charged by sunjoy technology. This is fraud and something needs to be done about this. Too many people have been screwed.

Crystal –

I purchased clothes from TODAY PINK for $129 on 4/29/20 and it showed up as a charge on my credit card from Sunjoy Technology. I did not receive a confirmation e-mail. It has been 3 weeks and the items are still showing up as “order being prepared” on the website. There is no phone # to contact and when you try to use the form on the website to contact it says the verification code is incorrect. This website advertises their items to be “cheap” and as I have read, when they just take a small about of money, around $100, it is not worth your time to obtain legal assistance. I just can’t believe the TODAY PINK website has not been shut down by someone. The only thing I could do to even communicate with them is to unsubscribe from their e-mails and enter my complaint into the “other” reason that I want to unsubscribe. I really appreciate SCAMPULSE offering this website to report the offense, but I would appreciate some feedback about what we can do about it to take the websites down so they do not take money from other people.

Jill –

Ordered on the 4th of May nothing yet can not find a phone number, is this a total fraud?

Casey –

Card −$34.38

I ordered a blouse and have not received it. Today is May 23, 2020.
[email protected]
I would like the blouse or a refund to my account.

Catherine –

I ordered 118.00 worth of clothes from Lovely wholesale over a month ago. I had ordered a few dresses for my daughter who kept asking me about them. I decided to check my account today to see if the payment went thru and to my surprise I see two declined payments from Sunjoy Technology for 118.00. Thank God my card company declined the payment. These mf are aggressive. They tried twice to take my money. Sons of butches! I will never order from any company I’m not familiar with again. This has really opened my eyes! For everyone who has been taken advantage of you need to report this company to the BBA. Bbetter business association.

Robyn –

I’m not sure if anything is being done about this company, but I will report anyway. I ordered a maternity dress for a photo shoot from one of their websites. It’s been over 3 weeks now and it still hasn’t even shipped. I’ve tried reaching customer service but their email address is invalid and there is no phone number on the site. So I decided to research customer reviews, which I wish I had done before ordering, and turns out many people have been scammed by this company. Please do something about this

Terrance –

Me too the same =|

Ronnie –

I ordered from some store name shesa May 10th I know now I have been scammed for 100$ when I checked for my package it says because of the virus things are slowed down this is my fault for not paying attention all the signs were there I didn’t notice my mistake until I put my order in the next day I tried to call my credit card to stop payment I was on the phone for 4 hours and still didn’t get through because of the high volume of calls so I wasn’t able to put a stop payment so if your reading this you have been scammed by Sunjoy Technology

Aimee –

Ordered a dress off Lipplan and didnt receive a confirmation email nor did it let me cancel the order online due to an “error”. I emailed [email protected] stating I wanted to cancel my order but was informed that I would be charged 15% of the order due to “processing”…but the item has been processing since the beginnning of May. Don’t think ill ever get my order so ill try contacting my bank about it.

Nicole –

April 15, 2020 I ordered a protective mask from cuttiewave service. The order is
Number 1841. My bank already
Did the
Position. Attached statement of account where I do the
Charged by Sunjoy Technology Limited. I attach account status. My name is Ricardo Bucio. My email is: [email protected]

Kristina –

15 de abril de 2020 ordené una careta protectora a cuttiewave service. La orden es la
Número 1841. Mi banco ya me
Hizo el
Cargo. Adjunto estado de cuenta donde se me hace el
Cargo por parte de Sunjoy Technology Limited. Adjunto estado de cuenta. Me llamo Ricardo Bucio. Mi correo es: [email protected]

Mark –

I have not received my mask and I have already been charged. Order 1841 from Cuttiewave Service. My name is RICARDO BUCIO. Attached statement of account:

Douglas –

I ordered some items of clothing from a website called Lipplan. After the purchase, the money was taken off from my account straight away by SUNJOY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. I have tried to reach them out, but they haven’t got back to me yet. IT IS A SCAM.

Krista –

I wrote a complaint a couple of weeks ago after seeing all these reviews and people not receiving their items , I ordered off a website called ’emergefun’ where the money was taken out by ‘sunjoy technology limited’ on the 25th April 2020, my clothes did arrive today 20th May 2020, the right clothes were sent just not the best material, very thin.

Emily –

I ordered a few things from a clothing website called Showpo, over $100 worth of merchandise. I never received a confirmation email or a shipping confirmation, however my credit card statement reflected that “Sunjoy Technologies LTD” took the same amount of money that my total came to on Showpo immediately after I confirmed the purchase. It’s now been 3 weeks, and Showpo is claiming that they weren’t the ones who removed that money from my account and that I will not be getting the merchandise or my money back.

Robin –

For me it was sold under Miwalady. Appeared as Sunjoy Technology Limited on credit card statement. Payment went through right away and no email confirming purchase was sent so i suspected a scam right away but just reported it to my bank yesterday. Im in Ontario Canada.

Corey –

I ordered $193.00 worth of items 5/09 haven’t received anything ! Not even an email how do I get my money back I’m livid

Sophia –

I recently purchased a shirt from this company and I have yet to receive my order did I get scammed

Chad –

this company took me for $100 dollars
I wish I could post this info on my face book site!

Clinton –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Sunjoy Technologies scam me $189. I’m afraid to this to Bank, because will repay me, but in return I’ll have to pay it back, they didn’t receive their money back. So I’m between rock and a place. PM, Desoto TX 75115
Email [email protected]

Joy –

i need a full refund from my alloyly order this is a scam company and u will be reported. I placed an order 2 weeks ago they received payment and never gave me as much as a tracking number, they dont have a email or way to contact them either.

Albert –

I ordered few clothes on 17 the April and i have received my order yet. What should i do. Kindly assist . it was RS 5000 worth of goods

Suzanne –

BEWARE! This is a scam and fraud! Sunjoy Technology Ltd has a lot vendors. BEWARE!
I ordered a dress on May 30, 2020 for a wedding this month (May) through NinaCloak which is part of Sunjoy Tech LTD and the items were never delivered. Emails went back and forth ([email protected]) They always said the order comes out of China and they have no control over when it will be delivered. Basically “It’s In The Mail”. In April, I ordered other items from Callabuy. I did not know it was part of Sunjoy Tech LTD. Never delivered. Called my bank and reported both orders to fraud department.
NinaCloak, Callabuy, and how many others is Sunjoy Tech LTD affiliated with?

Ebony –

Did you receive your money back from bank after the investigation? I suppose you had to cancel your credit card?

Morgan –

I am so disappointed. I am a teenager who has limited money and just needed some new summer clothing. I was scammed of my 100$ and feel like i could cry, sick to my stomach. These people are awful and disgusting to take hard earned money and scam people. I want a full refund.

Ryan –

I didn’t receive my order my name is Cecilia Yee I ordered on May 11 they already took money out from my account

Lori –

What have you done i am facing the same issue

Jillian –

Ordered shorts never got confirmation
When I emailed then they said its because of the covid 19
Bull[censored] i want my shorts or my money back now

Emily –

I order clothes from this website the options were cute so I ordered 4 items and I never received a confirmation email but the money was taken out of my account! This is unbelievable and I request a full refund.

Raquel –

I ordered cloths from this store as well. I have received anything yet. What should i do

Sandra –

Do not trust this

Tommy –

I ordered a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt at the start of April and it never came but money was still takin, absolutely appalling. I saw it as an add on Instagram and thought it looked lovely and ordered it but I’m still waiting, how do I get a refund/ money back for will it ACTUALLY be delivered?

Anna –

So I ordered 3 shirts from “” and they sent me confirmation email to state my payment has been susscesful and an order number that I can’t even input into their system and when I do nothing comes up and I want my full refund back. No contact phone number either ugh so mad right now

Armando –

I ordered 167.00 worth merchandise and no confirmation number and no delivery.
If you add up all the money they have done good on the honesty of others.
Quite a scam.
How do-we get our money back?

Micheal –

I ordered 3 dresses from a company called HumanSolo for $84.32. I found it through an ad on Instagram. Never received a confirmation email but the money has been withdrawn from a company called Sunjoy Technology Ltd. It seems like many others has had the same experience. I want my money back, please!

Nancy –

I ordered two items of clothing last month, and never received any confirmation email but the money was taken out of my account. I would like a full refund please or for my clothes to be Delivered.

Christie –

i purchased clothing over a month and a half ago and i never received it. i would like my money back or my clothes. totally unacceptable.

Brandi –

Do u know how we can get our money back?

Amy –

I have had the exact same thing happen to me, what can we do to get the money back?

Edwin –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

didn’t receive a confirmation email & want my money back. Spent about 47$ in canadian $$$ & want my money back asap. Ordered in back in April in the beginning. Did not receive any type of email from them. Please please please give the money back.

Glenn –


Brent –

I purchased some clothes on a site and i was charged for it but I never received a confirmation email. It cost me 124$ (Canadian dollar). I want my money back. Thank you

Julie –

OK so my 13 year old asked to purchase something from Sunjoy. They charged my card and I canceled it and now I can’t get my money back! Please confirm Sunjoy

Christy –

Realice una compra en pesos argentinos, me vino en el resumen en dolares y no recibi la factura ni la compra !
Sigo con el codigo y me dice en camino.
Nunca mas hago una compra de este tipo!

Jaclyn –

Ordered a top on 14 april2020 not recieved

Keith –

On April 20th I ordered maternity clothes for 147€ and never received an confirmation email nor the products. I was charged on my credit card immediately. What would you advice me to do? This is obviously a scam company!

Angela –

I ordered a ring worth 65$ and I never received an email about confirmation or shipping and I even paid shipping fees to get it in 6 days which was 15$
I’m going to the bank to report this, and getting my money back

Bryan –

I ordered $76.95 worth of dresses April 20 but did not receive my products but my credit card was charged. No phone number or contact information available.I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card and write a letter to the better business bureau.

April –

I, too, ordered two dresses from a “Wish” website. Never received confirmation or acknowledgement. SUNJOY TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDHK charged $53.33 to my Credit Card. I will be disputing this immediately.

Donald –

I bought a jumpsuit and I didnt receive any confirmation email but I have been charged. I wonder why Facebook lets publish fake adevertisments. It should be fined.

Jack –

Are you requesting to get your money back?

Samantha –

ordered clothes at accerico ( ad showed up on IG), I haven’t received anything yet. but my money was charged by ‘ Sunjoy Technology limited’ and I’m worried they can use my credit card info for bad. (I haven’t stopped my card yet) DM me on Instagram if you are in same situation. we can do something about it. @haruna.s1206

Mathew –

updated info. I checked my email and
I got email about shipment. (saying some items are on the way)
I’ll update if anything happens but please DM me if anyone has used accerico. (or even not accerico, dm me if you are in same situation)

Anna –

I ordered 4/27 th 85.90 and never received my order , i request my money back! And cancel the order refund my money back ! Your customer service emails are fraud ! I’m gonna send complain email to Facebook ad as well !

Neil –

Have you been successful in this yet?

Jacqueline –

I ordered clothing on on 04/27/20 in the amount of $ 89.42. My bank was charged by “SUNJOY TECHNOLOGY LTD HK HK SUNJOY TECHNOL”.

To date I have not received the a confirmation #, the clothing, a receipt or email identifying when my package will arrive. Going to request my bank refund or investigate this SCAM website. DO NOT USE! SCAM!

Cindy –

I was charged TWICE one for $9 and one for $272 from this company and I ordered clothes from and online website and never got an email confirmation. I will be going to my bank and getting the police involved TODAY if I do not get some sort of confirmation. That is almost $300 and it seems to me that this company is scamming and stealing.

Sharon –

I bought a top 4/9/20 and never received and a dress that never came on 4/28/20 There is no way to get threw except if you spend time and bother on the computer to research to try to find them. The company is ” Ninacloak” but the bill is Sunjoy technology limit. I want my money back!

Amelia –

Dear emergefun team,

I haven’t gotten my package after 30 days yet, which is why I want a full refund for MY order.
This is a breach of contract under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
I am asking for a refund and expect a full repayment within a reasonable time.

Jamie –

Spent €50 on a jumper and never recieved any conformation email but the money was take out of my account, i would like a refund immediately!

Regina –

I have order a dress (30Euro) from Yoolenberry. They are responding to my emails, but they never provide me with a tracking number. As I saw in my bank account details, the company that withdrew my money is Sunjoy Technology Ltd.

Ronnie –

to which e mail did you send it?
the same happened to me

Taylor –

I’ve ordered some dresses for $80.68 on April 12. And I didn’t get an email or whatever about it shipping. But my money went through I would like my back.

Nichole –

Just spent $73 on maturity dresses.
Never received a confirmation email but the money was taken out of my account immediately. I became suspicious with no confirmation email so I googled the name that was on my bank app because it was different from the website I shopped on.
Sure enough it brought me to this website to find out it was a scam.
I want my money back.

Robyn –

i orderd clothes from Instagram the 25th of april 2020, 75€ was taken straight out of my account from sunjoy but ordered off another name website, i havent no received any emails, and I didn’t get my clothes
..I want my money back

Albert –

Tried bank can’t do anything

Priscilla –

ordered a top off of and looked at my bank and it said $66.14 was taken out to sunjoy techn on the 31st of march and I would like my money back asap

Kristen –

Purchased something from a website I’m not sure what it was and never got a confirmation email, and I saw it charged my account $75. I would like a refund cause it’s been over 2 months since I purchased, and saw it was all a scam!

Janet –

I ordered a monta ago. Same problem as you. Havent got email or any confirmation. I can see my card was charget 46$ on Jyly 11th

Shawna –

I ordered clothes and bathing suits off of, a site I found sponsored on Instagram, April 18th for a total of $130. That included the expedited $20 shipping I added because I needed the dress for my parade style baby shower. I never received a confirmation email or any sort of order number or anything. I gave it time because I know times are weird right now but I checked my account and saw I was charged $130 from a Sunjoy Technology. I then became frantic and started looking through my emails for anything from Clifun and nothing. So I googled Sunjoy Technology and have come to find out it is a scam. This is really unfortunate and I don’t know if Clifun is a scam or if Sunjoy was just able to somehow redirect my payment to them. But I am very upset and worried since they have all of my information. I will be notifying my bank tomorrow.

Tara –

Were you able to figure out what happened?

Gabriel –

Hi, I ordered over 80 dollars worth of clothes off this website. I never received confirmation about my order. I ordered this weeks ago. I demand my money back asap.

Robin –

I am extremely angry that I have spent $78.56 on clothes I haven’t received. They now have all of my information and I am afraid what they could do with it. Is no one going to stop this? I want every cent of my money back. If anyone actually sees this and wants to do something about it email me: [email protected]

Colleen –

Scammer’s website Miko love

Scammer’s address Not listed

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Website

I ordered from them but then I saw the ratings they have and a bunch a people started saying they are scammers. I tried to get in contact but realized they only have a website with no address or phone number so contact was useless. Now I want a refund.

Jose –

Same exact things has happened to me. Spent $33.95 on a sweater at “Sunjoy Technology HKG” that I saw advertised on Instagram. No confirmation email no nothing after placing my order… and it’s very concerning that they have my bank account info. Does anyone know what we can do to get our money back or what further actions we can take?

Kari –

We have to do something about this. I am very angry.

Aimee –


Carrie –

Literally the same exact thing for me as well. Wanted to spend some money on myself because I haven’t bought any clothes in over a year and then I buy 3 items ($84.08 worth) and I got no confirmation email. I wonder if I should just dispute it?

Krystal –

i orderd 2 items on the 25th of april 2020, £31.19 was taken straight out of my account from sunjoy but ordered off another name website, i havent received any emails, and all the parcles i ordered on the same date seemed to arrive perfeclty!

Armando –

i ordered a sweater about a month ago the total was about $33 and i have yet to revive anything. no confirmation email and i cannot track it. i want the sweater or a refund back.

Clinton –

Same thing has happened to me… I’m furious. Is anyone going to address our comments and do something?

Jerome –

I ordered dresses via an ad on insta, payment of 805 SEK (approX €80) via sun technology was deducted from my account instantly. It’s been a week and I received no email confirmation and from the looks of all the complaints above I won’t be receiving any goods.


Marissa –

I also ordered from Instagram 25th of April and payed 1000 sek ( about 100 USd). No email, no clothes yet…

Brenda –

I have a charge on my credit card in the amount of $93.12. I placed an order in good faith. You immediately charged my card and I have not received a confirmation, a receipt, invoice, or product. This is not professional business ethics and I insist my money be returned to my account immediately.
Kathleen Stout
1517 Eagles Cir
Sebastian , Fl 32958

Candace –

Spent over 107$! No confirmation email! Have not received my clothes! WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW.

Christy –

I had ordered clothes on a site on Instagram my card was charged $53.59 through sunjoy. I got confirmation email checked a couple days later it’s not there… I WANT MY MONEY BACK

Anne –

I bought clothes off this site from Instagram and looked sketch so I googled the site and it was ‘real’ and I got a confirmation email but after a while I checked in my inbox and the email disappeared… I spent 110$ and on my credit card it says Sunjoy technology… how do I get money back :(?

Tammy –

I ordered jackets from a company online..they are using Sunjoy..,they took 58.60 out of my account..May 1 2020 I never received a confirmation email..What action should I take.

Eddie –

I ordered two items from Holapick on 4/10/2020 and it is now 5/4/2020 and I have still not received the items. I was charged via Sunjoy Technology but they have no contact info on my credit card statement. I would like a refund of $59.56 and am filing a complaint with my credit card company.

Garrett –

I ordered shirts from lensivy and they use sunjoy. I have never received my package or a conformation email and over $100 was taken out of my account for nothing and I later found out I was being scammed.

Maggie –

I placed an order a month ago and I have yet to receive it, I will need a refund or I will take this to court thank you…

Jaclyn –

I ordered from a website and they took the money I never received a confirmation email since april 18 2020 and now I just want my money back

Evelyn –

I made a purchase with a shopping site and it charged me to Sunjoy technology…I never received a confirmation email and it felt suspicious so I looked into it…and now I realize I’ve been scammed… I just want my money back. Help?

Hannah –

Hello there I would like to know where is my purchase, I recently made a purchase with you guys to weeks ago I haven’t seen my purchase I’ve spent $33 and I would like my refund back please if somebody could respond to me about my refund because this is ridiculous you guys are taking my money and not giving me my merchandise.

Meagan –

I have shopped on this site Sunjoy and have been waiting for my items. But yet to receive them I have spent a total of $186.54. It upset me to know that are people that spend there time screaming other rather than taking there talent to school and become a very good Doctor or Lawer…

Jessica –

Does anyone know if stylishmodewe is scam or not, i placed a order and i dont seem to get it, the money sere taken by sunjoy technology

Tristan –

I had bought 2 dresses off of clifun for my maternity photoshoot with a total cost of $75.98 on 4/23/20 (clifun had a chart of arrival dates to different areas; to the US, it takes 5 days) Of course it charged my credit card by Sunjoy Technology LTD, but I never received confirmation, arrival date, nor a tracking number. I’ve contacted the website I bought my dress off of the next day about this, and was suppose to receive an email within 1-2 business days. Got nothing. How do I get my money back?

Victor –

I ordered from a site called pay pedia only to find out this is a scam and sunjoy is the culprit. Also missinstyle is also a scam. Be careful out there

Sean –

I ordered ladies dresses and blouses on line that were advertised by a company called NINACLOAK. I never received a confirmation. The time frame of shipment is long past. I checked my bank account and the total cost of $70.27 was paid to Sunjoy Technolghk on 4/4/2020. Today is 4/28/2020.
–Mike Olongo

Hilary –

Order 92 dollars on clothes and never received them. And can’t seem to get in touch with them.

Russell –

Does someone know how to get back that money?

Colin –

You can try to dispute this transaction in your bank.

Latoya –

I ordered over $80 worth of college merchandise sweaters on April 07, 2020 and it said the estimate arrival time would be April 20, 2020 and it has not came yet. I never got the confirmation email and can’t search the website up. My bank account says my money was charged from a website called ‘SUNJOY TECHNOLOGYH HK’

Tyrone –

i thought i was the only one my credit card was charged and i never received a comfirmation or the stuff i ordered i was scamed out of 200.seemed a secured website im so not happy this keeps happening to me going to stop ordering online

Chase –

I ordered a mask for 15.95. Have not received. My bank statement says Technolo HK. Live and learn.

Shanna –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered 2 blouses, $57.06. I saw an ad on my tablet while playing a game. Its Name was Pop Stevie. It caught my eye because the clothing was really pretty, and I ordered them. When I printed the receipt, came back with an order# under the company name NINACLOAK. The Bank statement showed SUNJOY Technology HK HKG. No other info.

Teresa –

Didn’t get a confirmation of purchase . It is what it is . I know my lesson now.

Rafael –

I ordered $80 worth of clothes. I never got an email and I thought I was on a secure site. My debit card was billed to sunjoy technology’s but that’s not what the site said. Does anyone have any information on how to contact this company?

Lawrence –

I ordered about $140 worth of clothing but did not receive confirmation of the order. It made me suspicious and started checking my credit card. I am so sad to learn that I have been scammed. I wish I had checked on the company before I placed the order., however, the site used another name.

Christy –

I thought I was buying off of a secure website and I also never got a confirmation email and my order was $70 some dollars and when I looked I to my account it said $106

Erica –

I can’t even cancel my order!

Cassie –

I also purchased from a website, which seemed reliable, because it seemingly gave possibilities to contact the company, but after the purchase I didn’t get any notification email, and the payment was sent to Sunjoy Technology, which is untraceable.

Naomi –

Did you still receive your order but ?

Lance –

I ordered 226.00 worth of clothes and never received them. I thought I was on a Neiman marcus site. It’s been a month and the stuff is probably crappy anyway.

Kara –

Did you ever get your money back and if so how?

Kelsey –

I ordered clothing items off a site called todaypink and I had not received a confirmation email or when my items would be shipped. I check my bank account to match the total and found it and it stated that it was a transaction from sunjoy technology limited. My order came to $91.78.

Christopher –

It says “processing” and its been like this since 4/24 and today is 5/01 and i thought it was weird but on the site it says that it takes 5-7 days to process and also now with this pandemic I’m kind of thinking to wait a bit more, but how do u contact the bank, credit card, what do u have to do to take ur money back?

Chase –

I ordered from here too.. it’s only been a couple weeks so I’m waiting longer and considering the pandemic I’m sure it’ll take longer if it’s coming from other countries. I also see ppl saying more money came out then it claims but not sure if they realized a currency change depending where they are. I’m Canadian and it went through in American money even when I switched it. So it ended up being more money than expected. I did screen shot my confirmation when I purchased the clothing even though I don’t receive a conformation email. I was able to take my tracking number and on the site at the bottom one of the options you can click and it’ll come up track your order. I put my number in and it says it hasn’t even left the place yet. Either it’s a scam or very very slow in getting their items out. Going to wait a few more weeks before contacting my credit card but I’m nervous seeing all these comments saying the same thing over and over as if they got scammed.

Fernando –

i also have ordered too, and never received an email. i cannot even cancel my order or track it. please let me know if something works for u

Tracy –

Victim Location 15221

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased items for my daughters. Paid for expedited shipping to deliver the dresses. The timeframe has gone and I still have not received my items. Checked Google for reviews only to find out they’re scammers. Buyers BEWARE of this website.

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