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Paul – Feb 04, 2021

I ordered an HDMI cable adapter for my phone I think the final cost was around $35 and I ordered it the end of December and nothing. The don’t give a tracking number no phone number, absolutely no way to contact them except thru their support email and that’s probably a fake too. How does this happen in America? Steve Whitehurst springfield illinois.

Donald – Feb 01, 2021

I bought two tops and a jacket. The jacket was nothing at all like the photos totally different style and colour. One top was wrong colour, poor quality and not cotton like the description said. The other top was ok but a very poor copy of the photo – all very cheaply made and very poor quality. Luckily I bought through PayPal so got my money back

Whitney – Jan 28, 2021

Scammer’s phone Not available

Scammer’s website support

Scammer’s address Not available

Scammer’s email support

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

If you are reading this then you are:

(1) smarter then I and are researching this store before ordering anything to which by now im sure you have seen enough about “Sunny and cozy inc” to prevent that mistake.
2) You have a bad feeling or experience with this store and are about to get as mad as the rest on this list by the time you get to this review. Unfortunately this will only add to your frustration as it like yours will be very similar.

I set out to order a single hdmi cord but after a series of pop ups offering additional items along with ordering bonuses like a 3 for 2 deal with the option to “add this to your order”. The pop ups took a large portion of the shopping cart order screen blocking the “order confirmation” window confirming your order has been purchased. I mistakenly selected the 3 for 2 offer when trying to close or back out of the pop up window and then when I tried to find my order summary I must have ordered yet another single cord by mistake. So I wait until I get the promised order summary and tracking info email(s) in order to confirm how many were over ordered. Now the fun begins, when I get the emails I contacted customer service for a refund and like the rest was given a discount for my next purchase and told I ordered them on the 21st and contacted them on the 23rd after their 24hr limit to contact for a refund, and was no longer eligible for a refund under their term and agreement. Incidentally you might want to read that if your still thinking of using them because you have no rights nor is there a format for reviews including on their FB page. Everything goes through customer service at thier discretion and there is no warranty for anything they sell. I can not believe Shopify, Facebook, and Google have and continue to provide services and internet formats for an organization with so many proving they conduct themselves with little or no professional ethics or morals. I just hope this will detour at least 1 from getting caught up in this crap.

Nina – Jan 25, 2021

I ordered from them and i didn’t received at all what i ordered. When i ask for a refund they offer me 50% and they say it was an opportunity for me to make a gif to a friend by giving the cloths they said me by mistake. From my point of view this is very wrong. Since its their mistake i consider it should be 100% refund but the last time i had news their offer me 70%. It feels wrong to me..

Chelsea – Jan 19, 2021

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE..IT IS A SCAM! As u can see from the pics, completely horrible, cheap & nothing even close to what I ordered!

Vincent – Jan 16, 2021

Do not ever think of ordering anything from this store! They are a scam, and will not send you the items you ordered. I am only one of many people they scammed, and I lost about $100! I ordered 5 clothing items from their website, only to receive something that in no way was even close to the initial order. I ordered a few colorful sweaters and pants, and got all black, extremely low quality, not even similar items. If you order anything from them you will be scammed! It is unable to leave comments on their website, but please research before buyi g, so you don’t get scammed! It is a shame that such company exists!

Latoya – Jan 08, 2021

I ordered three tops/jackets for $150. I have attached pics. All are described and photographed as velvet. I ordered 2 large and one small for my daughter. They sent wrong sizes.
But even worse, the garments look so ridiculously unlike their descriptions it’s almost funny. But it’s not.
See the pics of the website, then the second pic is what I actually received.
A huge scam.
Decide for yourself.
So far they haven’t answered my email. But the order is ridiculous. I would never wear this cheaply made, hideous fashion. I don’t know who would.

Benjamin – Jan 12, 2021

When did you place your order? I spent over £200 and it still hasn’t been dispatched. I have had few emails they said order is on hold. Its so frustrating. Just wondered your location and how long delivery took. I’m in UK andd placed order 22nd Dec!

Marcus – Dec 24, 2020

I ordered 5 bras and they sent me the wrong size. I e-mailed them and they answered and apologized and promised to send me the correct size. I never received it. When I try to e-mail them now I don’t get a reply. I am out $59. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

Cassie – Dec 16, 2020

Ordered a mobile adapter 1080p i never received my order. I tried emailing them no response it’s been over a month. Found this company on Facebook. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USEING THEM. You’ll only lose your money and sleep

Cristina – Oct 10, 2020

Ordered mobile adapter 1080p no lagging to HDMI TV – FOR ANDROID for 25.85 and haven’t received it yet and same as other people…no tracking and can’t contact them… Order no. 6519 and get nothing back from them while trying to contact them…REALY SUCKS…GET THEM OFF FACEBOOK!

Gregory – Oct 06, 2020

I receive my television adapter but can’t get sound they have no contact information and their sunny and cozy email address does not go through very disappointing🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Cody – Oct 06, 2020

I got my item but does not allow sound to my TV they have no phone number and or email will not go through this is a rip off🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Ricardo – Sep 28, 2020

Didn’t receive my order
Please it’s a pure scam

Bryce – Sep 21, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

sunny and cizy hasn’t delivered my order and sats no website when trying to track my order and the geek cool toys store also ripped me off if i had an address i would go shoot up and blow up each one I’m gonna shoot whoever is ripping me off and kill them also

Danielle – Sep 07, 2020

This place is a rip-off give your money to charity ordered and paid for never received my shipment have emailed them two or three times no response how are they still in business and allowed to take orders with nothing but complaints

Terrance – Aug 31, 2020

Tracking numbers show package was delivered but I never saw anything.

Latoya – Aug 19, 2020

Ordered over $100 worth of bras about a month ago. Tracking number still shows package in Los Angeles after I contacted when first tracking number showed no package. Every time I contact them I get a generic reply. Has anyone ordered from this company without any issues? How can I get my money back?

Ronald – Aug 11, 2020

Its been 30 days since ordering and no package.
Very disappointed.
$ gone.

Cristina – Aug 19, 2020

Ever hear from your order?

Jennifer – Aug 07, 2020

I ordered merchandise in July and have yet to hear if the order was even processed. Now Reading this is a scam makes sense as to why I haven’t heard anything. They didn’t hesitate to charge my account.

Chad – Jul 29, 2020

I ordered 2 masks on 7/3/2020 as well as expedited shipping. A month later, nothing was received. I sent several email with no response. Skam! !

Shawn –

Victim Location 58103

Total money lost $28.72

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I place my order and I have yet to get a tracking number I have sent several emails yet no response the company seems to be fake

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