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Benjamin –

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Utility

Dear BBB,

Back in 2014 a door to door salesman from Sunwave Home Comfort falsely represented themselves as an employee from Embridge and forced their way into my parents home, claiming it was a mandatory inspection of all utility lines. My parents are elderly citizens who do not speak English very well as they are first immigrants to Canada. My parents are both disabled, low income residents that depend on the government for a living. This country has provided them with the means to live a better life, so they were afraid and trusted this representative and without knowing, signed a rental agreement thinking it was consensus to validate a safety check was performed.

It wasn’t until their AC and Furnace were being replaced by Sunwave did they realized they were scammed. After about 7 months of back and forth conversations with their customer service team via email (I have all emails), I decided to seek advise from Ontario Consumer Protection. They had advised we send them a notice of cancellation due to unfair business practices. After doing so, my parents no longer saw a charge from Sunwave through their Embridge bill. I called them back numerous times to figure out when our equipment will be swapped but they pretty much ghosted us. We moved on with our lives assuming the contract has been cancelled since we did not see any further invoices.

6 years later, today, my parents receive a letter from A1 Collections in the amount of ~7000 for arrears. This was shocking. We had sent a cancellation request, saw no further payment request or invoices for 6 years and then suddenly hit with a notice like this.

My parents are hard working, legitimate immigrant citizens who have never once fallen behind on payments. My father has a credit score of 850 and my mother, 837. From my perspective, this is extremely unfair to them. They have done so much to provide us with a great living here, the last thing I want them to know is that our system failed, hence why I am emailing you for your help to terminate our contract with Sunwave so my parents have no further obligations to this company.

I appreciate any help you can offer,

********** *************** **********

User Review
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