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Julie – Jan 07, 2021

I received a text from someone named Sarah Allen stating pretty much the same thing others had posted about a job interview for a position that I did not apply to. This company is a scam. Here are a few easy clues to watch for when not sure if the company is a scam or not…

1. Check grammar and punctuation. If there are many mistakes you know a reputable company would not have the first person you speak to have poor spelling and grammar, that is not professional.
2. Search the company name in google. Yes there is a SUPERSIDE but not a SUPERSIDE GROUP.
3. Search for the name of the recruiter on LinkedIn or on the company page. If you are unable to find them, there is a good chance they are not who they say they are. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, therefore it is fishy if you can’t find them.
4. A company would never ask for personal information such as bank account before you are hired and filling out employee paperwork/tax information. Do not give that information away.
5. Ask questions. I asked what the position was that they were hiring for and could not find the job listing on the company page or Indeed. Again, if they are a reputable company you would be able to find this information quickly.
6. Trust your gut, if you feel like something is not right, do your research and do not get scammed.

I have attached photos to show examples of some of the items listed above such as poor grammar and lack of professionalism through text messaging.

Felicia – Jan 04, 2021

I received a call from this group in November. After the interview process I was asked about which bank I used. I don’t use a bank like Chase or Bank of America. After I gave my banking institution there was no further response. Today I received another bull[censored] text for a job and this person was using Telegram, which I’m assuming is the instrument of choice for scamming real people who want and need to work out of what little money they have during a pandemic.

Douglas – Dec 10, 2020

I also got a message from Bill Roberts asking if I wanted a job. He also held an interview for me via whatsapp messenger and asked for my address, full name and telephone number. After i gave him, he stopped texting. Now I am worried and scared

Omar – Nov 04, 2020

I was on Indeed, closed my account, and immediately got a scam msg: “ Hello Good Morning,
I am Mr Bill Roberts from SUPER-SIDE GROUP, Your resume was reviewed from Indeed by the Hr department for an interview .Kindly reply back with “YES ” if you are interested.”

What BS, recommend you ignore and BLOCK (256) 792-4212

Best wishes in your employment pursuit.

Dawn – Oct 27, 2020

I applied for a data entry job through, and the company sent me a text message asking me to download the Telegram app in order to interview. The text said it was from a “Mr. John Davis.” I was then given the name Steven Alexis, Who was to interview me, by text, through the Telegram app. I was cautious not to give any personal info, because it seemed odd. I’ve never been interviewed by text. Then, at the end of the interview, I was told there would be a $2,300 star-up cost for software and equipment. That’s when I did a search for them as a potential scam “company,” and I came here to write a complaint/report.

Clinton – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 80634

Type of a scam Employment

I am currently applying for jobs to work from home and I encountered a scam text message yesterday 6/8/2020 and reported it to the scam. Today I received another text message from phone # 707-340-9334 located in CA. It began with: Hello Good morning (my full name). I am Mr. Bill Roberts from SUPER SIDE GROUP. . Your resume was reviewed from Career Builder and you have made it to the next step to be interviewed by the online hiring manager. Please reply back with YES I AM if you are interested in the job interview. I replied: Yes I am. Can you send me an email with the companies name address phone ad location? I’d like to learn a little more about the company. Hello! His response: Do you have Telegram? I respond: Yes. However, are you able t provide me with my requests? By sending me the email first? His response: I respond: The website does not show me a physical address or phone number of where your business is located. Are you able to send me the email providing this? ? Hello! What is your email?

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