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Ashleigh – Jan 17, 2021

They have scammed numerous people.I boughta puppy online.Theperson i bought the puppy from took ittothisdelivery service.It was suppose to arrive within a day.Them I get a message asking me for 1500 dollars more due to the Corona virus .If the Corona virus is the reason fir their ridiculous crate fee ,they are responsible for the fee because there the ones offering this service.The have to facilitate a safe method of transportation without asking more money or they should shut there business down.If indeed this business exist ,I’m getting a lawyer and there getting sued.

Mario – Nov 23, 2020

Had the same thing happen to me purchased a puppy from tavannateacup.com l paid 500.00 American dollars plus 200.00 shipping they said they took pup to swift alantic express to fly to me. Later on in day get email that they have to to send in vented crate because of civil 19 and it would cost me 1500.00 thank god money gram refunded my money they are scammers do not do any business with them l am so upset how do people do things like this

Carly – Oct 04, 2020

I just got scammed out of $600 at Tevanna teacups.com for a pug puppy ! They told me it would ship same day then I paid and they said oh it won’t be till tomorrow when you receive the puppy and then they had this fake Swift Atlantic Express start asking for money for a special crate carrier for covid-19 and when I caught on they now stoped all communications thru txt and email. They was asking for $1113.00 for a special crate. I have 7 children and I saved as a single parent income for them this puppy and these heartless people . I do believe in Karma and I believe they will in deed get what is coming to them .

Dustin – Oct 05, 2020

Please make your complaint on https://www.ic3.gov/complaint

Rosa – Sep 06, 2020

I had exactly same experience.
Luckily, Chase rejected the payment of $825 for Crate that must be upgraded due to COVD-19.
Also they were requesting the payment for Pet Life Insurance and I thought really suspicious about that.
So I did web surfing and found this report.

Valerie – Aug 04, 2020

Ordered sphynx cat online total purchase was $950. Was contact by swift Atlantic express regarding shipping, stated I need to western union money $825-$1303 for covid approved shipping crate or they wouldn’t send my cat, i asked to hold it there and I would pick it up and they said absolutely not. And I tried to contact seller and no answer and the next day all calls stopped. I was even sent a fake invoice. This is devastating.

Frank – Sep 06, 2020

I got exactly same message and tracking information

Brandi – Aug 04, 2020

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I actually think this is a combo of two companies. You order a puppy and when you pay for it, they have you upgrade the crate for shipping purposes due to COVID and then try to get you to send more money for vaccinations. All this to be refundable when your pet arrives. However, nothing arrives and you are told the pet has died in an accident on its way to you. Just devastating to do this to people.

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