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Leah – Feb 12, 2021

I have a very similar experience. Where they have taken all the communications through Telegram chat. The experience is very same as mentioned above. The check was deposited and returned and caused an unnecessary return charge on my account. They would also ask the victim to buy stuff out of their checking account and money order etc. Please don’t fall into those traps as you will loose a lot of money.

Lindsey – Apr 02, 2020

Victim Location 78723

Type of a scam Employment

So, I was offered a job that allows you to stay at home. They said that I was being selected to fill in an administrative assistant/data entry position. I was asked to download telegram so that an interview may proceed. I was given the contacts of two "employees" who I spoke with at length. Two days later, I’m told that I’ve been given the job, and that they’d be sending me a check which would be used to purchase required items to be able to set up a mini office so that I could perform my job effectively. That I’d be going through two weeks of training before actually starting the job itself and what it entailed.

Check came in, fraudulent check mind you, and I deposited it into my account and got a receipt for it. I kept the packaging and did a search on the return address on the package.

There’s a Yelp review claiming that there’s a scam and if any company reaches out with, specific return address, that any check received shouldn’t be deposited. There were pictures also attached to the reviews which resembled my package to a t. I called the company itself and asked if I could be in touch with their hiring manager regarding a job position that had been offered to me.

I was told immediately that there has been a scam going around that’s been using their company name and that I should keep that in mind in case we proceed further. They said all positions and hiring will be done specifically through their website.

They asked for the names of the individuals who’ve been in contact with me and they confirmed that these people were not employed at their company. Therefore, there is a scam going around claiming to be representatives of SYNCRON INC, and using this company NAME, which is real and legit, to snare people into a financial scam.

User Review
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