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Bryce –

Victim Location 52601

Type of a scam Employment

Put my resume on indeed and a few others got a email from a Rebecca J Agosto it directed me into a web page they give you all this info about company and new location take all your information only good thing i have a federal account so they couldnt get in but i was in the process of buying a house and that was apart of my employment

Gary –

Victim Location 65536

Type of a scam Employment

Similar to other escrow employment scams.

Other company names include: Safe Asset Financial, Ltd., A-Team Escrow

Harry Barnes is listed as the CEO of the company (US). I cannot find any information about this person or the person who sent the e-mail, nor can I find any information about the legitimacy of the company.

The link in the e-mail takes you to an application portal at where you can upload employment documents to be considered for an interview, however the links seem to be broken. When I click on the "Contact Employer" Link, it redirects to a "server error" page warning.

Original email sent to me:

The team and I reviewed your resume online, and based on what we’ve seen, we’d like you to consider an Escrow Manager position with our client, a nationwide web service provider.

This is a rare opportunity to join a growing market with the high demand and uncapped earning potential! Please review the job summary below and respond in case you’re interested.

The Escrow Manager is a home-based position reporting to a supervisor in the head office. Job duties include managing the existing client base, performing daily billing/collections operations under supervision and assisting with administrative routine related to escrow cases. Compensation for this position features an attractive base pay of $52800 per year along with bonus incentives. Full-time and part-time options are available; all employees are eligible for a decent benefits package with extended medical benefits, 401K, and paid time off, sick leave and holidays. Please note that candidates must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States as well as pass a basic criminal background screen.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about the Escrow Manager opening and eventually apply for it, please visit the application portal with the complete information about the job and the employer: Click here!

Thank you for your attention!

Rebecca J. Agosto

Recruiting Manager

Alpha Recruiting | 2734 Starlight Boulevard, Redding, CA 96001

Update Profile | About our service provider

Sent by [email protected]

Rosa –

Victim Location 77099

Total money lost $3,579

Type of a scam Employment

In January, I was in desperation of searching for employment so I have my resume posted on Career Builder. I was contacted by 2 different email invitation to the same Escrow Manager position. I was too excited and jumped on getting employed. I filled out their application on the website they provided via email. It looked professional, it also sent a notification to my email address stating what status is my employment application process was. When I finally got hired. They sent me a registration link via the application portal. I filled out the application and was logged into the website. Whatever tasks she provided me I did and finished it before the due date. She’s very detailed in her instructions, and very well professionally typed. The last week of my probationary/training period that’s when it all happened, she gave me a task saying First escrow client, she had information about a client saying they need our help with a deal they was trying to buy accessories from a dealer in a foreign country so she had given me a task to check my bank account to see if they wired the money, I showed her proof that they never did etc. So she told me not to worry because it happens something clients don’t go through with the deal, no worries wait for a new client shortly, so it took her a couple of days to find me a new client. When she gave me another task from another client on Monday February 5, 2018, she gave me task due date on Friday February 9, 2018. asking if I received a payment from Mr. Pisano for $3,940.00, and the money was sent through Zelle payment. I received it but was under pending, so I notified her. She told me to wait until it clear and give her the confirmation. I waited for the clear in the bank the next day. Once I gave her the confirmation she laid out my tasks for that very morning when the payment was cleared in my bank. She told me to withdraw $3,900.00 and she instructed me with detailed instructions on how to download bitcoin wallet and what’s prefer depending on what platform cellphone I have, and to go to a Bitcoin ATM to deposit the cash to buy Bitcoins, once I did that. She instructed how to pay the seller, and gave me the QR code for me to transfer the bitcoins into that wallet. She’s very clever, professional, and detailed with the instructions. Wednesday, February 7, 2018 I question about payroll, she assured me that my probationary/training period ends on Thursday, February 8, 2018 and said from her experience money should be in the account same day in the afternoon or next morning the latest. I waited all day Friday, February 9, 2018 and so I decided to ask her about it. She denied my access to the website, I went to the registration linke provided by HR. I logged in and got denied access when I asked why was my access denied. So then it came to that I’ve been scammed and the money that was deposited in my bank account, was probably from a stolen bank account.

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