Seattle Power and light imposter Reviews - Seattle Power and light imposter Scam or Legit

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Tony –

Victim Location 98444

Type of a scam Utility

Here are the steps that happened to me regarding the scam.

Received several phone calls from the scammer and the listed number shows on my caller ID.

If I pick up I get an automated voice saying they are Seattle Power and light.

I hang up and within a few minutes I get a call back showing the number from the first call and a man with an Indian accent answers and asks the nature of my call and I tell him I got a call from Seattle Power and light and he tells me he needs more information and proceeds to ask for my SSN. At that point I laughed at him and told him he’s an [censored] as I don’t fall under their coverage ( I live in Tacoma). I told him nice try with the failed scam and he immediate starts yelling f-bombs at me and hangs up.

The same technique is used but this one claims to be the social security office and that " their has been unusual activity related to my SSN and that my SSN has been shut down and needs to be fixed".

It sounded like the same person as the Seattle Power and light scam. I laughed at him and said nice try and he starts cussing at me and hangs up.

I get probably 10 to 15 calls a week with the same scams listed above.

User Review
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