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Micheal –

Victim Location 08059

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Employment

My resume is posted on several job websites like Linkedin, Monster, etc. I was contacted by an HR person, and after researching and really thinking things over I accepted a position with Ship-Way LLC. The position title was an at home logistics coordinator. I had researched the company but saw nothing that threw up a red flag. They ran a back-round check on me, sent me contracts with general provisions, as well as tax withholding information. The company stated for the first two months of employment I would receive $2800 paid monthly for the first two months, and after that probationary period the salary would be $3000 monthly paid in bi-weekly increments. This "company" took copies of my DL, SS Card, utility bill, and bank account information for direct deposit purposes. I initially corresponded with someone named Sally Kingswood. Once the hiring process was completed Phillip Saunders was my manager and who I had the most contact with. I received packages in the mail, opened the shipping container, took pictures, inspected items for damage, and then sent the pictures to my manager. He would then confirm the package and send me a new label to print and reship to what I assumed was the products final destination. The problem came when it was time to be paid. I never received any compensation for my time. I quit another job to accept this position because you had to be available from 9-6 Monday through Friday. When I reached out to the Manager in regard to payment for services rendered he had assured me that payroll was in fact processed and that it may take a few days to show in my account because of the routing through the banks. Two weeks later they have not paid me and will not answer my emails. I am a single mom, and I could not afford to go a month without income. I am thoroughly discouraged at the behavior of this "company" and hope that someone else finds this before it happens to them. The whole set up is Very Professional, so that until you don’t get paid, you may not be any the wiser. I have also reported this to the Labor Board.

Melanie –

Victim Location 78119

Type of a scam Employment

I had listed my information on several job finding sites (monster, indeed,flexjobs etc). So I am unsure as to where this company received my information, but THEY contacted ME.

Upon contact, I was told about the job by a woman named Sally Kingswood. She said they are a smaller shipping company that would be sending me packages addressed to someone else throughout the week, I would open the package, inspect the product for damage and accuracy of order, take pictures of the item and send them to my supervisor along with a detailed report of the item. They would then e-mail me the new shipping address label with prepaid postage, and I would bring this item to the USPS the following morning. The hours were M-Friday 9-6:30 and the compensation was to be 2800$ the first two months they called a "probationary period" after this salary would be 3100$ all to be paid each thirty days each after the very first package arrived.

So, I accepted the offer and was then contacted by another HR Manager named Angela Phelps. She provided me the application, the employment agreement, and all other paperwork such as a blank W-4 document, I-9 and asked me to fill them out and send back with copies of my documentation. Like an [censored], I did. So they now have a copy of my SSN, State ID, utility bill, all of the filled out forms complete with signatures. At this point I am preparing to start a job, right?! So, I turned down other opportunities and everything.

Only to be contacted by my "SUPERVISOR" that has been appointed to me during the probationary period his name is Philip Sanders. I was congratulated by him and welcomed to the team. I was actually stoked, I had looked at their website, the verification seemed legit and professional. And then here comes Sally Kingswood asking me for all the information that I had already sent… Red Flag… I called every number, no answer, started looking more closely at the website and it says "copyright 2019" in the bottom of the page… Red Flags start going up everywhere. It is FAKE!! I tried to place an order and you cant get past the first page, the address of the company is that of a residential home that is for sale in Washington DC, and when I brought this to the attention of Phillip Sanders, No response.

So I am thinking this scam is the "company" steals CCard info from strangers, places orders for goods, RESELLS them on E-Bay, and the "employee" is to be the middle man who repackages and sends to the new owner while the victim disputes it with their bank or CCard company. Since they say you aren’t paying for postage or anything, I imagine that the scam is actually a month of free work. I think this is despicable, and I hope we can get them SHUT DOWN!! I received a package today which had a $200.00 price tag on it and a fake number, so I plan on tracking down the woman on the billing address side of things and let her know that her CCard may have been used for such purposes. Please people, we have to work together against this sort of thing. I have been scammed before on the other side, and never fathomed that employment was yet another way for sickos to pull a fast one and STEAL from innocent people.

Angela –

Victim Location 85207

Type of a scam Other

I received an email about an work at home job and by which most of those are scams. I don’t know if this is an scam or not, but I would like to know if it is just in case. The email read this.

This is an offer of employment as a Logistics Maintenance specialist at

Ship Way LLC. This offer is contingent upon our receipt of your initial

documents to confirm your identity, check your background for any

previous felonies and confirm your residential address.

Your title will be Logistics Maintenance specialist if you accept this

employment offer. You will report to a supervisor for the employees who

are on their probation period. Please note, that this position is a

Full-time work from home job.

In the role of Logistics Maintenance specialist, you will be expected to

carry out the duties and responsibilities which are specified below.

This list is periodically updated to reflect customer service needs.

Maintains email and phone contact with supervisor and other members

of the staff to receive, or provide timely updates regarding the work


Ensures, that the Logistic Maintenance Specialist is present at the

delivery address during the designated hours to receive / pick up the

incoming deliveries.

Ensures, that the delivered packages are inspected in a timely

manner, and that a photo report is sent to the supervisor right away.

Maintains a professional attitude towards the assigned duties, to

ensure accuracy, thoroughness and speed.

Ensures that the received packages are shipped out under the

corresponding labels within a certain time limit and are adequately

prepared for shipping.

We are offering you a base salary of $2800.00 per month will be paid

for the duration of the two probation months, paid 30 days after the

first delivery was accepted (monthly payment), $3000.00 (split in two

parts and paid bi-weekly) starting with the third month of the

employment. On top of that, you will be entitled to a monthly bonus

based on the results of your work, which will be subject to deductions

for taxes and other withholdings as required by law.

For employment with Ship Way LLC, you are required to sign the

Employment Agreement and fill in a couple of other official employment

Form for your taxation and employment eligibility verification, which

must be signed prior to your start date.

Your working hours will be from 09:00 AM till 06:00 PM Monday through


Before we can send you the employment paperwork for the above described

position, we require you to provide the following initial documents,

required for mandatory background and residential address checks:

a copy of your ID (government issues photo ID/DL) for the background

check (performed for every potential candidate)

a bill statement, or a piece of mail with your current actual address

and your name on it as a confirmation of your address.

If you are in agreement with the above employment offer details, please

reply with the above mentioned documents to initiate the employment

process with the company. This employment offer is in effect for five

business days.

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