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Kaitlin –

Victim Location 14502

Total money lost $9,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

While reviewing my mother-in-law’s bank statements, we discovered 2 personal checks, in large sums written to a comapny called Softexperts LLC. When we questioned her about the checks, she said that she was having trouble with her computer, and received a call from what she thought was a rep from Microsoft. This person said that a major virus was discovered on her computer, and if she did not take care of it immediately, her personal information was in jeopardy. From what we gather, they asked her too write a check, scan them a copy of her check, and then mail it to an address in Idaho. A few months later, they called again saying they found another virus, and needed an additional check for more money, promising her "lifetime" protection against viruses, tech support and other computer tech support. All the while, she said she could see them "scanning" her computer for viruses, and sending her some sort of reports. Both checks have cleared her bank.

I tried calling this company today, and got nothing but the run-around. This is definatley not a legitimate company, and my mother-in-law is a victim.

Evelyn –

Victim Location 11379

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

I feel so taken. These awful people are very good at what they do. I did so much research. Even had my bank call the attached name of the company that they are supposedly affiliated with. Now closed. Having many problems with my computer and finding this 888# on the site and the familiar nasty Indian accent. I knew to stop trying to leave messages for a return call, because they did for awhile and did help not willingly and making you feel like an [censored].

This is what they put on my desktop. The reason it took so long to report this is my not wanting to deal with them and having problems I needed help with that I had to seek elsewhere. Finally giving in and biting the bullet and calling for the past few months and leaving messages and emails. Here we are. My gut from the start. The people need to be stopped. I am sure they are starting up another company and doing the same thing. PEOPLE BEWARE!!!!

COMPANY NAME : Softech Solutions

Merchant Name :Giltedge Solutions

Tollfree Number: 1-844-837-0313

Customer Code :

Business Days: MONDAY to FRIDAY (24 HRS)

Weekend Hours: 9:30 A.M. – 3:30 A.M. (EST)


1. SERVICES & COVERAGE: Desktop, Laptop, Email, Router, Printer, Cell Phone, Smart TV, iPhone, Mac Products, Tablets, and many other Smart Devices.

2. PROBLEMS: For any problem that you might face on the computer, please give us a call back on our toll-free numbers which are listed above.

3. CUSTOMER CODE: The customer code given to you is unique, and you should have it with you when you call us back.

4. SCAM CALLS: If you get a call from anyone claiming to be from Dell, Microsoft, HP, or any other brand name company, do not entertain such calls as these companies never call their customers, they will scam you.

5. MONTHLY TUNE-UP: Call us once a month for your free monthly tune-up.

6. If in the future you ever see any alert, or warning message, do not worry, simply disregard it and give us a call. Also, please do not call any number shown in the alert message as it is a global support number, you need only contact us now at the toll-free numbers provided above.

Please remember that we are your ONE STOP SOLUTION for any kind of problem that you may face on your computer. We do not want you to pay again for the services that you have been provided today.

They signed a contract for a years technical support starting July 3, 2018 with an Salmon, Idaho address for 236.51.

If there is anyway this can help anyone else from being scammed by them. Following up with an electronic contract with a signature my name (not signed by me)????? The thing that really sealed the deal for them with me is them giving me a couple of days to see if I liked the way they handled things and my bank talking to Giltedge Solutions. My bank said they were on the up and up. I really had no reason to think that it was not the real deal. They are good at what they do. After that, dealing with them was a horror. Nothing but NASTY PEOPLE, acting superior. I hated to even call if I needed help. I feel so taken.

Brandon –

Victim Location 14777

Total money lost $987.31

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Nov 12th I got a red screen on my computer with an automated message to call 1-844-837-0313. When I did I was informed I had a Microsoft Security breach. After they remotely "fixed" my computer, I was told I owed them $987.31. I stupidly scanned a void check to them The next day I contacted Microsoft and they informed me they NEVER use outside vendors. I contacted my bank to stop payment on the check. Three days later they check cleared my account with a new check number. When I contacted the company I was told they needed 48 hours to check my complaint and that my check was pending and had not been cashed. 48 hours is long gone and I am out all my money. This is a scam and I am writing to warn others if they get a red screen with an automated message, do not respond. I did so in panic and am repenting at leisure. Beware!

Daniel –

Victim Location 02132

Type of a scam Other

I opened my laptop on the morning of 10/29/18. I was about to log onto my bank account and got a flashing page warning me that I had a computer virus, not to delete the warning, and call this phone number. After an hour on the phone Of high pressure sales, I had purchased a one year “anti-viral” software. I felt uncomfortable and asked twice if this was a scam. They showed me a website and said they had the highest rating from you. I gave them my next check number and routing info. The next morning I was speaking to a friend who works in the computer industry. He told me this was a scam. I was able to stop my check. I brought my computer to a computer store and all the “anti-viral and anti-malware, was in fact malware that I then had to pay for to get removed. Very frightening and I felt like such a fool!

Heidi –

Victim Location 83646

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on my computer when an alert popped up from MICROSOFT(Not True!!!) telling me to call this number because there was a problem. I did(STUPID)and the man convinced me(STUPID)to give him access to my computer so he could fix my internet virus. In my defense I had been having some issues with my computer so I fell for it. He wanted a check for $352.65. I told him I was a senior citizen and couldn’t afford that so he convinced me I could pay it in 2 payments. Gave him my account and routing number so he could take out of my account(STUPID) 1 this month 1 next month. In the middle of the night I woke suddenly and thought OMG! I have been scammed. Next day I went to my bank and changed my account then took my computer to be completely cleaned out (because I had given him access to it)(STUPID)I froze Experian, Equifax and Transunion also changed all passwords in my computer. I am so mad at myself for falling for the scam. Usually I’m smarter than that. Be careful this guy is convincing. They called and called me getting angry that I had taken all off my computer and changed my account. Told them not to call me again.

Philip –

Victim Location 33193

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While working on my home computer, a continuous voice message came on telling me that my computer had a serious virus and I needed to contact the number listed on the screen. Once I contacted the number, they were given access to my computer and began showing me how my browser had been hacked. They claimed that I could serve up to three years in jail for some of the actions that were recorded on my browser, due to the hackers. I kept asking question after question, but the always seemed to have some kind of answer. Eventually, they claimed to have cleaned the hacker stuff of my computer and that I needed to purchase security. The one year plan totaled about $470; however, they wanted me to provide them with an e-check. This way they would have my account and routing number. I suggested using my debit card and of course they continued to insist on the e-check. Needless to say, they took my debit card information. My computer works just as well as it did before this situation, so I decided to research the company on the; however, there was no information, other than filed complaints. I was able to stop payment on the charge, cancel my debit card, and delete the various files they downloaded on my computer. I’m now adding my complaint to the list because I believe this company is a scam…

Brian –

Victim Location 14111

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my computer when a screen popped up and a message playing to not shut of my computer and call this number 1-877-245-8912. I called the number and told me that there is a virus on my computer and the only way to remove it was from them, Softech Solutions for a fee. It would cost me $435.13 to remove and provided protection for one yr. Store boughten security would not help me. I was then connected with a "billing manager" at first his name was Mark Wilson and at the end of speaking with him his name became Mark Anderson. I spoke with several people all sounding with an Asian accent. I did do a check over the phone but I had blocked payment on it the following morning. I have been trying to contact this so called company and have had no answer, just recordings. I was also told because I was over 50 I could receive a discount if I purchased a lifetime coverage for my IEP address the cost being over $600.

Preston –

Victim Location 97038

Total money lost $925.41

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a voice message on my computer that I needed more security. It stated it was from Microsoft, and directed me to call the company, Softech Solutions, with Gradient Systems as the Merchant Name. I purchased their security system for $925.41 for 5 years. They told me it would take several days before I received an agreement and an invoice. I began to wonder. This may not be a scam, but I would like to have it check out. They said they represented Microsoft and the help people needed with compromised computer systems, which mine was.

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