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Kristin –

Victim Location 21206

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on May 29, 2019 @ 12:32 pm from a Karen Stewart stating to call her back on 1-866-264-5225 in reference to my Federal Student loans and some changes that had taken effect recently. When I returned the call, I spoke with Ricky (ID #31912) who stated that Ms. Stewart was not available and he could help me. He proceeded to ask if my loans were over $10k and if I was in repayment or forbearance. When I said I was in repayment he asked what my monthly payment was. He then stated that I was eligible for Government Forgiveness and that I could get a 20-90% discount on my monthly payments. He stated that the lending services were being sued for predatory lending. After hearing this I asked what the name of the company was and began looking up the website. He asked if I was looking for the site and when I said yes and what I found, he stated that I had to combine the name and it was on the 3rd page. Since I didn’t respond, he stated the site was under construction. I then asked could I call them back and looked them up on the site where I saw one report of a scam for this company.

Alicia –

Victim Location 48236

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First a woman by the name of "Jennifer Miller" left a message on my answering machine sounding urgent and begging me to call her back;

she claimed that there was a drastic change with my student loans. When I called back another woman named Sue answered and offered

to help me. After giving my name and address she said I was eligible for the "Pay as You Earn" program after some loan companies were arrested for "predatory fraud."

The program claimed that if I paid $200 for the first four months, and would then reduce the price to $69.83 for

the rest of the 240 month period, afterwards the remaining interest in my loan would be forgiven by the government and the

Department of Education. Aside from that they also asked what my salary was, how many people in my household, two contacts for referencing, and my driver’s license number. That was when I got my mom.

My mom was the Assistant Dean and Registrar at a university; investigating student loan companies and assisting with loans was part of her job. She answered the phone and asked if the company had a website. I typed it in and got a page that claimed my website was ready to be launched. I picked up the phone and confronted Sue about this, she was angry that I didn’t believe her and claimed that she was on her company’s working website as she was talking to me.

She kept trying to deny the website’s nonexistence first saying that I typed it in wrong and then blaming my internet. My mom typed the website on her laptop and got the same page. Sue kept trying to persuade me that she was only trying to help and understood my paranoia. I told her

I would get back to her, to which she reminded me that she would keep my file on record.

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