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Rose –

Victim Location 02446

Type of a scam Tech Support

Everything started with an automatic pop up message from "Microsoft" saying that my computer was infected with a critical virus and if I did not call the phone number that showed up on the screen, my information would be highly compromised.

I called the phone number and I gave remote access to my computer. An guys with an middle east accent talked to me.Very nice guy. Once they were inside my computer, they showed me the "koobface" thing. And I believed that what he was saying was true.

After that I allowed payments to theoretically have those viruses removed and have a life-time IT service support aggreement. The total amount of the services was close to $2000 via check. Around $800 were to fix the computer and $1200 for the life-time support service. They used two different companies to do the services (see information at the end of this text). Once my wife came home and I talked to her about this, she told me that I was an [censored] and that is when I realized about the scam. I contacted my bank as soon as I could and I closed the bank account so the payment was not made and the scammers could not take my money. After that I started to read online and my wife was right. I was a victim of the tech support scam.

The removal of the virus was done thru the following company:

Sys Tech Guys

2519 NE 15th St, Pompano Beach

FL 33062 USA

Email: [email protected]

Toll Free:1-855-922-2548

And the life support agreement was done thru the following company:

AVK Target

271 Renforth Drive Etobicoke

Ontario M9C 2L1 Canada

Email: [email protected]

Toll free 1-855-816-3635

I hope that this guys are taken out of business. They are scammers. All of them has middle east accents when I talked to them on the phone.

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