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Kara –

Victim Location 60188

Type of a scam Employment

This person is offering a logistics manager job where they ship you goods and you ship them elsewhere. The address used is actually an insurance agency.

Maria –

Victim Location 36608

Type of a scam Other

I received an email in regards to a logistics manager, work at home opportunity. All I had to do is receive packages at my home and then mail them as directed to various locations. I would be compensated $2250 the first month during the probationary period and $2450 after the initial first 30 days.

Was told to fill out the paperwork that was sent via a link to my email along with my photo id and a picture of me holding my photo id as well.

Upon researching the company’s address, I found it was a residential street address. Further, I could not locate anything on ScamPulse.com website nor with the local Hemet, CA Chamber of Commerce.

I did some extensive research and the only thing with CSW Inc or Parsender.com appeared to only be shell blogs online.

We have great news for you. Your interview was a resounding success and the job offer is within your grasp. The only item left of the list is for you to complete the Employment Agreement. The link is provided for you below:

<span title="http://links.parsender.com/wf/click?upn=jsIVypGQBC2HOpM2tKySaB9JmNKpCbh-2BAioF96yUqEHIE8FXBNvQTv3Uzu8mBnhYtZy3sgQV4iSakv-2FhCfEbAA-3D-3D_K7IjtYtD13hR0oB0inrjKWIjp15kh4XYbSA4FBWBz1Tp7-2Bc4HCFvq2QUxmxlQn230ew2e1Ewz2tPfS0OCOcme4x8Qc-2BhJHJ2VoCZFN6CzlGy149U7dShPCTLZor7P5o7d1DmAbbz5CblX4wW4Cl22fy9DJBHpU4pV-2F3O1J3xi-2FH7OfY6-2FpQ4Op02Y94IrG2IrCx0jexBfWeQnvr0-2FXK56Q-3D-3D
http://links.parsender.com/wf/click?upn=jsIVypGQBC2HOpM2tKySaB9JmNKpCbh-2BAioF96… />
Please download the agreement, read it and then sign where indicated.

The agreement and the requested supporting documents will need to be sent to us for final approval.


Our customers’ privacy is of paramount concern to us. Our employees are expected to maintain confidentiality throughout the course of their employment. Due to the sensitive information we handle, we require our employees to submit to a background check and we verify the identities of all those who work for our company.

You will be required to send the following along with the copy of you Employment Agreement:

– A photograph of you holding your identification. The detail on the ID must be readable.

– If the address on your Agreement and ID do not match, you must explain why. A copy of a utility bill or a lease that includes your name is the best way to verify your current address.

The agreement can be faxed but the photo must be scanned with high-quality settings and sent to us via email. Fax does not provide the image quality necessary to read the detail on the ID. You may also choose to use a service such as Adobe Echo Sign to send your information.

Be certain to check over the agreement before you send it back. Any incomplete agreements will delay the finalizing of hiring process.

Human Resources will review your submission and our security personnel will conduct the necessary checks. After everything has been approved and you are notified of same, the formal job offer will be made.

Once the job offer is extended and accepted, you will receive a call from your supervisor. This person will work closely with you during the course of your employment. They are the point of contact for all matters concerning your job and everything relating to it. Any questions about your job, time off, problems with deliveries, etc. should be directed to them.

Your supervisor will be the individual that makes the recommendation on whether or not to offer you a full-time permanent position at the completion of your probationary term. It is important you develop a good relationship with them and keep the lines of communication open.

When the full-time offer is made and accepted, additional documents and material will be required by our HR department.

The information includes:

– Employment Agreement – this needs to be sent to us again

– The reference number provided to you at the start of your probationary term MUST be included on your agreement.

– I-9 and W-4 forms that need to be completed and signed by you

– Copies of the IDs as indicated on the I-9

During your probationary period, you are not considered an employee. You are considered a contract worker and your pay for that time period will be recorded on a 1099-MISC form for tax purposes.

When sending us your documents that contain personal information via email and fax, we understand you may have concerns about security and privacy. We take every precaution to protect the personal information of our employees and customers. Our systems are protected by the very best software and programs available. You are permitted to black out your date of birth on these submissions as an added precaution if you choose to do so.


Yours sincerely,

*** ***

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