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Anne –

Victim Location 28127

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

While I was a member on the website LinkedIn which is supposed to be a professional site for businesses I ran across an offer to make some extra cash a secret surveyor.

I was eventually contacted via text to let me know my first assignment had been mailed.

Upon opening the priority mail envelope it contained my instructions and a cashiers check in the amount of $2,900.42 from Midwest America Federal credit Union.

I called the credit union and talked to Carlee and she assured me it was a scam and had a number of calls on this.

They want you to go to your bank and deposit the check and take out your expense fee of $400 then go purchase eBay gift cards for various amounts and report your experience. Scratch off the silver strip and send it to [email protected] and hold on to cards for future assignment. Some of the words in the instructions are in broken English. I have encountered broken English in other attempts.

Kari –

Victim Location 06716

Type of a scam Employment

I received a priority mail envelop with a letter and a check from MidwestAmerica for $2900. The letter instructed me to deposit the check and keep $400. Then use the rest to purchase $2500 of eBay gift cards, peel off the silver scratch off area and capture the images of the front and back of the cards with my phone and send the images with a report on how the buying experience went. I was also instructed to keep the cards for my next assignment.

Ivan –

Victim Location 96734

Type of a scam Employment

I signed up for secret shopping service through LinkedIn because my LinkedIn friend recommended this opportunity.

Subsequently, I received a package with a Cashier’s Check of $2,900.42 issued by St. Louis Community Credit Union, along with the following instruction:

Secret Surveyor Evaluation

Congratulations for your achievement!

The present package contains your first Secret Survey assignment, along with this letter is the funding for the assignment and survey. So, have fun,make money and help us Improve customer service on a Global level.Take note included in this package is the checklist with further required steps and the payment sent out for your highly appreciated service. The check included in this letter represents $2900 that covers the assignment bills, evaluation costs and your survey service commission payment of $400.


Confirm the receipt of package at ([email protected])

Amount Received,Bank name of the check,Your Phone number and estimation time to complete your Evaluation. Deposit the check with any options that your bank offer:  ATM deposit, Mobile Deposit or Bank deposit.





You are to evaluate any store selling EBAY GIFT CARDS. Visit any one of the above Stores around you sell this cards.

*Pick any available denominations {$50,$100 ,$200 and $500 ) and buy the Ebay Gift cards worth of $2500.



Open the pack and peel the silver scratch-off area on the card.

Capture image of card front and back please do not discard the cards as it will be used for your forthcoming assignment. Here are the details we will need from the SURVEY

Store Name, Address, Date and Time of visit

Name of the cashier/Attendant {If visible on Tag}

Did the store clerk thank you upon completion of your purchase?

What was your overall experience with the staff in the store?

How long It took you to get check out

Captured images of card front and back after scratched (Phone camera accepted)

Reminder: At any store chosen for your EBAY GIFT CARDS, under no circumstances should you Acknowledge that you are evaluating their services as that will deter the purpose of the whole program, so if Asked if you are a secret surveyor please answer NO as stated Above. As soon as the evaluation is completed, kindly have all the details above emailed in your report. Emailcompleted report to – l [email protected]  Regards Mark Carter


The supposed survey company is harrassing me to find out if I had completed the assignment yet. 

Called St. Louis Community C U at the number listed with National Credit Union Administration and confirmed that it is not their actual cashier’s check. The USPS package has return address in IL. However, the package tracking shows the starting point as CA distribution center.

Amy –

Victim Location 32779

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted via a Linked-In message saying a colleague had referred me to this service to become a Secret Surveyor of products and services. Thinking it was legit I filled out a short application and received a text message from "John Karlsson" saying I was approved and a Priority Mail package would soon arrive with a check and instructions (both attached to this scam report). The check for $2,950.52 was made out to "Ron Weber" (not myself) and was sent from Nashville, TN by "Kayla Wolfe". I was somehow to cash the check and purchase $2,500 worth of EBAY Gift Cards and "keep"$400.00 for my efforts and fill out a evaluation report on the service received at the stores from which I purchased the cards. This has been reported by others as a scam and I concur.

Nikki –

Victim Location 75703

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a secret shopper letter with a $2900 ccheck. I was to go purchase five *** gift card with $500 on each card for a total of $2500. After I purchased the cards I was to peel the silver scratch-off area and take a picture of the cards front and back. I was to include the store name, address, time of visit, date, name of the cashier/attendant, did the clerk say "thank you", overall experience, and how long it took at the check out. I was to email all the details and pictures to [email protected]

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