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Darrell –

Victim Location 95354

Type of a scam Employment

This was an at home position the company called a ‘shipping inspector’. You would receive 2 or 3 pkgs a day, open the pkg, take pictures of the contents, and send along with the shipping invoice to the company via there online "dash" site where all your work is recorded. The company would then send you a shipping label to print out and drop off at either Fed EX, Post Office, or UPS. The company promised to pay 560.00 a week and pay monthly. Pay day date will be the date you first send out a pkg. Once you have an initial interview, they contact you after you pass the background check, with an employment agreement. ask for copies of your id. Have you fill out a W*4 for taxes and I also gave them a form to have my pay direct deposit into my bank. When my pay day came, I called and emailed the HR department, accounting dept. , Kate Evans, the person who interviewed me, and the two immediate supervisors who were in contact with me during the shipments. Tony Salazar and Vincent Ingresson. The next day, I could no longer log on to the ‘dash’ site saying my id was invalid. They sent me several emails requesting different documents during the month and would elaborate each time on the 560.00 pay I would receive on my pay day. this should have been a clue for me, that they would keep me hanging on for the month with the promise of getting paid. I did have questions about why they would want to pay someone so much money when this was a service that was trying to save money on postal costs, but the employment agreement/contract seemed legetimage and the fact that they asked for a W4 instead of hiring as an independent contractor. My suspicions increased when I noticed that the majority of the pkgs contained very high priced electronics and were being sent to the same person.Also , the name Smart Post is affiliated with Fed EX, and this could make persons believe that they are working with them which is not the case.. I believe this company is definately a scam.

Leah –

Victim Location 95354

Type of a scam Employment

This company hired me for a work at home position receiving packages from fed ex , ups and the post office and I was to repack them take pictures and give them a report. They would then send me a new shipping label and I would send them off. I was to get my first paycheck after the first month of work. When I didn’t get paid, I tried to contact them and get no answer by email or by phone. The website I used to report the packages on was closed and I was no longer able to log on. They seemed legit because they had me sign an employment contract, fill out a w4 for taxes, and a direct deposit form for my bank. Their website advertised for employment with the company and how to contact them and described the job exactly as iI was doing. I was contacted by two supervisors continually who advised me when I had problems and was originally interviewed by a woman who said I would be contacted if I had the job after a background check. I believe now that this company is either using another company’s name or is a scam. I also believe that they may be involved in mail theft and are using innocent people to participate in their scam..I have other documents to support and validate my complaint and belief of their possible illegal actions.

Angel –

Victim Location 28395

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Employment

I have contracts of this mailing business that offered, other means of shipping to clients and used me as a mailing inspector, I still have all the paperwork that was sent to me.

Tamara –

Victim Location 32505

Type of a scam Employment

My brother worked for this company for 30 days, never got paid, a scam, he was sent a contract, filled out tax papers, they send packages to his home, he inspected them and shipped back out, Vincent ingesson was his shipping manager, Kate Evan was human resource….they are SCAMMERS, Now them they are ready no where to be found…but they website is

Albert –

Victim Location 32210

Type of a scam Employment

scammers emailed my sister offering her a shipping inspector job, packages will come to her home, she was suppose to inspect, take a pci of item and invoice, and reship item back out to various locations, sister was sent a contract to sign and also was asked to send copy of her id, and to fill out tax papers, she was told that she would be paid 560.00 per week before taxes, this sounded to good to be true, which it was, because, we investigated and address was fraudulent,…and each person that she spoke with was a foreigner, she was told that a manager would be calling her, when packages will be sent, We think that this is a fraudulent company, and need to be investigated ,

Jenny –

Victim Location 28025

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Employment

This scam is posing as a shipping company hiring for "At home package inspectors." I was unemployeed and despirate to earn money. It looked legit so I went with it without asking many questions. They made me fill out an application that didn’t require me to submit any sensitive information. I had a phone interview and we discussed being paid about $2,400 once a month for inspecting and shipping packages.

The sensitive part came from when they conducted a "BACKGROUND CHECK." I did provide them with my social and drivers license picture (with the dl number blacked out). In the "hiring process" I provided them with a prepaid account number out of my skepticism.

Everything went as planned. I got access to the portal where I could see all of the packages that I had to inspect. I was able to download the shipping labels from the portal. The packages came to my home, I inspected them and shipped them out. I was contacting somebody that sounded russian that went by a name of Vincent ingesson. His email is provided in the contact info. Vincent seemed like he was helpful with with getting the packages shipped and updating the portal.

I was told my first payment would be May 30, 2018. I shipped packages for a month and then on the May 30, 2018 I do not get a direct deposit as I was told. I emailed Vincent, the accounting department email which is [email protected], and called Vincents direct line 862-203-2195 and 1800-747-9368. I left voicemails about the situation. Vincent always answered the phone when I called him before.

I tried sending a direct message through the portal site. Today I was removed from the portal and can no longer log on. I’m no dummy so I get the point but I am so disappointed in myself that I allowed myself to become that vulnerable to such ***.

I really hate scammers and I will do anything I can to take them down one at a time. People should not be taken advantage of link this. This is very crazy.

Ross –

Victim Location 85225

Type of a scam Employment

Thought this business was legit. I was contacted through email by Cheryl Smith from SmartPost. Com. The position was a in home package inspector. I was a little leery at first but I did a little research and seeing that the website looked legit. I went through an interview with Cheryl Smith in HR and was told I got the position. I sent in my checking account information and routing number for my first deposit for my first paycheck. May 25th of 2018 rolled around I never received my first check. It was a 3-day weekend due to it being Memorial weekend of 2018. I’ve tried contacting these people over a hundred times by phone and through email and no one has contacted me back. On the website this is the description for this position.

Smart Post Shipping Inspector

We are looking for local representatives who are interested in working at Smart Post. The main goal is to provide the best and the quickest service for our customers. Excellent knowledge of Smart Post working procedures and policies is required.


1. Monitor incoming shipments

2. Receive, inspect, sort and ship out packages from your home

3. Prepare items for shipping or returns by packaging, boxing, strapping and shrink wrapping

4. Work with invoices

5. Resolve issues with shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS)

6. Perform other duties assigned by management


1. Strong communication skills

2. Ability to work under pressure (meeting deadlines)

3. Computer skills

4. Ability to read and interpret work instructions and shipping paperwork

5. Ability to lift up to 40lbs


The Company pays a Shipping Inspector $560.00 per week.

Have any questions? Read Q&A or send us a message.

Brittany –

Victim Location 11239

Type of a scam Employment

Thank you for your response. We appreciate your interest.

We summarized the information about the Shipping Inspector position.

You can find it here:

Please read it carefully. However, if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to email us back or give us a call at (800) 747-9368

Submit your application at

Thank you.

HR Department

Smart Post

890 Broad St, Newark, NJ 07102

(800) 747-9368 (Main)

Mon-Fri 09:00AM-06:00PM EST

Sat-Sun Closed

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