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Marisa –

Victim Location 63052

Type of a scam Phishing

This phone number called with a recording pretending to be Sprint saying my service has been disconnected. It wanted me to click through different options to give my account information.

Karen –

Victim Location 89178

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from Sprint (800)777-4681 and the person said "Hello, this is Jerome from Sprint. Can you hear me?" I answered "yes". And he hang up right after this and never called back. Second later I realized that it was a scammer, who needed me to say "yes".

Richard –

Victim Location 37064

Type of a scam Phishing

Suspect scam: I received notice from Sprint saying they had received an incomplete credit application from me and unless I called them to authenticate my identity within a certain time frame, they would have to deny my application. I haven’t been a Sprint customer in 20 years. I have no recent inquiries on my credit. I suspect it’s some one trying to obtain my personal information.

Tracy –

Victim Location 46807

Type of a scam Utility

“sprint” has been calling me 5-6 times a day about my “overcharge” on my account. It’s showing up as Sprint. They are masking their real number as a Sprint customer service number. I suspected something was strange because I’m current on my bill (it’s auto deducted from my account). They never leave a voicemail. I was finally not at work to answer one of their calls. They want my pin and a credit card number or bank account confirmation to “refund” the $26.XX overcharge. He specially said “I’m calling because we overcharged you last month and owe you a refund of $26.XX, can you believe it?” No, I can’t. I’ve never had a company harass me to credit me money. I’ve been with Sprint for many years and the few times they’ve owed me anything, it came as an account credit, not a separate refund.

While I’d love a refund, it’s absolutely a scam. I’ve called Sprint and verified it’s a scam. This number won’t stop calling me though. It is a real Sprint customer service phone number but it is not Sprint calling.

Allen –

Victim Location 83705

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Sprint, He stated that there was going to be a cell outage in the area and that my cell service might be down for a couple of hours after 9:00 p.m. In order to prevent any issues with my service he was asking me to give him the code that Sprint had just texted me. I did receive a text from Sprint so I hung up on him and called Sprint to report the call. They suggested someone was trying to purchase a phone on my account and they now require this code before they can finalize any sale. I just want to get this scam reported in hopes that someone doesn’t fall for it. The caller talked very quickly and was very pushy about me giving him the code.

Todd –

Victim Location 23233

Type of a scam Other

Letter indicates they are "unable to make a decision on your Sprint application because it is incomplete" – we did not apply for anything with Sprint.

Then directed us to call an 800-number (listed above) "to answer authentication questions that will be used to verify your identity."

We have not applied for anything through Sprint!

Tristan –

Victim Location 53818

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Sent a bill from Sprint … invoice looks deceiving; however, the address on the invoice belongs to a auto body shop – no apt 4R there. The cell phone invoice noted my husband owes $4452.19 for a past bill with an effective date of February 25, 2017 and needed to be paid in full by March 17, 2017. We have never had a Sprint phone! Husband called the customer service number and asked to talk with the fraud department. He could not understand the person who even answered the phone. He was transferred to a recorded message telling him to go to the sprint website m.sprint.com to pay the bill.

Reginald –

Victim Location 79423

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received an automated call from Sprint concerning a bill on my cell phone Sunday. I did not complete the information, just disconnected. Less than 2 minutes the same number called me on my house phone. The number was 806-589-4416. When I went to Sprint to pay the bill, I asked if the number was one of theirs. They had no record of any number and have sent it on to their security department. I’m glad I didn’t give them my information and pay the bill.

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