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Benjamin –

Victim Location 76504

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job as an work at homeTransportation Assistant. I was told that I would receive packages in different clients name I was to inspect the items in the packages then ship them off with the provided shipping labels.I was told that most of their clients were overseas and that most companies wouldn’t ship the items to their clients. As soon as I agreed to the terms shortly after I received several packages but when I asked the "Manager" for a contact number they would not provided one. At that point I started to investigate a little more before sending the packages off. I attepmted to call the number provided on the website no answer I googled the address on the website but was unable to locate a company by the name of SLS in NV. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the FBI I also notified verzion’s fraud department that someone may have gained access to some of their customers information. Now am waiting on instruction from either the FTC or FBI as to what should I do with the goods I have in my possession

Email that I received below

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As you can realize, our company takes a role of a middleperson between sellers and buyers. We merely absorbed this segment of market where several merchants can’t or don’t deliver overseas, or buyers can’t order components, mainly because foreigners neither know nor speak English, and we buy products for them, using the most effective and legal approach.

It costs less to have self-managed team of employees, who can act from home, having their own schedule and giving their best. It’s less expensive than renting warehouses for the merchandise, vehicles and drivers. For example on weekends, I work from home to make an extra coin. You can order more sets to gain more commissions. There are always imminent orders that we can process.

By working like this, we can utilize our time more efficiently, performing full-time or temporarily, at our own preference.

Attached is the filing to this letter.

This is the Agreement you acquire to read. If you have any questions then send them to me. If you have no inquiries then follow the instructions below:

This is the steps you must follow to fill Agreement:

1. Print the Agreement.

2. Fill it out and sign it using nothing but a pen(don’t forget form

on the last page).

3. Put your DL or ID in the "Place your DL here" field on the 4th

page of the agreement.

4. Using camera in your cell-phone, make photos of the filled in and

signed agreement, make sure to capture the final page with your DL or ID on it. Make sure that you took high quality picture.

5. Email photos of the papers to me via an Email. Put "Signed

Agreement" as the subject line of the message.

I will only accept PHOTOS of the PRINTED documents. I do not accept faxed or

scanned papers. Documents must be filled and

signed by your hand.

If you have any questions or need an assistance, let me know.

Best regards


Logistics Department

Jessica Lake

SLS Transport

Jared –

Victim Location 80004

Type of a scam Employment

This company sends goods to a reshipping person in the US, who then sends it overseas. The items are probably purchased using stolen credit card numbers.

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