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Monique –

Victim Location 30349

Total money lost $97.67

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

On 10/07/2017, I purchased sneakers from a website based in China I ordered a specific color and style shoe that would fit my needs and preference. The order was followed up with an automatic confirmation email immediately and I received a shipping confirmation and tracking number a couple of days later (everything seemed normal).

It took approximately 3 weeks for the sneakers to be delivered to me from China, however, when I opened the box the shoes were NOT the color or style I had ordered. I was disappointed after waiting so long for the delivery but I figured it was an honest mistake by the seller so I emailed them immediately to ask for a shipping lable to return the shoes and receive a full refund.

The seller (who only went by the name Lisa) asked for pics to review so I obliged. The seller agreed that the shoes were totally different from what I had ordered but instead of resolving the matter professionally they offered a 10% discount on future orders. I reminded Lisa that according to their website if the buyer is not 100% satisfied they will give a full refund and what their return policy was.

The seller refused to take the shoes back and also refused to give me a refund for the incorrect order. Although I did not see any customer reviews or redflags before making my purchase, Once the shoes were delivered I did see several others who had the exact or very similar experiences with this same vendor so I immediately contacted my credit union to file a fraud claims for the purchase.

My goal is to stop this business from affecting other people and ensure that no one else experience what I’ve just experienced. They should not be operating as a legitimate business online and taking innocent people hard earned money just to send them whatever they can get their hands on.

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