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Natasha –

Victim Location 95357

Type of a scam Employment

I was first contacted (by text) by Stanley Richards concerning an interview through google hangouts. through Google hangouts, I interviewed by Raymond Never and was asked to join the international based company Sunseap. Conversations were between text, google hangouts and email. I have pdf copies of all the text messages and google hangout messages. I have all the emails which were used to correspond with me.

I was told I would receive from the company a cashiers check to purchase equipment and software I would need to begin my training and work with them. I have received two checks. I took them both to the banks they were drawn from. The local Chase bank verbally verified no such account existed, ( wrong page, wrong font, no watermarks.) The USbank stated the same thing. They also request the actual copy to submit to their security department as fraud. They provided me with a copy and also emailed me a copy that I could submit to BBB and the FBI IC3. Which I am doing. My local bank also scanned copy of the chase bank check and sent it to my email.I also have scanned copies of the instruction letters that came with the checks, and the shipping labels of each Priority mail envelops.

I am still email corresponding with them to try and get more information out of them (itemized break down of:

what is to be purchased, where each item is to be purchased from including addresses, contact people, business name, phone or email address to order the items, Also include the shipping vendor that they want me to use) I figure all this information will help the FBI for sure if not the BBB to track down these people. The three people I’ve interacted with are named: Stanley Richards, Raymond Never and Richard James.

About the same time I was contacted by a Michelle Donna for an interview for employment. Interview was done on google hangouts, with contact by text and email. I again have all the text messages and google hangout conversations saved to pdf file. Her email was [email protected] Her Business was HBL Global PVT Ltd. Website: Phone numbers she used: 859-379-6825; 608-218-3227; 608-764-4185; 608-218-4937; 608-764-4059. Because everything was so similar between the two contacts, I believe they may be part of the same scam/fraud group. Both groups asked for my personal funds to be used to purchase the work related materials after having said in the interview process that the company would be providing and paying for all equipment and software needed. I had my bank set up a separate account to receive these checks, because I’m from Minnesota and felt a bit of caution was needed.

Again, I have pdf files and emails that can be used to stop these people from hurting others. I am more then willingly to forward copies of all materials gathered.

I hope when this gets published on line that it doesn’t affect the FBI IC3 from being able to capture these people.

Thank you for your help with this. I appreciate it.

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