Safe Cart or Panda Intenet Security Reviews - Safe Cart or Panda Intenet Security Scam or Legit

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Eduardo –

Victim Location 85375

Type of a scam Tech Support

**Microsoft Alert** Call 1-855-558-9698

Error 0x8007ee7 Porn0graphic spyware/riskware Detected

This happened on 4/28/18 at 3:14 P.M. on my regular computer

*Microsoft Alert* Call 1-877-257-4304

Error 0x80072ee7 Porn0graphic spyware/risk Detected

This happened 4/30/18 at 7:53 A.M.

I was taken in by one of these Scams but did not lose money as I contacted my Card Company! The name was Safe Cart. My computer was a mess when they got through and I did uninstall everything I could that they put on. EVERYONE SHOULD KEEP IN MIND, EVERYTHING THEY TOOK I AM SURE WAS SAVED. I do not pay bills on my computer so my credit card or checkbook was saved. I did have a Senior moment and that is my fault because it was not working right! Please tell people to think twice!!! My Dispute Dept. at my credit card Co. was very knowledgeable! I sure hope this helps people.

User Review
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