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Neil –

Victim Location 92805

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The woman on the phone said I failed to pay a one time tax fee after turning 18 years old and that it was my last day to resolve the case or the cops would arrive at my house in 30 to 45 minutes. She also stated my case number, her ID number, and stated she could only give me information about my case before the police arrived. As absurd as it sounds, she spoke with so much authority that I panicked. They asked me several questions regarding my residency and even threatened to deport me although I am a citizen and asked if I had any way to pay the $5,783 in one hour and that anyone in my home to stay in a separate room. After answering their questions the woman said I sounded honest and she would transfer me to another IRS worker that handled payments and that worker was more aggressive and insisted that I had a one hour time limit to go to Walgreens and find some form that would help me resolve the case but she started speaking fast and referring to articles in the constitution so I couldn’t understand the process and once I hung up because my husband contacted the local police department and said it was a scam they kept trying to call again. My mom tried calling them with her phone and they answered in Spanish then realized they were caught in their lie and hung up.

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