Scott MacNabb Reviews - Scott MacNabb Scam or Legit

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Sierra –

Victim Location 78130

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Appears to be another Canyon Lake want to be contractor that is really a thief and liar.

Left my property in shambles and then disappeared. Comal County Sheriffs Dept are of no help in

even trying to prevent this happening again. I am filing in small claims court to just document a

judgement and tag the guy with UCC.

Anything you can do to put this guy and his partner Steve Newland on a scam watch list to’prevent others from

going through same misery, is appreciated.

I have numerous certified demand letters and photos of damages if needed to support this complaint.

If no one ever steps ups and takes action then there will never be any change in this world 

User Review
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