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Jessica –

Victim Location 85743

Total money lost $18,350

Type of a scam Other

This started with a company called private property marketing solutions. This company had a buyer. Buying many timeshares in Mexico. After three times sending money to sell the time share. I closed it and wanted my money back never got it back $18,350.00 usd. They disappeared. Next 7 months later I get a call from seido angecy company recently revised a house found my information and called me in March 21st. What they want to do is help get Money back for foreigners. So after sending papers of the other company that fraudulently took my money to this new company as proof. They have sent me a settlement paper saying I was awarded $91,000 in a settlement but I have to send them $4550 to court or who ever to receive this $91,000 usd. It’s prodical for Mexico. Another scam. I have asked many people now if anyone has sent money to receive money and no. I want this to go viral that Mexico is not to be trusted with sending money to get money ever. The court can deduct the $4550 from the $91,000. The surpervisor there said to me after I told him last week June 6th that if he wanted me to send money to anyone not to call me or bother me. Then the guy called again today June 13th told me again it’s prodical? No there’s no way you ever have to send money to anyone for a settlement or sale of your property. They give you money no matter how good it sounds.

SEIDO Administration

Av. Paseo de la Reforma #211-213

Col. Cuauhtémoc, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc.

Distrito Federal C.P 06500

Tel.+ 52 (554) 169 – 7235

[email protected]

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