Selling puppies and wild animals

Selling puppies and wild animals Scam or Legit? Check Selling puppies and wild animals Reviews below.
Pedro –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Promise to send you the puppies or other animals that you want to buy, his "babies" from far away, and you pay ONLY shipping fee ($300 or $350/ puppy), also, puppies comes with photo album, food and blankeys, pads, kennels, vet warranty, etc. He will send you cute photos with puppies. Different photo for different e-mail address.

Copy of e-mails :

" Hello Dear,

Thanks for the interested in regards to our Puppies,our family takes

great care to make sure all our Puppies are very socialized and

friendly with other pets.They come with all up to date shots and also

seen by our Vet before going to their new homes.these Puppies are 9

weeks old, Akc registered,Vet checked, good temperament with kids and

other pets.we exercise our Puppies regularly and take the Puppies

always for walks! .all our Puppies are raised in the same home and

environment. We are located in (Regina, Saskatchewan)

with the Puppies, We can have the shipping done Today or tomorrow morning.

It will cost $350 including shipping per puppy and $600 for both babies including delivery..

we have two Puppies available and their names are Murphy and Tracy .


She is home and potty trained.

She does not bark a lot.

She Is friendly with kids and other pets.

She get angry when you shout at her.


He is home and potty trained

He barks more than Tracy but not to much.

He is also a friend to kids and other pets.

He barks when he sees strangers.

I Have some few questions ?

Are you familiar with this kind of breed?

do you have a good environment for the Puppies ?

are you interested in the male or female ?

Sorry for all the questions but i need to know

the kind of home and environment these Puppies will be going to.


" Hello ,

Thanks for getting back to me, your home/work schedule sounds

perfect, I think your home will be just great for my puppies. I’ll be

happy letting you re-home them, if and only if you will keep your

promise of taking good care of them.

As for the puppies, they are well trained and they possess a

handbook showing their life styles as well as feeding, and toilet

habits, and they are very friendly with kids and other home pets,

their vet records are well explained in the hand book together and

will come alongside a bag of puppy food, Their vet records, 2 designer

outfits, Some pee pads, Baby blankets, Puppy Care Kit, 3-4 favorite

play toys, Food Menu Card, feeding bowls and a puppy photo album and

some helpful information, that will help you facilitate the transition

process, they also come with a health guarantee paper that is still

valid for six months.

But if I decide to let you re-home them, do you have a Vet

clinic or a Pet Hospital around your area Where they can usually be

taken to for check-up?

I’m presently in Halifax NS. And if you can promise me

that the babies will be well love and taken care of, then i will

delivered them right away to you by shipping since you are not in the

same state with me and it will take approximately 5 to 6 hours for you

to have them by your house.You can come and pick up the puppies your

self. If it is not possible then i guess shipping is our best option

as of now or what do you think? In that case,you will be responsible

only for the delivery charges which you will pay directly to the

delivery agency when i take the babies there.You are free to choose

from the babies and let me know which of them you want to take care of

that . This is the reason i send you some of their photos .

Thanks and i look forward to hear from you."

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