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shipping solution Scam or Legit? Check shipping solution Reviews below.
Jillian –

Victim Location 95826

Type of a scam Employment

I checked and looked into everything and yes it’s a scam!

Just ask them why their address is a restaurant in new york (hiring in sac). they’ll send you some licence from England for a similar company (missing the letter "s"). that other company has its own site.

also the site is weird! try to call for services from a blocked number, same department as human resources. The people, or the "team" on their site are photos from the internet. All truck photos etc.. also stolen. when you read into their services it’s just a bunch of opinions and philosophies (i.e.. mock services and nothing real offered)..these are just minor things. they are good, they got a hold of me through a hiring site (glass door) and with all the madeup website and licensing, they’re organized.

P.s. job description had to do with package handling and inventory….anythi g associated with shipping from home sounds sketchy

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