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Raymond –

Victim Location 85053

Total money lost $2,460

Type of a scam Employment

Hi I thought I was hired as an inspector i signed a contract and w-4. I received packages at my house with different names sometimes but my address. I then went on my dash board where it told me all my info where it was coming from where it going to.

1) I received packages

2) I open and inspected it was what the ordered

3) i then took a picture of the item and invoice

4) I then removed all the labels and invoices and any other labels on the package then taped back up.

5) I requested a label on my dashboard it took a few minutes to receive it I but i finally did.

6) I took the package with the label where it was to go either UPS,FED EX,USPS

7) then i took a photo of the receipt then went on the dashboard and clicked sent

I was hired a month ago I signed a contract and w-4 I have all the documents ! signed after the first month i never received a check and all my contact with the company disappeared i have a packages i am still waiting on a label for.

User Review
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