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Aimee –

Victim Location 81054

Type of a scam Employment

I had found a job listing for shipping recruitment online. I applied for the job and got e-mails to fill out simple surveys. The job was to receive packages, examine contents, repackage, and reship to a destination with a provided shipping label. I was under the impression I would be testing products, but got an e-mail from a "Betsy Greer " asking for my phone number.

I provided the number, and didn’t get a call, but a different e-mail back from a James Peterson, claiming he was the HR manager.

He sent a PDF form saying, "

I’m HR-manager in STH Recruitment. We have an offer from United Trans.

They have only one vacant position now and you can apply for it right now.

Here is the link to the file with the detailed job description:"

Upon reading through the file, it seemed legitimate at first until it asked to send my name, phone, address, paypal, a picture of me and a picture of my ID through e-mail and to sign it somehow. There were also many strange grammar mistakes. I found this suspicious and googled the names of everyone and the company, and found nothing. I did however find similar stories with the exact contents of their pngage under different company names, and United Trans is NOT a repackaging company.

Nobody should ever ask for your ID through e-mail, and it just all seemed rather unprofessional and scammy, they have no footprint, credentials, or legitimacy.

User Review
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