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Kevin –

Victim Location 10467

Total money lost $187

Type of a scam Employment

This is supposedly a Mystery Shopping company that should be regulated by the MSPA. I completed five different shops for this company. I received a score of 10/10 for each shop. This company promised to pay on or around the 15 th of the following month. When I requested payment for the work I completed I was told that due to a glitch in the "Sassie shop" software they use, they are unable to verify my Tax ID or SSN via the IRS. I provided a copy of my actual Social Security Card, issued by the Social Security Administration. I have reached out by email and I have called the corporate office to no avail. I have even reached out to " Sassie", and they are not aware of any such glitch. This company is refusing to pay me, bottom line they are scam artists.

Clinton –

Victim Location 23454

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A while ago, my mom was texted by a man named Matthew Johnson who wanted her to sign up for a survey, telling her that they would pay her for her participation. Suspicious of the text, I told her that I would fill it out on my behalf, using my information as bait instead of hers to lure this snake out. Today, as of writing this, the man e-mailed me, telling me to give the addresses of my nearest CVS and Wal-Mart stores. He says that once he receives them, he will mail out a check of $300 to start the mystery shopping. After doing my research, I discovered that the average amount of money legitimate mystery shopper organizations pay their agents is around $8-$20 (which is AFTER the agent conducts the shopping and fills out an evaluation form). Knowing this, I decided to respond to his e-mail, criticizing the errors in his message as well as informing him that I was well aware of his plans and intentions.

As of writing this, he responded with instructions on what to do with the money: I am to go to my local CVS (where they have MoneyGram) and wire $800 to an individual named David Ladd who lives in Dallas, TX, before going to my local Wal-Mart and repeating the process. Later on, a check from FedEx came in in the amount of $1980.20. Cleverly, I have not done (nor will I do) anything with it.

User Review
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