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Neil –

Victim Location 78666

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Work From Home "package forwarding" credit card and identity theft. They’ve duplicated a copyrighted website of a legitimate warehouse fulfillment company called ShipMonk at in Florida.

The Oklahoma address they display on their fake website is the Tulsa Civic Center, which does not lease office space. The two phones numbers listed on their website (+19183760318 and +19183760442) are fake and "not in service". However, they spoof these numbers when initiating calls.

Their fake website is used to collect the names and addresses of unsuspecting "work from home package forwarding", leading victims to believe they are being hired on contract work. Instead, their info is attached to stolen credit cards and used to open multiple accounts with such legitimate sellers as Sierra Trading Post and The Foam Factory. Various expensive items are then ordered in the victims’ names, (with no mention of ShipmanMax, nor any of its "representatives") and shipped directly to the victims’ homes.

Victims are then instructed to perform some rudimentary unboxing and reboxing, then log in to download and print a new shipping label. Lastly, they’re instructed to reship the package (with a $5 bonus per package) to another address which is 803 Walden Avenue, Buffalo, NY where it is invariably signed for by "HOWARD". If the shipment is diverted, HOWARD has driven as far as 49.1 miles each way in order to retrieve the errant shipment from the FedEx office. This is a 2-hour drive roundtrip.

The end result is the victims have numerous trade and business accounts opened in their names, seemingly having purchased items paid for by stolen credit cards and are the sole known point of criminality and contact by the sellers who are now out-of-pocket once credit card companies are notified of the fraud by their real cardholders.

The fake website was established in March 2018. (The legitimate one, 6 years ago.)

User Review
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