Skyton Mullins

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Donna –

Victim Location 30721

Total money lost $285.32

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This guy named John Teller called my father in law on his cell and told him he won a jeep and 3 million dollars. But my father in law would have to go to western union to send money for some kind of fee. And believing he won all of this he sends the money. We tried to tell him that it was a scam, but he thought it was real. But any way after that guy named John Teller called he gives my father in law an ID# and some other numbers to write down and I still have all of the numbers put up. But my father in law was to send the money to this guy named Skyton Mullins in New Port, Jamaica. They called back to see if he sent the money and the wanted to know if he had the receipt from western union and they was wanting it to and someone would come and get it. It has all of the tracking numbers on it, but they did not get it. But they call him back trying to get more money $2500 and something about a gold seal and customs and they needed that money for it to go through. That is a bunch of bull it is a scam and for them wanting that receipt really cause it has all of the tracking numbers on it but they don’t have it I still do. I will do everything I can to make sure everyone knows about this and to make darn sure they get what’s coming to them. And to for them going to come and get it they have to live real close. They are lazy bums that don’t want to work for there money they want to sit on there big behinds and take what everyone else’s that they worked for and target older people. I myself would love to bop them up side the head.

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