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Yolanda –

Victim Location 95949

Total money lost $360

Type of a scam Phishing

received a call from ATT regarding DirecTV account. Stating if I prepaid 4 months of services with an Amazon gift card then our billing after that period would also be lowered to a new monthly payment of $89.00. I doubted the call, took their number and called back several days later. They answer the phone as ATT and you go through an extension phone tree to get to "change in packages" They had my name and account information. They knew what I currently pay monthly. I questioned why they were partnering with Amazon but honestly with Amazon getting into everything it kind of made sense….. so Unfortunately I did go an buy the Amazon gift card for the 4 months worth of payments, but BEFORE I called back to give them the card # and my promo code they gave me earlier….I decided to google the promo to see if it was legit. That’s when i found it’s been going on for awhile. Disappointed in myself that I almost fell for it as I’m usually on top of scams, and more disappointed ATT and Amazon haven’t shut these scams down. I mean they have a legit phone # that answers as ATT, thats what made me think….ok it must be ok. The phone # of 888-302-5632 needs to be shut down. They gave every legitimate reason I’d agree with as to why it was worth doing because Direc TV has gotten so expensive and I too was looking to save money!!!

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