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Claire – Nov 08, 2020

Victim Location 33068

Total money lost $119.97

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Upon reviewing my monthly debit card statement, I noticed a charge of $119.97 from a merchant/company called "Target", which I immediately knew I did not make and so I notified my bank that this was an unauthorized charge; my bank said they would immediately close my card and conduct an investigation. They also said they would re-issue me a new card. My bank issued me an immediate credit, while they conduct their investigation.

Approximately 30 days later I received an email from my bank, with what they called supportive and what they called "Compelling Evidence" that this indeed was a valid charge, due to the Bank Transaction Receipt, which had my information and the merchant info, with some incriminating info, which I believe supported my claim that this was fraudulent. The information provided, which was just a computer narrative of my (obvious stolen info) and the merchant who claims they shipped me a product I never ordered or received. Therefore, the bank’s printed documents proves only my information and the merchants claim that they sold and shipped me a product.

The printed documents provided by the bank shows no merchant address and no proof of delivery.

Furthermore, upon attempting to visit the website of the merchant listed on the bank’s documents,this proved that the merchants website was unsecured, which I believe is further evidence that this was either a scam and that my information was stolen and used.

Also note, no factual delivery of documents was provided or listed on the bank’s documents provided; further exposing a scam and my Debt Card ID and info being stolen.

I asked my bank to provide the merchants proof of delivery, since they are siding with the info printed on their documents as "Compelling Evidence". I’m still waiting, 30 Days later.

User Review
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