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Latoya – Nov 22, 2020

Victim Location 89044

Type of a scam Tech Support

This company preys on seniors and/or technically challenged individuals. I was having computer issues when they somehow took hold of my computer and used scare tactics to lock up on computer. I bought into the scheme and ended up paying them $1,500 for a bogus protection plan to protect my personal identity and data. This was more than the price of my computer. After this situation, my computer was running fine, until October 2020 (6 months later), I received a call from them warning me that someone in Europe stole my email address through my IP address and was using it to download child pornography. They then said, I can pay them another $1,500 to protect access to my IP address. They only accept checks (scanned), not credit cards; written to two different companies (QB Solutions and Link Kap Industries) I decided to write the checks and then called my bank to stop payment, which worked. I did not lose any money on this bogus scheme. I reported this all to the bank and closed out by account and opened a new account. I’m still somewhat concerned they have accessed my personal information. I did some preventive stuff, like change email user IDs and passwords, plus all my other account ids and passwords. This company is a scam and the principles should be investigated, and brought to justice.

Rachel – Nov 20, 2020

As with many of the complaints listed here, I was a victim of this incredibly immoral company, prying on vulnerable people, not strong on technical ability. I’m sorry to say, I was one of them. My story is a long one, so will keep it condensed. It started back in March 2020, after I lost my computer in an airport (shame on me). I left it at the gate prior to boarding my plane. After all the challenges to dealing with security issues regarding that episode, I purchased a new computer. After searching online for a security software, I “stumbled” across Technevo. After a long call, I was convinced to purchase a security package for $1500. My bad. Although I felt “dirty” spending that kind of money, I felt I was safe from on-line hacking and they offered monthly cleaning-up services. Fast forward, I get a call from this dastardly company stating my email was hacked by someone in Europe to download child pornography and said that only thing that could be done is to protect my IP address. You guessed it, for about another $1,500, they could do the job. High-pressure sales tactics. It only gets better, because he said, using a credit card was to risky, so I would need to write two checks; one for $1,000 and one for $500, made out to two different companies and to scan them over to them (instant draw on my account). To see if I could trap them and get them off the phone, I wrote the checks and immediately called my bank to report the scam and fraud attempt. They were great. BOA put a stop on the checks and had the issue logged. I never lost the money and the bank never charged me a stopped check charge; however, I had to close this account and open a new account. Much time lost in this process. These [censored] all had Indian accents. I hope somehow, this company and its leaders can be brought up on charges soon. Beware, these scam artists really exist.

Brad – Oct 03, 2020

Same as many of the above–the threat of child pornography being put on my computer was what really got me. Over $1600.00 Cdn. they were in–and a couple months later my credit card has been hacked. I called Master Card as soon as I found the first charge and they said right away–close that account, and we can fix you up with a new account by next day. The next credit card statement had two more fraudulent charges dated before the cancellation of the older account, and nothing new since. Master Card did refund the first charge, but are taking longer to refund the second two–have referred them to a fraud team.

Also, the computer is now not working properly–and I can only think to blame Technevo. Interesting too–I haven’t heard from them since I closed the credit card account that they used to charge me.

Be very careful. The above stories sound exactly what happened with me.

Dustin – Aug 24, 2020

In March of 2020 I paid for a 5 year plan on my computer for 799.00 which was a partial payment for a total of 1300.00. The remaining 500.00 was paid in July of 2020 with a check from my bank. Just recently on August 20 my computer was hacked and was out of my control until the number appeared on the screen to call Microsft and they put me in touch with Envision Securities to fix ths problem. They told me I needed a firewall,the license was expired. I had to mail a check for 3 year guarantee to keep my computer working roght. that was 786.00. Envision Securities told me that the company Technevo was a scam. I tried calling Technevo when my computer got hacked ans was not able to get thru. Can you shed some light on this problem? I am a Senior Citizen was probobly a likely victim. I am very upset that I was scammed

Jonathon – Aug 15, 2020

Victim Location 80224

Total money lost $1,443.98

Type of a scam Tech Support

I spoke to a company called pcfix247 back in January 2020 in response to an email advising me that my computer would be locked due to suspicious hacking. At that time, I was foolish enough to pay them for a "All in One Support Plan" in the amount of $1443.98 for a "lifetime support plan". Fast forward to August 14, 2020. I called their support department to inquire about the protection because I had changed some internet equipment. pcfix247 then routed me to After 4 plus hours with them, in which they "found" all sorts of security issues with my ip carrier, my ip address, an my email account. I was told that my email was used to access CHILD PORN, among other security issues. As a result I initially paid them, via scanned copy of a check (made out to a different company…Global Tech Station LLC) $2000.00.

I spoke to my personal banker, and he advised there are sophisticated scams out there, in particular the child porn angle. I put a stop payment on the check and closed the account. BE AWARE OF THESE SCAMS, DON’T FALL FOR THEM LIKE I FOOLISHLY DID!!!!!!! I wish I could get my initial $1443.98 back.

Karl – Jul 30, 2020

Out of the blue TECHNEVO calls and tells me that my computer is being used by some one in Ohio to access child pornography. They say they can fix the problem for $1500. They are very reluctant to use my credit card and they want my bank account identification numbers. They finally use my credit card. I now believe TECHNEVO is a scam – don’t fall victim.

Juan – Jun 21, 2020


Nichole – Jun 01, 2020

I have had a similar experience with I was called and advised that i had hackers accessing my network and vpn and they would clean it for $1000. their tactics were very high pressure and worrisome as the claim is that i had child porn and banking hackers after my computer. Yes i paid. who wants their computer taken over by child porn hackers.

I am going to dispute this payment with VISA. I also contacted my computer company ACER and they told me that this company was a scam.

Mary – May 24, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1 833 711 0519

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Website

Locked up Computer with fake message of a virus or computer invasion. a number to call to get fix done. Make it look like apple message. Total Scam.

Katie – May 24, 2020

I had the same experience as Caroline Elliott
May 02, 2020. Plan to challenge the credit card charge .

Krystal – May 19, 2020

Victim Location 14867

Total money lost $1,199

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my laptop computer when it froze up and a telephone number came up to call to unlock the computer. I tried to unlock it myself but was unsuccessful. When I called the number, the technician said he could unblock it and see if there was any suspicious activity. He listed some potential unauthorized attempts for identity misuse. After he "fixed" the problem, he told us that we needed to sign up for either a basic windows defender firewall protection (2 year) plan of for an advanced windows defender firewall protection plan (lifetime). Then he told us if we did not purchase the plan he would undo the corrections that he made to our computer. He said the amount of the 2 year plan was $499.99 for one computer (we have two and he did work on both) and the amount of the life-time plan was $1199.99 for both. We tried to tell him we did not want to spend that amount of money, but as stated above he said he would undo everything that had been done (which would have meant that the laptop computer could not be used). He said he needed our credit card information and that he was going to call the credit card company for approval. Upon checking with the credit card company today (5.19.20) we were told that approval was denied, but that since then approval has been given (we believe a second attempt was made by this company for approval). We will challenge this charge when it does get posted to our account as it is currently pending.

Dustin – May 02, 2020

Victim Location: Central New York
Total money lost: $1499.99
Type of a scam: Tech support

I was using email on my Mac on3/2/2020; got a popup warning, warning about a virus. I was to call 1-833-538-0190 (customer service). When all said and done, I ended up paying $1499.99 for a scam, given a tech support number to call of 1-833-711-0519.

I later contacted Apple (I have AppleCare for my Mac), and they helped me resolve my computer issues-which I really never had any before popup appeared.

I have since changed my Apple password, disputed the $1499.99 charge with my credit card company, and am waiting to see what happens next.

I attempted to contact and Antivirus – all to no avail.
I did find a mailing address of: 149 Park Ave., 39th Floor, Manhattan, NY, 10167 – I am next going to send them a certified letter advising them I have disputed their charge, and have reported them to the appropriate authorities.

Melanie – Apr 26, 2020

My name is James driver I also got some problem with my computer and coincidentally I also got connected to Mr. Jack Patel and he was very helpful although technevo is an independent company and I am very happy with their services

Jonathon – Apr 10, 2020

Victim Location 38016

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Tech Support

Sunday 3-29-20:

1:00 PM: while surfing the web, an alarm sounded and a page lock thrown up saying my computer’s security was compromised due to an internet virus. The page, with the windows emblem in the upper left corner, gave a toll free number of 1-866-525-0831 to remove the page lock. It advised to not turn off the computer for fear of losing all files. I turned computer off, but in five minutes the page lock came back on.

Upon calling the toll free number, Mr. Jack Patel from the company said he had to install software on my machine as a Windows Internet firewall to take care of this problem. Three options; 1. One yr. service for one machine, at $299.00. 2. Three years for three machines for $699.99. 3. Five machine unlimited service lifetime at $1199.99. I chose the $1199.99. For one hour 15 minutes, he ran the “Windows Malicious Software removal Tool,… no problems encountered. He wanted to install the software on my laptop, but that would be an additional charge of $599.99. I declined. Told him I’d get back to him.

Monday 3-30-20:

11:00 AM: Called Technevo 1-833-538-1090 or 1-833-711-0519 to confirm name of Jack Patel and confirm 100% 30 day money-back guarantee. They told me yes, they have that guarantee. They said they would get ahold of Mr. Patel and he would contact me.

11:45 AM: Called MasterCard 1-800-421-2110 to challenge the charge of $1199.99. The charge had not “hit the books” yet.

4:45 PM: Jack Patel called back and argued to put my laptop computer on contract. I denied. He installed an icon on my machine for his Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. He claims his company is endorsed by Microsoft Windows, and as the choice to remove these problems.

5:30 PM: Called Norton 1-800-745-6061 or 1-855-815-2726. Talked to Albert to check on computer safety. Did a complete scan and found noting malicious.

Tuesday 3-31-20:

10:30 AM: Called Microsoft Windows 1-800-642-7676 or 1-800-936-5900. Talked to Red. They do not endorse the Technevo company. They entirely scanned computer and found no evidence of any software program as Technevo claimed to have installed, nor any malicious programs.

2:45 PM: Contacted company at 1-833-711-0519. Talked to Hakim, then talked to Rohit,.. then talked to Rohid. I told him that I was not satisfied with the product and that I wanted 100% refund back as advertised. Since he said that the technician resolved the original problem, (which was caused by the screen lock-up), he feels it fair to charge me the $200.00 service fee, and he will refund the rest of the payment, ($999.99) as a credit to the credit card. I agreed and he agreed to send out the resolution in an email. For the record, Technevo accnt. ID #: 6407034450.

Friday 4-10-20: I received another “lock screen” as I did on Sunday 3-29-20. This time I called Norton LifeLock and they showed me how to disable the screen lock using Task Manager.

Darren – May 23, 2020

I had same problems

Jonathon – Apr 05, 2020

Victim Location 17327

Total money lost $759.97

Type of a scam Tech Support

Classic example of a tech support scam. Was using email and Microsoft Edge on 4/20/2020 when computer froze and a popup warning with recurring beep and voice warning appeared. Warned about virus, computer will crash if I shut down and should call Technevo at 833-711-0519. ( big mistake) Tech person said he could fix if I gave him access, which I allowed. He ran a scan, said he detected virus that could be fixed, but not before paying $499.98.

Incredible, but I thought I had no choice. He tried to upsell me on packages up to $1200. Thought I was done, but no. He then warned me that if I didn’t fix my firewall, the virus could occur again and again. What? Another $259.99. Yes I paid. Finally over. BTW, billing to, UK. I have since contacted MasterCard, Microsoft, FTC, and Geek Squad, and changed my passwords.

Jerry – Aug 04, 2020

I went through the exact same thing😩

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