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Karl – Jan 07, 2021

I genuinely looking around FB jobs and come across an ad. It looked normal and casual and I got a reply from them a hours later. So I played along as I knew it was already sketchy from the start. Look at pics for more. Just be aware, everyone!

Wayne – Dec 07, 2020

Victim Location 65807

Type of a scam Employment

I was asked to download the Telegram messaging app to do the interview. A Michael ********* interviewed me for data entry position. The salary was high which was a red flag. They sent me a check to buy office supplies. When I called the company name on the check, they said that I was the second person recently to have been scammed in this way.

Monique – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 78722

Type of a scam Employment

They interview you google hangout, hire you, then send you a "check for equipment you’re supposed to deposit into your own bank account. Next, they’ll ask you for proof, a screen shot of the deposit. Since it’ll have to be a mobile deposit the "check" will take a few days to deposit so they ask you to front the money up front. I told them no and the next day the check bounced. Can be confirmed by other victims in an Indeed thread:…

Darrell – Mar 20, 2020

Victim Location 76013

Type of a scam Employment

I did an interview with a fake employer on Google Hangouts and he said I’m hired into Adecco Group and that I would work from home, $35.00/hour. He said he would send me a check to pay for an apple labtop, laserjet printer, etc. so that I would be a data analyst and accounting record keeper. He sent me a check from Texas that was worth $3,950.00 to buy senseless supplies. He told me yesterday at 8:00 am in the morning to go to Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy to buy two $200.00 gift cards for the apple labtop and I said no. Today they sent me a $2,350.00 check from New York which is part of the scam. I blocked the guy on google hangouts and the phone number they used to try to reach me. I will not deposit these two checks.

Shane –

Victim Location 90043

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed by this person named Dr. Innocent McCarter that they were interested in the resume I have submitted online. They told me to be on Google Hangouts at a date/time for my interview. I thought it unusual for an interview, they said they would provide training. Then they said that they wanted to be sure that I could handle check/payroll processing so that they would send me a check for me to deposit. Everyday that person was on Google Hangouts reaching out to me, today they wanted to know if I received the check and the check #. I told them, though I was suspect and called the local office I saw listed for the Adecco Group, they told me they did not have any such person employed by them nor do they use such practices. I called the to see what to do, they said to report them to the Federal Trades Commission (FTC) and to submit a Scam report on BBB. The FTC took my information and advised me to cease all communication with them, though if they turn to more aggressive forms of communication, I am to call them back. Be careful everyone, time is valuable and I have just wasted 4 hours, I hope that it is of some benefit to you.

Marissa –

Victim Location 75023

Type of a scam Employment

They claimed to offer me a work at home job with flexible hours where I earned $35 an hour. I was supposed to be a customer service representative for Microsoft company.

They claimed that they would send me software for the stuff but they sent me a check for $3,850. I naively went along with the plan and deposited the check (though I thought it was weird for a training session)

I even gave them a photo of the receipt via Google hangout.

But things got weird when they asked me to withdraw money from my bank. They originally asked for $600, but I negotiated it to be $200 because I needed to pay rent. So one of the task that the guy who pretended to be asked me to do via Google hangout was purchase an Amazon gift card at go to the nearest bitcoin atm and deposit the money. The moment I heard them ask for bitcoin, it set off alarm bells that I should check if this is a scam, so I tried to report it to you, but you don’t accept gmail and that’s my email address

Rafael –

Victim Location 63137

Type of a scam Employment

employment scam. did an interview via Hangouts. called to verify it was real company. Hiring manager was going by the name "Rob ***".

email used is linked to this website, warning consumers of scammers using Adecco’s name

Candidates’ Security and Phishing

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 60620

Type of a scam Employment

Jason Mark text ( Adecco Group) me, saying he found my resume online for a job and asked me would I be interested in working a work from home job. Then he told me to download an app called hangouts and Rob James will be contacting me on google hangouts. I downloaded hangout to see if this was a real job rob asked me some questions and then told me I was hired for customer service rep working form home and all the equipment needed the company Adecco would provide me with . The next day rob asked me if I had a 100 to purchase a gift card and some software and I can take it the check the company was sending me I told him no, he told me the company would send a code I never received a code and never heard back from rob I deleted the hangouts app. They are scammers and getting people person information off job websites taking advantage of people really looking for work.

Shawna –

Victim Location 07092

Type of a scam Employment

It was a text, then google chat claiming to be Adecco Group work at home employment. They conducted a questionnaire via google hangout which the actual Adecco states they do during preliminary interview and not hiring process. The scammers Fedex me a fraudulent check overnight which I was expected to deposit for “software”. I did not because I had no real communication with anyone. Annoying to waste an hour of my time on a bogus interview and now having to report it. The check was from a real trucking company. Numbers are probably fake or misdirected. This one has Scam all over it. I reported it to *** *** in Kearny NJ. I’ll bring the check to bank to have them check it.

Ronnie –

Victim Location 19128

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted via text message from Mya, no last name given. I thought this was a legit job until they started the said interview via text message only. It wasn’t through any online job sites. When I said I had a question, they didn’t address the question. The person just continued on with the "interview". I realized this was a scam and have since deleted the number and didn’t respond any further.

Lisa –

Victim Location 30058

Type of a scam Employment

Someone by the name of Stanley Milley emailed me from this email([email protected]) saying that I qualified for the job which was The Adecco Group. They gave me an email to contact the hiring manager via Google Hangouts. The hiring manager name was Stephen Howeg. After I messaged him via Google Hangout he started asking me some questions and telling me about the company which he stated was The Adecco Group. He then told me I got the job and he will be sending me a check and I should use the check to buy software materials that I will need for the job including a free MacBook. He then stated to message him on Hangouts every morning at 8:00am for update on the check, tasks and other duties while awaiting the equipments. He also asked for my name, email address and phone number so that his secretary can register me. I read up online to see if anyone else had a problem and I saw someone posted the same thing but instead he used another name to trick the person. I didn’t message him the next day I just acted like he never existed. He didn’t ask me for any banking information otherwise than the name of the bank and how long I have been using it but I gave him a wrong bank name.

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