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Wayne – Jan 30, 2021

Victim Location 97236

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase I never received my product. I ordered a cup from The Friendly Cup website over a month ago and when I contacted them yesterday they could not tell me any information about my order status or tracking number. Furthermore I checked their Instagram page and noticed that other accounts posted that they hadn’t gotten their cups either, some having been ordered more than four months ago. I think it is a scam despite the professional looking website and Instagram page.

Darryl – Jan 25, 2021

Victim Location 63126

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This company is using MY legitimate company name (The Friendly Cup) to try to get people to purchase an eco-friendly cup. The robot contact comes through Instagram and other sources asking people to become brand ambassadors for their product. When I google my company, their information comes up and they have somehow managed to include on their page MY company information and website. They tell their victims to contact the main page @thefriendlycup which results in people all over the world contacting my company. Many have told me that they never receive a product at all, and others have complained about an inferior product. My company does not sell any products–we are a catering company offering a service only. I have been dealing with this confusion since September and feel that my company is getting a bad reputation. Others have called to say the "service" department is rude and the cups are all in Chinese. They give no phone number and disappear when people try to contact them, so I end up fielding the calls and messages.

Tara – Dec 17, 2020

Victim Location 19118

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The Friendly Cup ( is a scam running on social media, mainly Instagram. They contact users with fake accounts and direct them to their main instagram page telling them to message to become an "ambassador". There are over 20 accounts currently on Instagram directing you to their website. There are numerous reviews and testimonies of people who have been scammed by this company by purchasing their products and receiving damaged, cheap products not true to their advertising. They also market it as "eco friendly" and "biodegradable" which it is clearly not. This website needs to be removed immediately to prevent this from continuing.

Noah – Dec 07, 2020

Victim Location 32312

Total money lost $28

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Contacted me on Instagram. Provided a coupon code. Item never shipped. Customer service via email and Instagram DM were very dismissive and unhelpful. When I complained on Instagram two months after placing my order, they contacted me with the same schpeel as they did originally trying to give me another code for a new order. Never answered a single question. Refused to refund my purchase because my item "has already begun our fulfillment process." Kept telling me to refer to my shipping confirmation which I never received because it never shipped. Instead they resent my order confirmation.

Rose – Nov 24, 2020

Victim Location 85132

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was contacted by this "company" to be a brand ambassador. I am usually very sketched out by this sort of thing, but love eco friendly items and any chance the save the Earth. Glad I looked into this further because I am sure if I went through with it, product would never come in. Beware of this bot.

Haley – Nov 06, 2020

Victim Location 08837

Total money lost $27.75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was approached by this company (through Instagram direct message) about becoming a brand ambassador to promote their product. They offered me a 25% discount to purchase a thermos mug from them which I did. However, after doing more research, I noticed that many people had complaints about how they never received their mug. I sent various direct messages through instagram to their account saying that I do not want the product anymore, be an ambassador for them anymore, and that I want a refund (I was trying to act quickly since I realized other people were talking about how it might be a scam). They told me to send an email which I did. I just purchased the product today (11/6/2020) but I thought it would be better to report after I realized other claims about this company. It seems like a scam account because after doing research that is what other people have said. Please do not fall for this scam, especially through social media. The "person" that claimed to be talking to me through their Instagram account was named "Julie". I think it was an automated bot.

Olivia – Oct 20, 2020

Victim Location 76351

Total money lost $27.75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was approached on Instagram by The Friendly Cup asking me to be an ambassador for their company and purchase their eco-friendly tumbler. They seemed very convincing and I did just that, purchased their product. I placed my order on September 27 of 2020. I went back to their Instagram page to see where my cup was and the page had been removed. I’ve tried emailing and calling but it’s doesn’t go through. I lost $27.75 because of this scam.

Jesus – Oct 16, 2020

Victim Location 01752

Total money lost $26.99

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was messaged by this company on Instagram to work with them and try their product out. They provided me with a discount code and I placed an order for 2 cups, one for myself and one for my fiancé , Pink and Blue, my order number is #1450. I was told if I provided my order information they would expedite the shipping on the product so that they would post photos on their instagram page of me with the cup and using the cup. 2 weeks went by, and I understand with Covid, I know shipping is delayed, I work in shipping myself. I reached out to find out about and ETA of when the item will ship. It was a generic message from the email address and the girls name is "Amanda". So I reached out to the instagram page, and there is NO response, yet the page is active. I tried to reach out again today and the robot is just spitting out generic answers, nothing relative to what I am talking about. Long story short, this instagram page and company is a scam. Do not order from them! I only lost $26.99 but I dont want someone to lose more.

Angela – Oct 13, 2020

Victim Location 23323

Total money lost $26.25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While on Instagram, I clicked on a picture of an "Eco-friendly" coffee cup called The friendly cup, and I "Liked" the image & commented. I was then contacted via direct message on Instagram regarding my interest in the cup, asking do I like coffee, saying they were looking for brand ambassadors, saying they would provide a discount and expedited shipping if/when I ordered and provided my order #, which I did. A discount was provided, I was billed 25% less than the stated retail amount. Nine (9) messages were exchanged.

Since the order was paid for, I am unable to contact anyone, the emailed tracking numbers are not recognized by the Pitney Bowes company that the tracking link connects to.

Two different emails were sent with tracking links: Global Logistics tracking number: 4202332392748927005455000067704621 in an email dated 9/26/20 confirming my order.

Then a shipping update email dated 10/9/20 with Global Logistics tracking number:


from: The Friendly Cup via

date: Oct 9, 2020, 12:22 AM

subject: Shipping update for order #1806



security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

: Important according to Google magic.

Miranda – Oct 05, 2020

Victim Location 08904

Total money lost $26.25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company approached me about becoming a brand ambassador for them and offered me 25% off their product. So I ordered. But its a scam. They charged me but never sent the product and does not answer to any effort to contact them. Do not get sucked in like I did.

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