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Lauren – Dec 28, 2020

I placed an order April 11, for 2 tops. My credit card was charged. I have yet to receive the items or a refund. I have had communication with them via e-mail in May, June and August 2020. They told me due to covid it was taking a long time. They tell me my order was shipped but cant track it and wont refund my money. It is now Dec 28, 2020. SCAM!

Fernando – Nov 30, 2020

Victim Location 01826

Total money lost $27.73

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a dress from this website March 6th of 2020. The “company” charged my account and never sent me the dress. I was originally told the dress would be shipped within 5-7 business days. I emailed the company on March 19 asking where my order was, they sent an automatic reply saying that they were behind because of COVID. A month later I emailed asking to cancel my order and requested a refund, and got the same reply. I sent 5 or more emails between May-Aug, still no personal reply. I tried calling the number multiple times and it continued to ring, never to voicemail. I reached out on their facebook page and they deleted my comment and then blocked me from making further comments. I just want my money back.

Vincent – Nov 04, 2020

I placed an order in March 2020, and was understanding that due to COVID it may take longer to come. It’s November 2020, and I have not received anything, I no longer receive email messages from them when I email my complaints. This place is a scam, and I was taken by it. Buyer beware.

Leslie – Aug 17, 2020

Horrible experience! In March I purchased two dresses. May comes and I still haven’t received my order. I sent multiple emails and all I got was a generic COVID message. June I still haven’t received my order so I contact my bank. They gave me a credit and opened a claim. Apparently The Golden Barrel Boutique disputed my dispute and Bank of America reversed my credit. Even though I NEVER received my order. TGB also blocked me on Facebook and my email so I have no further contact with them. Extremely unhappy with them!

Cassie – Aug 09, 2020

Placed and paid for an order 5 months ago! It has never arrived and when I click the shipping link they sent me it shows as invalid. I have contacted customer service multiple times and each time I receive a generic Covid shipping delay email. I understand some delay, but it’s been 5 months and there is no actual response from them. I have requested a refund multiple times and I keep getting the generic email response. This is clearly fraud and they should be shut down!

Kathleen – Jul 22, 2020

Placed an order and it’s been almost 4 months since shipped and still nothing. Had a tracking number but still not picked up by the post office. FYI…I work for the post office so trust me when I say, it hasn’t arrived! I want a refund and all they keep doing is responding with a covid line of crap. I could have taken a row back to China and back by now. This is bull crap!

Carl – Jul 21, 2020

I placed an order for two items. One came after 8 weeks and the other has not arrived. I’ve asked for a refund and now no response. This is a scam and the products are imported from China with no tracking on shipment. I’m contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge. Ugh!

Aaron – Jul 19, 2020

I ordered two items back in March. One came, terrible material and didn’t fit. I have emailed several times like all of these complaints, and I also get the response of blaming COVID. They claim it’s in transit and won’t be able to track it until it gets to the us. However I was able to track the other item that came from the beginning on my shop tracking app. This customer service is disappointing.

Joshua – Jul 18, 2020

Ordered a jumpsuit back in April and have not got it yet. They said it’s in transit but I can’t track it and it’s been months! I have reached out numerous times but every time they say it’s on its way. I want my money back

Joy – Jul 17, 2020

Story more of the same. Ordered April 11th, “shipped” April 20th, emailed in May, June, and now mid-July. Always get the same responses. 90+ days, no dress and out the money. Super frustrated and hoping the dress shows up at some point.

Juan – Jul 23, 2020

If it ever does, it will be trash. The quality is horrible.
I finally got full $190 refund through PayPal. Contact bank or credit card. There is enough proof that it’s a scam.

Krystal – Jul 07, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Placed an order on 4-19-20 still haven’t received the package. I’ve text 4 times asking for a refund or the clothing, the delay keeps getting blamed on COVID 19. They said it would take several more weeks

Andre – Jul 06, 2020

Reading all the other complaints as if they are my exact words. The good thing is that I paid thru PayPal, filed a claim with them, they investigated and I have received a credit for my order. Sad thing is I REALLY wanted the dress I was ordering. Hopefully the Golden Barrel Boutique is shut down soon as they are a total scam company. If you comment on their FB posts about your bad experience, they delete the comments and block you for future comments or reactions.

Jay – Jul 23, 2020

PayPal took awhile to convince them, but they finally agreed it was a scam. I did finally get my $190 refund from pay pal.back in end of May.

Drew – Jul 06, 2020

I ordered a dress on February 29,2020. Money was taken from my account but I never got a proper tracking number. I still have not received my order and they refuse to give me a refund for my money. I have emailed them multiple times asking where my order is and according to the app they had me download to track it. It hasn’t moved since the order was placed. I want my money back.

George – Jul 04, 2020

Ordered 5/10/2020 and supposedly shipped item 5/15/2020. Compliant with BBB filed, local FBI report filed and is a VERY active case. Waiting on credit card to respond. They will be found and exposed. When you do bad you get bad. They obviously took advantage of many of us. Karma is a B****… you can run “Margaret” but you can’t hide.
Sad these worthless individuals can’t get out from behind their computers and get real jobs earning an honest living instead of scamming innocent citizens like us. It’s only a matter of time and we will all get justice.

Michael – Jul 04, 2020

Update – several more emails to share

Amanda – Jul 01, 2020

Placed an order in March and still have yet to receive my order. I contacted them many times and they were responsive at first. Now I just get an automated response. I have demanded a refund and will continue to contact them. 4 months is totally unacceptable, even with everything going on right now. They are extremely unprofessional. They need to be shut down asap!

Sergio – Jun 30, 2020

Purchases on March 2, 2020. Initially was sold my dress would be received in the US in April, but never arrived. Emails are being ignored, and when I commented on facebook I was blocked. Started a claim with paypal and reporting to the FCC.

Manuel – Jul 01, 2020

Be persistent with PayPal. That’s how I received all $190 back. Good luck!

Elizabeth – Jun 16, 2020

Ordered March 19 .. advised 21-25 day delivery… after numerous emails it was received June 15.. Quite disappointed in the ‘Oakley’ striped romper.. it looks like it’s made from the material in a 1970’s Halloween costume, certainly not a cotton/poly blend as advertised, more like a shiny 100% nylon .. even smells like plastic,
I wouldn’t want to get too close to an open flame 🔥 and furthermore the system automatically gives you a discount code .when you set up your profile.. good luck trying to return anything.. apparently once the discount is applied no return is allowed.. this isn’t specified in the returns description.. it only comes up when you ask to start the process of a return .. so much for the 100% satisfaction money back guarantee . the system applies a discount code.. automatically .. offsetting the delivery charges .. that as well are to be free.. SCAM have reported them to Facebook, and started a dispute with my CC

Marcus – Jun 09, 2020

I had the same experiences as everyone else.. I ordered a dress 3/6/20 and still nothing no tracking number never got.. They were responsive at first to me and I understood with everything going on due to the virus but over 3 months is not acceptable.. The last time I emailed them I told them I wanted a refund and never heard back so I disputed it with my credit card company..Currently they are looking into it but I have the credit back on my card. I have been officially banned and blocked from their Facebook Page.. I also reported them to Facebook as a scam.. I wish they would not be able to advertise on Facebook..

Brianna – Jun 06, 2020

I had the same experience as others. This place is a scam. It took nearly 3 months to get my order. When it finally came in it was terrible quality and not what was pictured. I emailed to get a return on the item. I was told that because a coupon code was used for the item, I was not allowed to return. On the website, every item has a coupon code attached. It is a total scam.

Marisa – Jul 01, 2020

Prior to ordering, they told me that I COULD use coupon and still get total refund. I didn’t use coupon but they still wouldn’t refund after some order arrived and other items didn’t. Finally filed scam report and got full refund from

Evan – Jun 04, 2020

I have had a similar experience as others here (and won’t recount in detail). I ordered a dress on March 6th and still have not received it. I have emailed Golden Barrel multiple times requesting a refund, only to receive the same circuitous emails mentioned by others (and when attempting to reply to those emails, I have received no response). Like others, my comment on the company’s Facebook page (which was a link to this site) was removed and I was blocked. I reported the company to the FTC, I would encourage others to do the same–my hope is that the FTC has the ability to stop this company from defrauding others.

Cheryl – Jun 07, 2020

Same here! Plan to contact the FTC as well!

Allen –

Ordered product and never received. No response to refund request (and I used bank card so I cant dispute). Phone number doesnt work and automated response. Total scam. How do we earn others and get them shut down?

Roy –

I submitted a complaint to the FTC. It doesn’t take too long. My hope is that if there are enough complaints, the FTC can track down the company and prevent them from continuing this scam!

Alexander –

Ordered 3 dresses on April 1. Tracking still shows not showed. All I get are canned responses and they refuse to refund. Will contest with the C C company. They take your money and run. Do not order!

Marco –

I preferred 3 dresses on April 1. Still haven’t received and all I get are canned responses. They refuse to look into it or refund. Tracking still shows items have not been shipped. Have to try to get my money back from the CC company. Do not order!

Kurt –

Same for me! I ordered on 4/27 and have an invalid tracking number. No one will communicate with me, only auto responses. AND, they took down my comments on Facebook. Sadly I used my bank card so I cant get my money back.

Caroline –

Guess who sent me any email today! No where in my email did I threat them, but I did write a complaint to the BBB and call the number that is now listed on Facebook. Sorry but this company is wrong on all accounts!

Micheal –

Bought a dress from them. Never received it. Two weeks after my order they took more money out of my account ! When I found out who “they” are I will be pressing charges. I have shared their page to let others know that they are a scam since after complaining on their Facebook page they blocked me from commenting on it anymore

Eugene –

I ordered on 3/6/2020, still nothing asked for a refund two weeks ago and nothing.

Jose –

I ordered items on two different dates, but only a few days apart. Everything seemed legit to me, which is why I ordered a second time. The money came out of my account both times, but I have not received either dress. These items were both ordered mid April. According to tracking, both items are still in China and have not left either spot in over a month. I have called the phone number listed and it is a Google voicemail. I left a message and receive no call back. I’ve sent an email to the email address listed on Facebook and their website and received the same email back verbatim each time. Looks as if that same email is what everyone else gets that has posted the screenshots. I called my bank and they said I can dispute it, which I’m going to do. According to my bank though oh, the phone number is connected to a computer software company out of Utah, but the Golden Barrel Boutique is supposedly Houston New Jersey and their items shipped from China. DO NOT order anything from this company.

Gregory –

I filed complaint with PayPal and they were able to get an address for me to ship dresses back. The address was Utah, which was surprising since they told me they were located in NJ. PayPal refunded and they were going after Golden Barrel for money

Chad –

Ordered April 10th. Received May 19th. I also didn’t realize they ship from China. Reading the FAQ it does say that. One dress fits, the other does not. Since I used a coupon I cannot return. Hoping I can save anyone else from ordering from them. I was looking for someplace to leave a review and this is what I found. Their facebook page has received a complete overhaul from when I 1st looked at it and I’m sure my comments on a post will be deleted as well.

Dale –

I ordered on the same day. Have not received anything. When I mentioned that on their post they deleted my comment and blocked me.

Kyle –

Hey, I placed an order in 04/20/2020 and the amount of my purchase was immediately taken out of my account BUT I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED my order! I have sent several emails and also requested a refund for my order. I get a generic message and then I get an email from “Margaret” stating that I cannot get a refund due to my package being “in transit”…it’s supposedly been “in transit” ever since the first time I emailed Golden Barrel—which was 1 week after I placed my order and the funds were taken out of my account. Their excuse is “Covid19”… HOWEVER— I placed an order with ChicSoul the same day I ordered from Golden Barrel— and I received my order from ChicSoul x3days later! CHICSOUL IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I WILL be filing a complaint with the BBB and with my local law enforcement office for fraud!

Pamela –

Same here am disputing charges with the bank and also reporting to BBB as well. Also reported their Facebook page as a scam.

Hillary –

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I placed an order on 4/16 and have emailed multiple times with the same automated response. This is a complete scam and they are “extending” the return policy but will not issue a refund unless the product is received within the refund period.

Danny –

Scammer’s phone ‭+1 (973) 963-7333‬

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address Hawthorne NJ

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

They took a little under $200 from my account but did not sent 3 of the 5 items ordered. The 2 items they sent were absolutely not the items pictured on their website. I contacted them about both issues and someone emailed back saying due to corona expect mail delays etc. They also never responded about the 2 items they sent that were not what I ordered. I requested a refund and a return shipping label. But they deleted their Facebook page or it was shut down now they have a new one on Facebook with lots of angry customers already. I reported the page to Facebook as fake as well.
I will call my bank to see about disputing the charge also.

Shawna –

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY SCAMMED ME OUT OF CLOSE TO $200 and NEVER sent 3 my 5 items, and the 2 they did send were not what I ordered. False Advertising! I’m calling my bank and reporting them to BBB & also saw they made a new facebook page after deleting the old ones with people exposing them. I’m reporting them to Facebook as well. SCAMS!

Daisy –

I finally got $190 back from
PayPal – so glad they protected me.

Kendra –

I ordered a romper on 4/4/20 and immediately the money was charged and taken out. I still have not received this item 2 months later. I contact them through email and am told give it time, much line everyone else filing a complaint, is being told. I have a tracking number but you can not track the package due to the number not being found. They are deceiving and this is a scam! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

Amanda –

They are a scam I’m having the same issues. I found the little new Facebook page and looks like they already have upset customers on the newly created page as well. I reported the page to Facebook as a scam. Will look for them on Instagram also. They owe me $165 very angry!

Cory –

I ordered a romper on March 31st, the money immediately left my account and I was given what I’m guessing is a fake tracking number. When I click it it says tracking not found. I have emailed them several times and they assure me that it’s coming but that it must not be in the u it’s states yet and that’s why I can’t see the tracking info. I’m in the process of filling a bbb claim but they are smart and have removed their address and blocked me from commenting on Facebook.

Natalie –

I ordered a dress back in March now its May 19 and still no order. Everytime I email them they say it’s been shipped and give it some more time. I have asked for a refund and they say no they cant it’s been shipped. This is scam and someone needs to stop them from selling on Facebook and anywhere else!

Bethany –

I ordered a dress from their website I found on facebook. I purchased this before Easter 2020. I reached out to them several times to see why they took my money, but never received my dress. Piss poor scam company that are thieves!

Wesley –

I placed an order of 4 dresses on March the 6th one package(1dress) shipped on March the 10th another package (2 dresses) shipped on March the 14th, and the last dress has never shipped, dress #1 was received on April 1st but none since then. when I question where my other packages are I’m told they can’t tell me, but they have been shipped and I should check my tracking # but guess what that won’t pull up now either… I feel this place is a scam now too. And they say you can return your items once you receive them following out return policy but their return policy is 30 days from when the order was received and it’s 2 months out from that I I don’t have my stuff… very frustrating!

Adam –

They lied to me also and the tracking doesn’t work. I’m out $165 and they contacted me once saying give it more time due to corona.
But it’s been over a month:
They mailed me two items that were nothing like what was pictured and three other items I still haven’t received.

Lauren –

Do NOT order from this “boutique” I ordered 4 items on February 17th it is now May 14th and I have yet to receive the final item. It has been almost 90 days. When they respond to an email they blame COVID-19 but I got everything else during this pandemic? I left a comment on their Facebook page and it’s been deleted and I can’t leave anymore comment. They said they would compensate with free shipping. Well, I already had free shipping. I spent over $100 with this “boutique” to be told that my “order should definitely be shipped out at some point in the next week” putting it at well over the 90 day mark. This “boutique” is a joke.

Jack –

Horrible experience. Still haven’t received my merchandise purchased March 10th. The tracking number provided says the page doesn’t exist. When I contacted the company 2 weeks ago—Margaret said that she would compensate me with free shipping for the delay. (hey lady—your company already gives free shipping) Then she said she would give me an extra 30 days to return the item. Guess what? I paid for the item more than 60 days ago—I can’t return it if I don’t have it.
I filed a dispute with my credit card. I don’t know what is going to happen.
Just avoid this company HORRIBLE customer service.

Dale –

Same thing happened to me to. Commented on Facebook. Got deleted and blocked so I reported the whole page to Facebook.

Christopher –

I ordered Feb 29… never received my dress. I emailed them about a month later and she said it could take time due to corona… well 72 days is kinda pushing it. So I commented on there Fb page and got deleted and banned

Regina –

I’m in the same situation. It’s def a scam company. I tried to post something on their facebook about it and they blocked me.

Jeffrey –

Order 3 dresses beginning of March. I have received one so far and it is not the quality I expected. Another dress was shipped to Arizona(I live in Minnesota) and I have not received any communication as how to remedy this. Wondering if I’ll get my last dress but thinking I won’t. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Do not order from this boutique, total scam.

Mandy –

I paid with PayPal and finally got my full refund for the claim
I filed- $190! PayPal refunded me and they’ll go after golden barrel. I still have never received 2 dresses after over 2 months! Definitely a scam. They’ll block you on Facebook and won’t give info to return items

Travis –

I ordered from Golden Barrel in 3/3/20. I ordered6 dresses for my girls. I didn’t my homework, asking company location and about returns. Friendly and courteous conversations with Margaret. I wasn’t receiving dresses and tracking wasn’t working. She assured me that they would be arriving. After the first one arrived from China about 3 weeks later, I became extremely worried. I contacted company to get address to shop back. NO response. Where was that friendly and courteous correspondence? I didn’t have an address to shop back to or was blocked from starting the return process. I went on Facebook to message- blocked!
Went into site, but all emails went unanswered with only an automated corona message.
I paid $190 through PayPal do I started a claim
With them. They provided an address after a week. It was UTAH! I shopped back with tracking. It showed it arrived but PayPal is waiting to hear from seller. I’m praying PayPal sees that it isn’t legit and gives refund. We all need to take to Better Business bureau. They are continuing to scam people and getting away with it. I honestly think you’ll soon see they are “ bankrupt” due to covid-19.

Maurice –

Apologies on typos! I was getting h angry just typing and failed to proofread.
* I did my homework
*i shipped back

Jay –

Yes! My experience is the same as everyone else’s! I ordered on March 24th and it’s April 28th and I have only received one of my 3 items. They claim that they are a small business that’s why shipping takes so long but that’s not why. It’s because the clothes come from China and yes it’s too small. Who wants to order anything from China especially during COVID. Yes, I agree with the other people, they should be investigated and shut down! I will also make a report with the BBB. I wish I would have seen these reviews before losing my money!

Joel –

Same here 😔

Courtney –

Golden Barrel needs to come under serious investigation. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! I placed an order on March 5th and I still have yet to receive my shipment as of April 23rd. What the company FAILS to make clear is that even though their corporate office is in NJ, most of the orders are shipped from CHINA – taking WEEKS for your order to arrive or in this case over a month due to extra challenges with the virus. If I knew the items weren’t being shipped from the U.S. and taking forever to ship, I would have NEVER placed an order with them.

Dale –

This so called company is straight trash! Must be nice not to have morals and be able to sleep at night like the owner of this “boutique” does! My experience is just the rest of the reviews I have read. I ordered a dress on/around 3/4/20, when I received the email with a tracking number, it showed it was coming from China. First is I would have know that(it’s not disclosed on the site, only “aboard”) I would not have ordered it due to knowing it would be crappy material and most likely too small. Secondly, I would have known nothing was coming out of China due to COVID.
I emailed wanting a full refund and of course I received the same automated email everyone else has. A couple of days later I received another email stating straight BS.
My comments on their FB post have been deleted and they changed the setting to where no one can comment.
At this point I will be contacting the FTC. In hopes something can be done with this company. I may not get my money back but maybe it will help close this “boutique” down. They have stolen enough of everyone’s hard earn money!

Shaun –

What link did you use to see the tracking? I have # with 34 digits it shows invalid.

Jerome –

Here is a screenshot of it still in China

Heather –

This company is horrible. No refunds whatsoever. Their clothes are not what’s pictured and they block you from their Facebook pAge. I ordered a dress and tank top and they took over a month to get to me from good old china. They material is crap. They are not what is shown in the picture. This business is scamming people.

Marco –

I ordered a dress on March 5th and received a confirmation email for my purchase. Weeks later I had not received a shipping notification so I emailed customer service. I received and automated replay about coronavirus delays. Someone did actually send me and email and claim my item would be shipped that week but she could cancel it if I wanted. I asked for the order to just be cancelled since I no longer needed the item (the event was passed). I received no other response and have tried emailing multiple times. No response, no refund, no tracking, nothing. I have reached out on email and Facebook but now I’m blocked from the Facebook page.

Mitchell –

Same here. Per the tracking number I received the dress I ordered is still in China.

Glenn –

This site is a scam. I ordered two dresses from thus site at the beginning of March. One indicated that it shipped after about a week, but that tracking information never worked. It’s been 3 weeks since I got the shipping email and nothing has arrived. After a month, the second dress still has not shipped. After reading through their website more, you can’t return if you use any sort of discount code and everything ships from China and is a knock off of the image on the website. I guess I should have read through everything on their site before purchasing. But please, don’t make my mistake. Don’t buy from them!

David –

I just received an item/jumpsuit after a long wait. I ordered on 3/4 and received it 3/30. The length of shipping time could be because the item is shipped from China which is not specifically disclosed. I was very disappointed as the picture shown & item described is not what I ordered or received. The actual jumper/piece I received is a very light, see through polyester material. After contacting customer service I received communication that because I used a discount code there are no refunds or exchanges. While this is their stated policy, I would think that there are exceptions when it is a vendor error. Highly discourage purchasing this particular piece or doing business with this company.

Shana –

I ordered the same outfit and will never be able to wear it because of the terrible quality

Nikki –

I had the same experience. I ordered two dresses I got an email a few days later that said one was being processed and the other they were working on. I ordered them on March 25th. Now today April 1st I got an email saying that the items have been delivered after I downloaded the tracking app “arrive”. Nothing was delivered, the app says they are in Los Angeles, I live in Oregon. I tried emailing the golden barrel boutique asking why I received the email saying it had been delivered when I did not receive anything and got an automated email back to expect delays due to corona virus which doesn’t answer why it says it was delivered. I left the comment on their page which they deleted and blocked me from commenting. So frustrating.

Mayra –

These are NOT located in the US. It’s all coming from China – my delivery notice even says China Post. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE . They have also disabled me from making any comment on Facebook and have removed my questions about where it’s coming from

Angel –

Same thing here. There were comments on their Facebook page asking where they were located. Their reply was they are located in the USA, so I ordered. When I received my tracking, I couldn’t believe when it showed it was coming from China. I was not happy, especially considering we are in the midst of COVID19. I went back out to their Facebook page and added my own comment warning others only to find out later that they removed my comment and blocked me from any further comments. I also tried reporting the company to Facebook as a scam but have not heard anything. Buyer beware!

Erika –

Ordered a dress 6 weeks ago. Still have yet to receive it. The company has also disabled me from leaving any comment or review on their Facebook advertisements.
Would not trust this company.

Blake –

Too !

Christopher –

I ordered clothing for an event. It hasn’t shipped. When I email them they keep promising it will come but most likely it’s from China and we will NEVER see it. I asked for a cancel and refund and they keep denying it.
At this point I just want a refund. Facebook should not allow these scammers. Heck you can even sell something to another person in the same town and yet the Chinese can scam us… screw that !

Miranda –

It totally coming from China. Mine says “
China post”. And they have disabled me from making any comments on Facebook

Trevor –

Do not trust this company

Tamara –

Victim Location 47150

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a shirt from The golden barrel boutique, once I received it, it did not fit. Immediately contacted them and ask about a refund. They claimed that because I got 10% off I was not eligible for a refund. Which made no sense to me, I am only asking for a refund of what I paid. When you go to there website to order a pop up comes us telling you that if you enter your email you can get a % off your purchase. Therefore everyone who orders from them ends up with a discount. Making no one eligible for a refund or exchange. When you first look at the return policy there is no mention of this restriction. It leads you to believe that if you return within the first 30 days in original packaging you could get refunded. Its not until you scroll further down under side note under a different link does it tell you about the discount issue. Furthermore when you go to their Facebook page they delete all negative comments from unhappy customers. All you see are positive comments. Everything I have tried to post they delete. I feel as though a customer should be able to read the good and bad and make a decision of whether or not to order. Had I known this I never would have ordered from them.

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