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Edwin – Mar 12, 2020

This company is one of the biggest frauds I have ever seen. I ordered something thinking it was safe because I used PayPal, but I learned PayPal is also garbage. I ordered this retractable bat hanger, but they sent a cheap plywood batman hanger that was spray painted. This thing is so small you can’t even use it on a clothes rod. I told them they sent the wrong thing, and they said it isn’t their fault I wasn’t satisfied with their product. Okay, I wasn’t satisfied with the product i didn’t order, but whatever. They said they won’t issue a credit unless I ship this trash they sent me to Singapore. I have to pay for shipping to boot. Shipping is expensive and long story short I still got screwed. There’s a special place in hell for this company, right next to PayPal.

Katie – Mar 07, 2020

PayPal don’t care just like the fraudulent company.. $200AU stolen. They are all the same..

Levi – Mar 04, 2020

I ordered in November 2019, the Baby Yoda from The Keilas (2) for $40.00 each with shipping. I did receive them in February 2020 and they are not what they advertise them as. They are not worth $40.00. I had thought the order was never coming and I tried to email the company with no response, so I was surprised to see them in the mail and disappointed when I saw them. I do not recommend ordering anything from this company, it’s a scam.

Monique – Mar 13, 2020

I ordered 2 of the “stained glass” feathers. It took 8 Weeks to receive the items and when they arrived they were both broken in half. I received the same spiel as some of the others who have complained and was told that there was a problem with tracking, a problem at customs, etc. I followed the instructions and submitted the photo along with a request for a full refund and every email address that I could find was returned to me as undeliverable. These products were not as described and there is no customer support. I was hesitant to order from this company and I even researched to see if it was a company in the United States or possibly China. I should have known better but I took a chance and did not work out for me.

Richard – Mar 06, 2020

I wish I had seen your comments earlier. I ordered one of these, which just arrived today, after 3 months – what a piece of absolute crap! It is nothing but dollar store quality plastic junk. I’m about to email the company…somehow I’m not feeling very optimistic.

Shanna –

Bought a cute sloth in December for Christmas gift, didn’t receive until February and only after filing a dispute with PayPal. Prior to that they did not answer any of my email correspondence and the tracking number they provided showed no movement at all. Once the dispute was filed, they immediately issued a new tracking number stating there was a problem with the package in customs. Then the package showed no movement for a week and PayPal had a deadline for me to respond saying I had received the package. The package arrived the day before the deadline, and I was so disappointed to see that it looked nothing like what was advertised. I quickly changed my dispute from not received to didn’t receive what was ordered. So then it was escalated. But my only option was to return the item on my dime (to Singapore) which would cost more than the 29.90 I paid for it! Not only that, but there is no guarantee I’d even get a refund because this scam merchant would have to say they received it! I’m still waiting on PayPal to render their decision, but it looks like this company is going to get away with it! 😡😡😡

Bradley –

DEFINITELY A SCAM! I ordered a pair of Fortune Teller gloves on December 15th. Got an email with tracking info but it did not work. Finally on January 18th a package arrived from China rather than their listed address of Connecticut. They sent me a [censored]ty pair of gloves with spider webs all over them. I immediately looked on the website as to return or exchange and they tell you to send a picture of what you received in the mail to a certain email address. The email immediately bounced back because it was bogus. I sent multiple emails to the alternate email address and after a few weeks I did get a response but they only offered a 10% discount off my next purchase rather than acknowledging my request for a return/refund. After going back and forth with a few frustrating emails, I filed a complaint with the BBB and reported them as a scam. Since I had paid through PayPal, I filed a dispute claim. PayPal told me I could get a full refund if I returned the item I received to the address the Keilas provided in SINGAPORE! I estimated the shipping through USPS and saw the minimum cost to ship would be $35 in order to get a $25 refund. I called PayPal once again and they sent a request for a shipping label to the company and they promptly refused. So the best PayPal could do for me was give a $15 refund. What a joke. This company is most definitely a scam taking advantage of people. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!

Drew –

DON’T DO IT! Do not order from this site! I ordered a baby sloth plushie the beginning of November 2019 and here we are mid February 2020 and it STILL hasn’t arrived. Their answer for everything is “wait longer”. It’s been 4 MONTHS! Based on the photos I’ve seen of what others have received, I’m not at all hopeful that the product (if it ever arrives) will even remotely look like what they advertised anyway. What a sorry excuse for a company. Save yourself LOTS of frustration and spend your money elsewhere. This company should be SHUT DOWN!

Bobby –

I finally received mine, but only after filing a complaint with PayPal. Then they immediately shipped the sloth. It was horrible! Nothing like the picture ! Did not have plastic claws and was all smooshed and misshaped

Lance –

Ordered Baby Yoda Plush on December 14, 2019. Was supplied a tracking number, but all it returns is “Shipping info received”. That doesn’t tell me anything. I emailed for a status in early January, got a response asking to be patient and use the tracking number (eye roll). Waited another month…asked for another status and now none of my emails go through. They are all returned with an error from the Exchange Server (Server error 550) saying the recipient either no longer exists or cannot accept any mail at this time (mailbox full).

I went to their site and gave them a 1 (out of 5) star rating calling them thieves and told the story. Since then, my rating has not made it up on their site…they still have a perfect 7 of 7 people giving 5 stars, nobody giving anything less.

So as of right now. I feel like I got scammed. I don’t expect to receive anything at this point. No, I did not use Paypal…I used my Credit Card, so will have to file a dispute with my bank directly (since I’m covered up to a certain $ amount for fraud).


Leonard –

If you used a credit card it went through paypal, that’s how they get away with this, by the time you fight it it’s costing you more than the product was worth, almost makes you think PayPal is in on it. I know they’re not.

Micah –

I ordered a lucky ducky d20. They never shipped, supplied fake tracking numbers and kept delaying responses by over a week a time.

Randy –

I ordered the baby yoda plush in December for one of my best friends. I’m pretty good with keeping track of the shipping and expected it to come around Jan (i ordered on Dec 24th & got an upd8 that the order was confirmed on 26th). They gave me the tracking number and I kept checking if it was on its way. No ACCURATE update on the shipment whatsoever, and I was getting annoyed. I went to their site to email my status on my order, gave them my tracking number and even a screenshot but their OWN EMAIL wasn’t working or it didn’t exist. I felt like i was scammed. Today i just got the baby yoda plush. the address? from china! which wouldn’t be bad if the company said they were from [censored]ing Colorado or some [censored]. i was disappointed on being lied to and waiting so long for this. if you want cute [censored], just support small artists that hand craft their plushes and you know you can at least get a hold of them to make sure they & your product are okay.
the keilas is a disappointment and I’d recommend never buying from them ever again.

Ronald –

I ordered a resin rubber duck d20 on the 21st of December. While I was buying, I got a notification that due to the sheer number of orders they had, there might be a chance that my item wouldn’t be shipped till February. “Whatever,” I thought. I figured I could make it be a Valentine’s present instead of late Christmas. I waited patiently for my order confirmation email, which took 4 days to get to me (which I thought was odd).I waited patiently for any kind of update on my order, only checking the tracking number they sent me every 2 weeks or so. Nothing. It’s now almost mid-February, and I’ve filed a dispute with my bank for what I hope is my purchase (it’s the exact amount I spent, but it’s from PAYPAL*UREASHI) because nothing has updated, I can’t get an email response from their website (their inbox is full), and any phone numbers I find don’t work.

Robin –

The Keilas is a scam company! I’m another sucker who ordered the Baby Yoda 🙁 I ordered it in December, it is now February 12. Had to file a dispute with paypal.

Please file a claim if you’ve not gotten your purchase, or received products that look nothing like what you ordered. If Paypal gets enough complaints, they will not be able to use them.

Never again with this company!

Kate –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered the baby Yoda December 17 and today received him . He doesn’t look exactly like the picture but at this point I’m happy to receive anything.

Donna –

Ordered a necklace. Took forever to get and nothing like what was pictured. Quality horrible I contacted customer service and they will do nothing. Beware. So not but from them

Randall –

I filed a resolution claim with Paypal after waiting for 10 weeks. I was given a tracking number 4 weeks ago and there has been no movement. So I filed.

Brianna –

I ordered 2 of the most beautiful stained glass suncatcher mobiles via an ad on facebook.
I ordered it on 21st December 2019… I only received it early this week… that’s 7 weeks to deliver!

The website states delivery time as the following:
“Estimated delivery time to Australia: 14-20 days” my items took 49 days! more than double what was stated!

Not only did it take way too long to arrive but it was NOT what I ordered. the products quality is completely inferior to the picture of the one that they advertised on facebook and on the web shop with. The one in the picture is Stained GLASS and the one sent to me is coloured perspex plastic!… NOT as all the quality and item that i have paid for I requesting a FULL refund immediately into my PAYPAL account, including the cost of the postage that was VERY slow anyways.

I attached copies of the picture of the item ordered and then the picture of the items I received. as you can see they are very different quality.

I paid via paypal. and paid
US$48.85 in total. Over AUD$73
Have requested a full refund and an address to return the items to.

Requested a response as a matter of urgency as I have already waited over double the time stated on their website for items that are NOT what I ordered!
Very frustrated.
Their response was they sent email to say it was out of stock.
I never got an email stating the same.
Now lodging complaint with paypal. [censored] scamming us trusting buggers. Leaves a.pour taste for genuine operators oit there trying to make a go of it.
HBO i get refund.
I have pictures but not sure how to add them to

Isaac –

Victim Location 01970

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered a product from this website and paid via ***. It took over a month to receive the package- it came from China even though the business address is in Connecticut. When I opened the package, it was not the product that I ordered and the quality was awful. I have repeatedly emailed asking for a refund. The email address they provide for returns and exchanges is bogus. I have gotten multiple email responses, but they only send a 10% discount code rather than addressing the problem. Apparently they have done the same thing for many other people. It’s a scam.

Bridget –

Another scam victim here…
After months and months of waiting for an overpriced product, I finally get it to discover it looks absolutely nothing like what was advertised. I’m sure these people are making a ton of money off of poor suckers like me! Avoid at all costs!

Andre –

Ordered 2 jellyfish necklaces and was guaranteed to have them before Christmas. Numberous attempts of contact through email and only a brief reply but no answer to when the package is coming. PayPal needs to drop this place! I only want my money back at this point. Last time I buy anything online other Amazon.

Tommy –

I ordered and payed for 2 jellyfish necklaces from The Keilas and was guaranteed delivery before Christmas. After Christmas I emailed them asking if my order would be delivered soon. After a couple weeks someone replied that they’re sorry for any inconvenience but never mentioned when I would get the order. It’s February and still no package after trying to reach out several times.

Jeffrey –

This is what I received. Scam company.

Valerie –

Yeah mine is also cheap and nothing what the photo looked like. I ordered it Dec 2nd, and like others ended up with 2 tracking numbers, and it finally arrived Feb 4th. I filed a claim with PayPal. But since you’re stuck with this ugly little thing, if you give him a haircut he looks better!

Allison –

Same exact thing happened to me! So disappointed that it didn’t come with the plastic claws! 😞

Cory –

Please file a claim with paypal if this company scammed you! The only way to shut them down is by everyone complaining! I ordered the sloth on December 4th. The tracking never moved. Customer service finally got back to me and sent a new tracking #. Once again after a few days it never moved. I filed a dispute. The item came a day before the dispute would have closed. The sloth they sent was nothing like in the photo. It took 65 days to arrive and was a very cheap knock off. I had to call paypal to have them change the dispute bc the other case was closed. Hopefully everyone gets refunded and they get shut down

Autumn –

Exact same thing happened to me! Two tracking numbers, 60 days to receive and only after a complaint was filed. And PayPal ‘s only remedy for me was to pay shipping to return it to Singapore! 😡😡😡😡

Samuel –

I ordered the plush baby sloth on December 18th and just received it today. It is absolute junk! It looks NOTHING like the picture and I paid almost $30 for it! I am thoroughly disheartened! MAJOR SCAM!

Jared –

Did you pay with paypal

Jamie –

I waited over two months for this piece of [censored] baby sloth. Looks nothing like the picture. What a waste of money and time!

Joseph –

I have the side by side. PayPal did nothing for me! 😡

Teresa –

If you paid with paypal file a dispute

Hannah –

Me too! I got back online to see if could find the original picture, just so I could do a side by side photo. It is terrible!

Michael –

I ordered the baby sloth way before Christmas. I just got it today February 5th… it looks nothing like the picture. It looks like something from the dollar store! I paid $29.95 the for it!

Kathleen –

I did the exact same. I just filed a claim with paypal

Alberto –

I ordered the Sloth Plush that was advertised as life size and I paid $29! It arrived today ( i ordered on 12-05-19 as a gift for my daughter for Christmas) and it is crap. It fits in my hand! Nothing like the picture! Never order from them!

William –

Same thing happened to me! How are we supposed to protect ourselves from these scam companies?

Deborah –

In November, I ordered what appeared to be the most adorable plush sloth toy crafted it seemed in quality and life likeness. It arrived today and it is TRASH. Not at all as advertised. I had already disputed the charge with my bank and recieved temporary credit. The Keilas refused my request to cancel and or return for credit. Such a scam. Buyer be aware. Never again.

Kaitlin –

Sadly it will. I was hoping the same and mine came and looked just like this. I believe they for one lie and say they are from CT instead they are from China and they steal photos from places like etsy (the sloths sell for over a hundred) and make an extremely cheap copy and send it to us from China.

Charles –

Same thing happened to me

Rose –

OMG! That’s AWFUL! Nowhere even CLOSE to what they advertised! I’ve got one coming and it better not look like the piece of crap they sent you.

Alejandro –

Order Baby Yoda end of November. After 30 days did not receive so reported to PayPal and did get a refund early January. Today after 2 1/2 months it arrives. Looks NOTHING like Baby Yoda. Looks like a very old man. Was fortunate to get my money back

Alexander –

I actually wanted to update my post from a few days ago. The day after I posted my experience on here I got my package in the mail. And luckily compared to a lot of people on here, I got my baby yoda! Just like the picture. It’s really good quality too. I hope everyone else gets their items eventually and it’s up to your expectations.

Kurt –

I ordered Stained glass feather sun catchers and I just received them and the are plastic cut out feathers… 136.00 for plastic cutouts I could have gotten at the dollar store. I too ordered in December and just received them. I’ve just opened up a dispute w PayPal. This place is horrible and should be shut down:(

Jesse –

Me too…exactly the same issue. They said they sent me email it was oit of stock… liars. Now trying to get dispute through paypal. Let me know if u have any luck.

Douglas –

The Keilas is a scam. Ordered a lucky duck d20 on December 13th. It’s now February and I never got my order. I also got a tracking number which has never updated beyond tracking information received. Do not buy from this site.

Bradley –

If you ordered a baby Yoda this is what you’re going to get eventually. Not as bad as the baby sloth but also not like the picture. I ordered mid Dec. PayPal refunded my money thankfully.

Sierra –

Steve call PayPal. I just filed another claim with them but had to call them. They said if thete are enough complaints the company won’t be able to use paypal

Christina –

How did you get Paypal to refund? They are refusing to refund mine.

Ramon –

Victim Location 60013

Total money lost $22.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My son ordered a gift for his sister on 12/18. He emailed the "company" in regards to the lateness of the delivery on 12/28. They emailed back and apologized for the delay.

Nothing arrived.

My son later did some investigating. Others have experienced similar scams or have been sent something totally different and they never respond to their mistakes.

I sent an email recently. I doubt I will hear anything.

Jermaine –

Ordered two baby Yodas on December 19. I have a confirmation and tracking number, but nothing has been updated nor items received. I have looked all over the web for a phone number. If anyone finds, it let me know because I WILL get my money back or will complain loudly and often.

Audrey –

I ordered a baby yoda as well. Way back in December. Checked tracking and said it was being processed or something along those lines at the original site. 20 days + later nothing changed. I contacted them and they said that the order was held up at customs and gave me a new tracking number. My package apparently was updating because it was in Shanghai or something and then last I looked it had arrived in Jamaica NY. Check tonight and the site is completely gone. It’s now some sort of link to a Word Press Blog. So I think it’s safe to assume that whatever updates my package was getting with location were probably fake. Been 3 days since it apparently arrived in the USA. I live in Pennsylvania. New York isn’t that far from me. Haven’t received it yet. Do not use this site. Not like you can anyway since it’s disappeared!

Allen –

I’ve had pretty much the same experience. Seems they always blame customs. My package (the second one cause “Customs” lost the 1st one apparently) has left the country 3 times now! How is that even possible? Absolutely freakin BRUTAL! Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing from them. Takes them weeks to reply to an email and the answers are pretty canned “it’s coming”. How are they surviving as a business? They should be shut down!

Corey –

My boyfriend ordered me a baby yoda from them in December and it said 10 days to get delivered. 15 days later I decided to email the tracking number saying it’s been sitting in the same spot since he ordered it. They emailed me back a week later telling me they gave him the wrong tracking number (k, never heard of such a thing) and gave me a new one. Which was a week ago. And again, it’s sitting in the same spot as the other tracking number. And now the website it down. Total scam.

Melody –

Bad. Fake site. Never got items from 2 months ago.

Christie –

Placed order on December 18, 2019 for 2 dice 1 D20 with a duck in the middle $19.99 and 1 D6 with a rose in the middle $17.95 and $4.95 flat rate shipping. All total $42.89
money taken with out of my account on December 20, 2019. Never got tracking info and today I went to check for info and found the site down went searching for info as to why and was lead here. Paid with PayPal and filed a claim with them today. So hopefully I get the money back.

Louis –

Well, I guess I’m lucky I got anything at all, considering these stories, but the Hogwarts rings described as sterling silver are definitely just silver-colored junk. I had to report them to paypal in order to get anything at all, after ordering on November 15th. The order never got here, so I reported to paypal. They sent a new shipment, which came today, January 29. I figured it was a toss up ordering from the site, but yeah – my advice is don’t order from them!

Alyssa –

I ordered a Baby Yoda plusch on the 17th of Dec, haven’t recieved since, no responses on my e-mails, total scam. I don’t know what to do. Also the page is down too.

Rodney –

Ordered Baby Yoda Dec 13th. Paid in full. Never received. Please do not order from this website. Total Scam. I am out the monies and the Baby Yoda doll.

Colin –

Ordered 2 bags and received 2 months later… completely different from what i ordered and very bad quality. Not replying to mails so i’ve opened case with paypal
the keilas website is now down so no access to them at all

Omar –

I ordered two pairs “rhinestone slippers”, total of $76 with shipping, to receive piece of crap slippers that were NOTHING like the photos and they weren’t even the right size. I attempted to contact their “customer service” with no response naturally. Luckily I paid through PayPal so I filed a claim. After some back and forth and totally BS with the company, PayPal decided in my favor, once I sent the crap product back to Singapore. I Wish I found this page prior to falling for their scam.

Carolyn –

I ordered the Baby Sloth plush toy on Dec 13th, it finally arrived today (Jan 29th). Nothing like the picture on the website – cheap crap!

Austin –

I got mine today and I ordered on 12-5-19! It is a piece of crap!

Veronica –

Same here. Total rip-off. Now the company website has disappeared. Can I still claim via PayPal?

Amelia –

Like many on here, I ordered a baby Yoda on 7 December 2019 and have yet to receive it. Customer service responses are written in broken English and all they do is refer me to the tracking information of which the only activity was 10 December 2019 that the order was placed. Still nothing. I have requested a full refund many times and they apologize for how long it’s taking and they just request that I remain patient. No refund! What a scam. Stay away!

Samuel –

Was supposed to look like this. not even close

Carmen –

We placed an order for a Baby Yoda on Dec 15th. Still has not arrived but money was taken the following day. No response to emails sent to this company. Bank will be refunding money hopefully. THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Jennifer Cleveland, Ohio

Charles –

Ordered 2 baby Yodas December 6th with promise of Christmas delivery. No presents ans my money is gone. I have sent emails. No response. I will contact bank of no response for 3rd try. Renae Ebel

Drew –

I ordered the magical jellyfish pendant on dec 7. Kept emailing. Finally received response. Changes tracking number etc. Supposed to receive it today. We will see.
Has anyone else ordered one?

Timothy –

Victim Location 03842

Total money lost $29.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from their website on Dec 16, 2019. The website says they are in CT, USA. When paying, checking out and choosing a shipping type I was never informed that their items were shipping from China. They gave me a fake tracking number that was never updated. I emailed twice and received a form letter response. Finally after 5 weeks I filed a claim with PayPal to get my money back. The Keilas sent me another tracking number that has also not been updated. It has now been six weeks.

Frederick –

Victim Location 32822

Total money lost $29.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A plush toy was ordered the 20th of December and an invalid tracking number was sent. Multiple emails were sent with not reply and the product never arrived and money was not refunded.

Jeremiah –

Pretty much same as everyone else with Baby Yoda. Ordered Dec. 15. Parcel I fo updated Dec. 17. Several emails and no response. I will be contacting my bank for a refund if I do not receive an email by monday. I would like to give them a chance to refund, but I doubt they will. Total scam from the sounds of it.

Neil –

Victim Location 21222

Total money lost $34.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On December 16th, 2019 I ordered a Baby Yoda Plushee as a Christmas gift for my significant other. On January 9, 2020 I noticed my tracking number was showing my order was out for delivery in OH when I live in Baltimore, MD. I contacted the business to let them know what the tracking number was saying and how I thought I could have possibly been given the wrong tracking number. The business contacted me back on January 20, 2020 and said that my order was delivered in my mailbox in OH, to double-check my mailbox because their tracking shows it was delivered. In the email I sent on January 9th, I told them I DO NOT live in OH and that I live in MD. I would like my order or I would like a refund. Since my email beginning on January 9, 2020, this business has not been quick with responding and has not been helpful with getting my issue resolved nor issuing me the refund that I requested if I were not going to receive my order.

Cole –

I bought the anatomical heart necklace advertised as crystal and I received a plastic resin mold. Complete rip off.

Karen –

I bought the Anatomical Heart Crystal Pendant. First, I had the same customs issues as everyone else. It FINALLY arrived yesterday and looks nothing like what I paid for!
It’s also made of resin, not crystal.
I would’ve have bought a plastic necklace!

Denise –

I ordered 4 baby yoda plushies on 12/17/19. They charged my credit card on 12/18/19. Received order number and tracking number. When I tried to track it, there was nothing other than “parcel information received”. I sent 2 emails on 1/14/20, which were sent back by postmaster stating the email did not exist. Went to website on 1/15/20 and sent 2 messages with no response. Complete scam. Contacted my credit card company to report it. They have refunded my money.

Jodi –

I bought gloves and glasses, which arrived both COMPLETELY different from what was shown on the website. These people are criminals! The site needs to be taken down ASAP. I left messages and a review, but heard nothing from them. Please help in stopping this business.

Dominic –

I ordered a baby Yoda on December 17,2019 on December 19 a tracking number was provided. Checked on order and tracking went nowhere. Sent a few emails that were never answered.
Reported issue to PayPal today January 16,2020. Really bummed that they never sent the baby Yoda .

Dominique –

Same on the Baby Yoda. Ordered it on 12/15. On 12/18 I received a tracking number, but it never worked. After a few emails there was no response. Today, 1/16, I received a new tracking number after saying there were problems with customs. It advertises as a company in CT, but now says China. I filled a complaint with PayPal to see if I could get my money refunded. Also, submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Martin –

I ordered a baby Yoda in December has not come. Same tracking problems others have reported. Very upsetting

Frederick –

same here. I have emailed them 3 times in regards to a working tracking number. Ive thought about reporting them to the BBB

Casey –

I ordered a stuffed baby alien (Baby Yoda – see attached photo) on 12/17/19 and have yet to receive it. The tracking I received on 12/19/19 doesn’t work it ALWAYS says “Parcel Information Received”. I have emailed the company multiple times and have yet to get a response. They also do not have any phone numbers listed on their site either.
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Also, when I went on PayPal to dispute the charge, I noticed that they changed the name of the company to THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT BUY FROM EITHER OF THESE COMPANIES!

Leslie –

Scammers ordered a bat December 16th 2019 it’s now January 15th 2020 still haven’t received and they will not respond to any emails. Very disappointed and think their entire website should be taken down this is bullsh**.

Samuel –

I ordered the bat too on the Dec 17th finally got it today the Jan 23 this is not what I paid $24 for

Clinton –

I did get a bat… that looks nothing like what I ordered. And have had no response to either of my emails asking them what this thing is that I was sent

Kristy –

Scammer’s website The Keilas Store

Scammer’s address 4247 Rosewood Ln, Westbrook, CT 06498

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I purchased a Baby Yoda on November 29, 2019. I received an email on December 2, 2019 saying it was shipped which included a tracking #. I have been trying to track my order, but it keeps saying parcel received. It has been almost two months and I haven’t received it and no response to my email from Keilas.

Bethany –

I to have ordered the baby yoda! On December 20th it’s now jan 14th I never received it. They never gave a tracking number and now their site is down? I used PayPal and went into my history it was under as clothing, I filed a dispute so hopefully I can get my money back.

Dale –

THIS COMPANY IS NOT ONLY A SCAM BUT ALSO A JOKE AND I AM SO MAD RN. i ordered a coffin-shaped pet bed beginning of december expecting it to arrive by christmas, and $30 and far-too-many weeks later, i receive a stupid plush banana. complete wrong item and there are no phone numbers to contact them, and their contact emails are also invalid. im hoping paypal will issue me a refund but who knows anymore. the banana isnt even big enough to fit my fat [censored] cat in it. like what the actual [censored]

Christina –

I ordered a dragonfly bauble ball on Nov. 11/19. which I saw advertised on Facebook. I did receive 2 emails from them on Dec.13 & 16 basically saying the same thing. Giving me an update and a tracking number. Neither was helpful. I emailed them twice. The second time (Jan. 9) I told them the item still had not arrived and I wanted a refund. Later that day the item finally arrived. Way too late for Christmas. They finally emailed me back today Jan.13 knowing I had received the item and telling me to check with my neighbors . No apologies no explanations. No One should do business with this company.Had I known at the time the item was coming from China I never would have ordered because I know it would take 2 months to get here. The reviews on their site suggested happy customers. But I feel this is a lie.

Alexander –

I ordered 2 of the same on Dec. 16th and like everyone else could not get delivery date, filed a compliant with Pay Pal. Guess what… received them yesterday and they are total pieces of crab. Instead of a beautifully painted ornament as pictured on their website, it was a cheap sticker of a dragonfly image. Total scam!

Andrew –

Victim Location 92359

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bought a necklace as a Christmas gift months ago, never received item and tracking shows item is still in China even though estimated time of delivery has long passed.

Clayton –

I also ordered a dragonfly ball ornament on Dec. 11. It was never shipped though they gave a tracking number. They are a fraud.

Mark –

Scammer’s website The Keilas Store

Scammer’s address 4247 Rosewood Lane, Westbrook, Ct. 06498

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I purchased a Dragonfly Bauble Ball On! November 26, 2019 as a Christmas present. I received a follow up email from the company December 10, 2019 indicating a high demand. January 8, 2020, I received indicating the order was complete suggesting I reach out to post office to track the package which I did. The tracking number supplied is invalid. This leaves me out a gift and the money they took from my checking account through PayPal. I am also contacting PayPal regarding a refund.

Joy –

Your reply

Emily –

I ordered three items from the Keilas on Dec. 6–a “vampurr” pet bet shaped like a vampire’s coffin, a necklace with an anatomical heart carved from a red stone, and a pair of size 9 black glitter boots, totaling around $85–and waited for them to arrive for Christmas. It’s now January 10. Today I received a package from China with a pet bed shaped like a banana and nothing else. My dispute on Paypal is being reviewed but it’s my word against the Keilas’ and Paypal tends to side with the seller. The Keilas can say they sent my items because a tracking number exists for the banana bed. Next they will probably tell me I have to return the banana bed to get a refund and then say they never got it and keep the money they stole from me. They scammed me and many others. Paypal does nothing to stop them.

Clinton –

omg! i ordered the coffin bed too and THEY SENT ME THE SAME banana! im so mad lmao and their contact and support emails are both invalid and my phone wont send them any emails 🙂 and there is no customer service phone number to contact anyone. im happy i only spent $30 on the wrong bed and not $80+, cuz i would have been even more furious. but dont get me wrong, i hate being scammed and im gonna try to get my refund because f this sketchy company.

Rafael –

I am also someone who is scammed into ordering two plush baby Yoda dolls.
My order was on December 5, and I used PayPal.
The interesting twist is that PayPal does not show the transaction in my history.
But it hit my credit card and posted within three days.
I put in a dispute with my credit card to see if I get lucky.

I also never got a tracking number …only an order number.
I’ll probably never buy anything off of Facebook pop up at again. But I really want these for my kids.

Courtney –

The exact same thing happened to me.

I ordered a Baby Yoda Plushie on 12/12/19 for my 7 year old from “the keilas,” which I saw on a FB pop up ad.

They responded to an email from me the first week of January, but the Fed Ex tracking number they gave me was invalid.

Fortunately, I paid with my Am Ex. The $34.24 was credited to my credit card, and Am Ex will deal with Pay Pal and this scam artist company “the keilas.”

Good luck.

Jasmine –

Like many others here, I ordered a baby yoda plush from Keilas and never received it. The tracking number showed no information, and I contacted them twice but they never responded. And it really was such a cute plush…

Sheila –

Ordered an item Dec 3rd…Its Jan 9th and STILL not here, and tracking info non operational…The don’t respond to emails. This company sucks..Do NOT order ANYTHING from them..

Laura –

I ordered a baby Yoda and never received it. They conveniently don’t have a phone number and when I contacted them to see if it would be sent in time for Christmas, they said they “pushed the delivery”. Their tracking was [censored] and so was the order. When I told them that I was demanding a refund and still hadn’t gotten it a few days ago, they have yet to respond. This is a total scam!

Ann –

Ordered a set of Rubber Duck gaming dice set advertised on facebook on the 20th of December. I have not received the tracking number says parcel received on the 24th and then nothing. I have emailed them and received no response as well.

Jodi –

I ordered the same set on the 18th of December. They responded to my first email with a holiday crunch excuse and an extended expected shipping date. They’ve missed that date by over a week and aren’t responding to emails now. It’s a scam for sure. The dice set isn’t even on the web site anymore.

Kelly –

Ordered a coffin shaped cat bed. Got one shaped as a banana. Merchant is to greedy to respond.

Jonathan –

Ordered a baby yoda never received it. It’s criminal

Danielle –

Ordered a baby Yoda plushie on Dec. 19th, 2019
Dec. 21 got an order confirmation and got a tracking number.
When I tried tracking it 3 days later, it says “Parcel info received.”
Guess what, it’s now Jan 7th, 2020 and it still says the same. Emailed them 3x and no response. So as of today, I disputed it with Paypal, thank goodness I used my Paypal.

Matthew –

I ordered a baby sloth on 12/2/19 and never received it. Contacted the company multiple times after the tracking number was’t working and got no response. I posted a negative review on the website and got an e-mail asking if I had posted the review. No comment about missing merchandise. My review also never appeared. I ordered through the FaceBook posting. This site is a scam. I used PayPal and got my money back.

Shana –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 4247 Rosewood Lane, WestBrook, CT 06498

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Ordered a Baby Yoda on 12/3/19. Was given a tracking number from some company in China; no update since then. Sent 3 emails requesting an update with no response. This company is FAKE.

Sergio –

I never received my order, they charged my credit card and no response back after 3 emails. This is a scam!

Wesley –

I ordered an item in the middle of December and have yet to receive it. The tracking info doesn’t work. I have emailed multiple times and have yet to get a response. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Julie –

I submitted an order on November 25, 2019 for the Hogwarts Castle Ring. I was sent an order confirmation and tracking information that same day. The tracking information has never been updated. The package is said to be coming from China. I have sent multiple emails and posted a review on the website (that promptly disappeared), and I have had no response. Do NOT purchase from this website.

Tristan –

Placed an order 11/21/19. Still have not received it and no response to email! Not happy.

Joseph –

I ordered a necklace on 11/30. Still have yet to receive it…I wrote several emails…finally sent an email to the receiver listed on my PayPal confirmation email and got a reply a week later asking for me to wait a lil bit it was on its way…still no merchandise. I’m filing for a refund thru PayPal cause this company doesn’t give 2 [censored]s about anyone…scammers

Michelle –

I purchased a teeth zippo lighter cover but received a cheap troll doll the company is a scam. Stay away

Reginald –

I ordered a baby sloth, I received the information that they took $29.96 with an order number on Dec. 2nd.On December 4th I received information that my order was shipped with an unusual tracking number. It showed going from Canada to the states, but the site does not allow you to track it. It is January 4th and still have not received the baby sloth.i have attempted to contact them through a customer service email and have not received a response.I think it was a scam! How do I get my money back?

Katie –

If you payed by paypal you can. Was this a facebook ad?

Erica –

I ordered a Deadpool Knife block from The Keilas in November. Basically a full scale model of Dedapool’s head with slots to hold kitchen knives, a cool item for a friend who is a comics fan. What I received was a tiny Marvel Pop! figurine of Iron Man. Informed them several times of the mixup, they just keep telling me that my order has been delivered. Stay away from this disreputable company.

Cheryl –

Total money lost $76

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased items from website and did not receive these items. Has been a month. Received a fake tracking number from China. Emailed merchant several times with no response.

Edwin –

Victim Location 95003

Total money lost $26.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I tried to purchase a dragonfly bauble ball ornament from the keilas. No tracking number, no reply when I emailed them, over a month and no item came to me. I also saw that another lady said she makes them, so they stole the idea and photo from her, never intending to send me anything! I am trying to dispute payment without my credit card, since I never received anything. But they have my card info now!!! I’ll watch it closely, see if they try to use it.

Meghan –

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order online from this merchant on Dec 10 and was given a fake tracking number that was from China (not from the States where the company is located). I emailed the company several asking about the status of my order as the tracking number didn’t work. I was told to be wait. Haven’t heard back now it is Jan 1. This company’s website does not have a phone number to contact them and have not responded to my last few inquiries but they have taken the money already for my order. I have checked on **** and have seen that others have had have the same issues with this site and that this site and that they are saying it is a scam. I have contacted my ****card company to despite the transaction and get a refund. I would have asked for a.refjns from the company website but I dont trust dealing with this company any more.

Shawn –

Ordered a baby yoda. Never received. Fake tracking number. Emailed them multiple times using different email addresses. No reply. Trying to resolve with paypal. Looks like they have multiple websites with the same content.

Lisa –

Me too! Dec. 19th and all I got was a tracking info on 12/21/19 and up to now 1/7/2020 and it still hasn’t shipped yet. I wished I have gone here to check before ordering.

Nicholas –

I ordered two and now I am getting my money back. I saw this through Facebook and that’s how I ordered it.

Matthew –

I have also ordered a baby Yoda on 19th December to the UK and cannot track my order from the number they have given me in the confirmation email. Would you say it’s worth me requesting a refund or waiting a bit longer?

Jacquelyn –

I ordered a Baby Yoda plushie on December 18th, still haven’t received it and tracking just says “Parcel Information Received”. I am about to go through PayPal myself for a refund…

Dale –

I am the true artist behind the popular dragonfly ball that everyone has been reporting. Keilas stole imagery from my web site and is claiming to sell these. I have had numerous customers coming to me saying they bought from them and received nothing. I have reported them numerous times through Facebook and they are still claiming to sell them. Please do not buy from them. My true product is listed here and has been for over 2 years:…

Colin –

Bought a teeth lighter case from the Keilas. They sent me a cheap troll doll , not what I ordered. I had to file a complaint with PayPal
The Keilas would only refund if returned the item. It was twice as much to return item with tracking.
Paypal eventually refunded me.

Do not buy from The Keilas, they are a scam

Desiree –

Purchased an item which was a teeth lighter case. The Keilas sent me a cheap troll doll. They would only refund if sent back to Singapore. The cost to ship back with tracking was twice as much as I paid for it. Paypal was good enough to refund me.

Don’t buy from The Keilas/Ureishi Pete …they are scammers

Joe –

I ordered 2 dragon fly ornaments from The Keilas online I cannot get a hold of them by email they don’t answer me. I lost $43.00 from this company . My question is how do I get my money back . The number they gave me is TKS20 , I tried using it as a tracking number it doesn’t work.

Miranda –

Total money lost $36

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My mom came across their ad for a dragonfly ornament on *** and sent it to me. I purchased the item from The Keilas (had reviews, address in the States, seemed legitimate) on November 8 with an estimated shipping of up to 26 days. After two weeks had passed and the tracking number provided still wasn’t working, I contacted them for an update. I was told to wait a few more days for the arrival. About a week passed and I asked for another update. They told me there was a problem with my package at customs (first realization this wasn’t being shipped from the States) and to wait a for a few more weeks. I tried contacting them again and never heard back. Their website is no longer up. I can guess that I won’t be receiving the item I was charged for.

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