The patriot

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Jamie – Dec 19, 2020

Victim Location 48657

Total money lost $79.90

Type of a scam Other

We ordered a book for 3.95 and now they are taking money out. They have taken 39.95 out twice now. Tried to go to the email it was sent from and it is no longer valid.

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  1. George Atkinson

    I had the same thing happen to me but I did not notice until months after the first charge to me credit card. I am 81 years old and preoccupied with a total disabled wife, plus my own health issues. I called the Patriot Society as soon as I became aware of a charge on my credit statement. I spoke with Adrian and he agreed to cancel the current charge and refund the previous month charge. I wasn’t aware of a previous charge and was a little confused of his offer and he said I had paid the previous month charge. After hanging up, I researched my credit statements and found out that I had been charged $39.95 since January 2021. I called the company back and spoke with Marie and informed her that I had no knowledge of the charges or what it was for. She indicated that it was a monthly fee for a membership. I have never signed anything that I am aware of for that membership, I just ordered a book for $3.95. I have never received any membership notification or benefit. Marie said she would inform me, of the company decision for a full refund and membership cancellation, either by email or a phone call. My first contact with the company was the 19th of July, 2021 and I have received no communication with them since that date. I plan to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney Generals office if this is not settled soon. This is definitely a scam by this company.

  2. Please always be careful when choosing where to invest and trade, i was scammed over $350,000 after they convinced me to invest with them hoping to get my profit back. After depositing my first $300,000 waiting to receive my profit after 7 days I waited for over 3 weeks no profit was sent to me , I contacted their customer support team they requested I deposit another $50,000 before they can processed my withdrawal request. I deposited the $50,000 making it total $350,000 and I waited to receive my payment still no profit was sent, i contacted their customer support again this time none of my messages or calls were answered. At this point I became frustrated because I lost all the money in my savings ,in search for help on how I can get access to my fund I was directed to contact some agencies who will help me recover my money back, I never believe because I don’t want to loose more again but I was forced to contact Mr Eddison Ebar a binary , bitcoin , forex recovery expert. I contacted him with the email they directed to me after getting my mails he asked me to forward some details to prove am not an impostors, I verified my identity and he asked me to provide all the details concerning my trade, i did exactly all he asked me to do , to God be the glory within 4-5 days I was able to accessed my fund again , the total money lost was recovered successfully. I will advise all scammed victims like me to kindly contact Mr Eddison Ebar with the email below for help, he will assist you with all information needed to get back your fund successfully, reach him via his email [email protected] com

  3. I just found out much the same thing happened to me as well. The bank caught a questionable charge and put it in pending when I saw it and told them I had not authorized it. Nothing more was done, no charge was processed, but the bank blocked my card the other day (didn’t know till last night trying to order something else) just in case. Good thing as the phony company may have tried to put through another charge yesterday. This company, though, if it is a company and not an individual scammer (most likely) is a real piece of work! Ripping off innocent people who are just trying to order a book, for Heaven’s sake!? Did anyone ever get the book? I didn’t. Going to the bank today to discuss this and put the $3.95 charge in dispute to get that money back. I know it’s not much, but it can make a difference in my life. We all really need to wise up, I think, and be really careful about who and what we order! Unbelievable!

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