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Matthew – Feb 27, 2021

I received a check in the amount of $20,800.00 and I was asked to deposit it at an ATM. I wanted to do an in person deposit but the individual so called friend didn’t want me to. So I called the company the check came from. It looked so real. Legit. I was told it was fraud. Please help me find out if it’s really fraud. The check I received had the Thomas Anderson address.

Cristina – Jan 17, 2021

I just received a USPS Priority mail envelope with nothing but a check for over $4,800. I knew something was off so I checked it out first; thank goodness I did. Why can this fraud continue to exist?

Sergio – Nov 02, 2020

Man this company really is trying to get my money. I received a $4000 check with priority mail. I do assignments with high payables. But usually legit payments that pays with check will have slip that tells me what did I do so I can variety. This one, nothing. Just a check of $4000. So I googled the company and address and just like I thought: a scam. Who doesn’t like free money but remember people: higher the free lunch the worse side effect. I probably will ended up lots of troubles if I deposit this check into my account so I just post it up and let other people know that they are pulling stunts like these.

Tristan – Oct 15, 2020

I just received a check in the mail in the amount of $2,500. Previously I received a random text from an unknown number asking me if I would be willing to be paid to wrap my car for advertising. I said sure, thinking it was not real. I still think it’s a scam and I won’t be depositing this check into my account.

Drew – Sep 28, 2020

Scam for car wrap advertising program! Tried to send pics with above statement but wouldn’t allow me to! Almost lost $3700.00! Said name was Harry Lewis, but nothing I was sent had his name on it. Research is the key here! Check everything out before you do it! Beware! It could happen to you!

Christina – Sep 28, 2020

Received a check in the amount of $3700.00 for doing a car wrap advertising program. Only had a partial explanation of what I was to do with the check in the envelope with check. At first I thought it was legit, and texted the phone number like it said to. But when they asked for me to send $2000.00 through Zelle before the check cleared the bank, I became very suspicious! I began doing some research on the name on the check, where it was sent from, phone numbers, and the email addresses! Nothing seem to match up! And bam… It’s a SCAM! Beware people! Do your research before you agree to anything! Our bank even checked it out and said scam. Someone almost got us for $3700.00! Did not deposit check! Sent to me from Thomas Anderson Evaluation Section in New Orleans, LA, wrote on Duncan Interiors Inc., DBA Duncan Miller Ullmann account out of Dallas, TX! Would not allow my photo to load. Said system error!

Eddie – Sep 15, 2020

I have been contacted about playing cello in a wedding. I received a large check to deposit, then take out my fee and give the remainder to some unspecified video person. The check was sent from Thomas Anderson Evaluation Section. The whole affair seems very shady. I will not deposit the check or participate in this wedding.

Alejandro – Feb 15, 2021

I had the same experience just now. Thank you for your post

Virginia – May 31, 2020

Victim Location 31313

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a very normal priority letter via USPS. A check(seemingly very real) and instructions for Wal-Mart were enclosed. I immediately started googling to see if this was hoax? I was so hoping that it wasn’t, but I know that if it’s too good to be true then it is….I haven’t responded. I am hoping they are caught before someone gets caught in their schemes.

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