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Jacquelyn – Dec 18, 2020

Sgt. Thiessen has been great.

I have been working with him for a bit now and am trying to get a group going to fight these con artists with the help of SPPD, Attorney Generals office and Department of Commerce.

Please go to my Facebook page and help fight back.

Shana – Dec 17, 2020

Hi everyone,

Whatever they do don’t give them money. It sounds too good to true but its not. Cindy Palmer contacted me about renting or selling our timeshares. And my mother and I ended up signing, but we haven’t paid anything. Just two days ago they said, that now the Mexican government is asking money for “tax purposes” because were “investors” trying to get money from Mexico not true at all. Its all scam people. It’s a way to get money out of you. Other comments mention about these high class rich people trying to rent our weeks to use as tax deductions or business expenses. Also that they use the resorts for “meetings in the conference rooms” Its all BS!
Another company that is affiliated is Alliance closing company Meredith Wells and the CEO. I looked up this company on google maps and there’s nothing there. I already reported this to our company that we have our membership with.

Brenda – Dec 11, 2020

Has anyone filed a report with Sgt. Thissen, they don’r seem to know anything about that reference number 205-805-440?

Karl – Dec 01, 2020

My wife and I found out way to late, that these guys are not who they say they are. We were contacted by Amy Henderson from Travelmore, then put together with Margaret Babinsky, Meredith Wells and Edward Skwore from Alliance Closing Services. Over a span of 7 months, the slowly sucked a bit of money here and there for closing costs, permits and taxes. At the end of my patience, I was told by Edward Skwore to pay more money or sue him.
In the end, my family has lost a substantial amount of money with no real hope in sight.
By the way, Alliance Closing Services address is one floor above the Minisota State Attorney Generals office.

Andres – Dec 07, 2020

Please contact Saint Paul Police in regards to this incident (Sgt. Thissen) and file an online SPPD report:
reference case 20-805-440

Jonathan – Nov 22, 2020

Did anyone get paid for there timeshare or was this all a scam. Fred Nov 22 2020

Yolanda – Dec 07, 2020

Please contact Saint Paul Police in regards to this incident (Sgt. Thissen) and file an online SPPD report:
reference case 20-805-440

Natalie – Nov 17, 2020

Total money lost $78,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were contacted by Amy Henderson, from Travelmore LLC, to purchase our timeshare. After we tried our best to do background checks of Travelmore LLC, we decided to let them purchase our timeshare. At this time Amy Henderson connected us with their closing company…Alliance Closing Services.

Alliance Closing Services (Edward Skwor, Margaret Babinski, Meredith Wells) was the company closing the sale of our timeshare. They began by asking us for small amounts of money for closing costs, taxes, foreign invester permits etc. They kept calling or emailing every week or two, always promising that everything was going to work out, but they just needed a bit more money for some tax or permit.

They would send us certificates, permits, tax documents…all sorts of things that looked legal. Towards the end, they actually asked us to send them money to bribe a Mexican bank official. when we started to question everything, they became threatening and telling us to be careful on who we talk to as we could end up in trouble. They then stated telling us that the mexican government would not release our funds and treating us saying that we are going to get charged with tax evasion and money laundering.

We have ceased all communications with them as per the advice of the RCMP.

Our bank, the Bank of Montreal, has tried to do a trace back of the funds sent to these guys and the money just dissappears. Even though, according to Alliance Closing Services, the funds are in a trust account.

To date, we have received calls from the Mexican FGR and the National Bank of Mexico stating that the account that Alliance Closing Services has set up is a scam and there was 120 people being scammed in this account.

We have a file the is over one inch thick of all documents and email communications with this company. We also have over 100 hours of audio recordings of every phone conversation with these guys.

In case you haven’t noticed…this companies address is one floor above the Minnesota State Attorney Generals office.

If you need any of the documents that we have, please just ask. We cannot attach this much info to the form.

Kristin – Nov 05, 2020

Our offer came from Cindy Palmer at TravelmoreLLC. Got the contract which did not match what we were selling. Checked out the names on the contract in social media, white pages, etc. Found company owners. Checked on Alliance closing. Address on letterhead is occupied by a medical office. The names of the buyers could not be found. Searches kept asking if I meant other names which were similar. Actual names do not seem to exist.

Beth – Sep 25, 2020

I have also received a call from Travelmorellc, making me an offer on my timeshare in Mexico. They sound like a legit company but after reading all these comments. I have mix feelings. As the offers are similar, they have investor buyers who want to purchase for medical conferences. I have checked their listing in the BBB and there was 0 comments in the reviews.

Shaun – Aug 26, 2020

I was contacted by phone by a Gina Smith with Travelmore who wanted to buy my timeshare in Mexico. Made an incredible offer. I was hesitant but went along being careful not to reveal any personal information. I told them up front that I was ripped off before and was not going to offer any money up front. The process went forward with various emails from the closing company, Alliance and Meredith Wells. Today I was advised that because I was not a Mexican citizen I would be required to pay up front costs for “tax purposes” in the amount of $3,750. I have cut all communications with Travelmorre, Alliance and Meredith Wells and Amy Hernderson. Be ware! If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Stay away from these companies

Katie – Dec 07, 2020

Please contact Saint Paul Police in regards to this incident (Sgt. Thissen) and file an online SPPD report:
reference case 20-805-440

Lindsey – Aug 19, 2020

I received call yesterday asking me about selling my time share at significantly higher price. they sound very legit and been pursuing very patiently and trying to explain this process.
I have asked them for next steps and details of the transaction. which their manager agreed to. I was asked basic info including all relevant info about my time share, points and cost paid etc.
I heard so far that I will need to open a trust account and closing will be handled by third company – Alliance closing.
I am planning to comply with their requests until I find something fishy or come across another review.
Hope there are others going thru similar experiences willing to share their experience.

Natalie – Jan 29, 2021

How did the process go Sundeep? I am in a similar situation where ACS and Travel More are asking for USD4215 for closing and administrative fees.

Lindsay – Dec 07, 2020

Please contact Saint Paul Police in regards to this incident (Sgt. Thissen) and file an online SPPD report:
reference case 20-805-440

Catherine – Nov 13, 2020

How did this all work out eventually? I’m in that same position now except they’re claiming to be ‘surprised’ that the Mexicans are demanding the payment before closing. $3900 in our case. VERY SUSPICIOUS.

Eduardo – Nov 08, 2020

Did you transaction work out? I am in the same situation and wondering if I should proceed?

Bradley – Sep 23, 2020

I’m actually going thru a situation like this. After I signed a contract I was told I needed to register my transaction as an investor, so I did and roughly 5 days later I got my receipt, stamped and signed by the mexican authorities. Haven’t closed yet but I feel positive, did my research and these people look legit

Roberto – Sep 23, 2020

I am in a similar situation. Did you go thru with the process? They want me to wire money because I am not a Mexican citizen.

Lisa – Sep 22, 2020

I am going thru a similar experience and they do sound legit, but then they added an Addendum to the sales contract with a “Registration” fee which the Seller is paying. Although they require that I wire the funds directly to the S.A.T. (Mexican government for taxes). They say I will be reimbursed these funds thru closing. Not sure what to do… but I don’t want to send them any money…don’t quite understand why they can’t take it from the proceeds.

Deborah – Aug 29, 2020

Amy Henderson, Margaret Babinski, Maradeth Wells, Edward Skores(?)…all I have left to say to you all is, I hope you rot in hell. Both the US feds and Mexican Authorities should be knocking at your door soon. Carma, will catch up to you…guarenteed.

Shawn – Aug 29, 2020


Claudia – Aug 24, 2020

I am also speaking to these folks. I checked them out with the State of Colorado and the business seems legit. I have asked for a contract to review.
They claim to be buying 70 properties for a corporate buyer. Is this consistent with your information?

Autumn – Aug 21, 2020

Did you follow through? We have received similar offer.

Janet – Dec 07, 2020

Victim Location 07047

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Received call and subsequent email offering to buy timeshare in Mexico for significant amount over cost – Company indicated that Alliance Closing in St Paul MN would do the closing. Based on others in the scam site, this company has been cited as having fraudulent business practices.

They supposedly have investment buyers who want to purchase properties for medical conferences.

I am no longer engaging in conversations with this company – it smells fishy and is too good to be true. Reporting so others are aware

Sergio –

Please contact Saint Paul Police in regards to this incident (Sgt. Thissen) and file an online SPPD report:
reference case 20-805-440

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