TDK Electronics Spoof

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Kristine –

Victim Location 07104

Type of a scam Employment

Like another reported scam, this is for a Graphic Designer position. It seemed to have all the red flags: communication at weird hours (1:30am), no professional email addresses were used, only with a gmail extension. I also could not find any listings on the REAL TDK website for a graphic designer position. I tried searching for their names online and nothing showed up. Names Honeyleen Gayon, Samantha Gosney, Daniel Bennoon. Emails used were [email protected] They wanted me to hear the breifing and interview on Google Hangout and are going to send me a check to purchase all the programs and equipment to run my home office since they are supposedly opening one in my area. They said hundreds of people are workings from home in their company but I only see 51-250 employees on JOBTODAY job board. Do not accept money or give money. Do not give out any private information. If it seems to good to be true, it is. I also checked online and researched work from home scams. This is hard for us graphic designers as we are desperate for good work. We are the prime victims.

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