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Dylan –

Victim Location 43533

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Employment

After submitting a resume to, Columbus OH last week, I was interviewed instant messaging only and they have no phone number for contact.

They FedExed a check of $2300.00 to deposit in my bank for equipment I need to order for remote position from my residence. After deposit, I was asked to send all money transactions Walmart2Walmart to agents required to download software on a new laptop computer.

Walmart’s financial transaction keeps blocking my payments as possible scam. I explained this to the employer and he told me to keep going to different Walmart’s. This has been going on for the past week and I am tired of running around not getting anyway and wasting gas.

According to the employer, I am to have all of their home office equipment setup to start online training process by today.

Yesterday the trainer (Mrs. Deborah Robert) requested an additional $1500.00 from my personal bank account to buy the office (laptop computer, software, equipment, etc) that they were previously responsible for. I am confused because their $2300 was for all equipment and now they are requesting an additional $2000 from my personal bank account.

I was told first day nothing would come out of my pocket.

I called RIA Financials to stop my $500 check yesterday and they asked who was requesting me to send money. I told them his name is Harold Calhoun and she instantly brought up an a.k.a name very similar to his. If this is not fraud then it is very poor company management.

They also have a copy of my drivers license.

This is an update for ticket #XUJY7. I initially thought there was no money loss with this scam. As of Dec 27, bank account shows fake check has depleted my bank account. Also, I did not mention the return address on the FedEx envelope in which the check arrived NYC Property Management Group 1 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 1107 New York City, NY 10020 I did receive a second package via FedEx. I did not open the package and went to the police department for advice. They advised to take it back to FedEx and have it returned to sender.

User Review
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