Team Wells Concrete Creations

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Mitchell –

Victim Location 76706

Total money lost $1,740

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Made contact with the owner Kelvin Wells in regards to building a backyard koi pond and a walkway with me providing the stone. Mr. Wells came out and provided an estimate and informed me of all the things he would do and how the pond would look. The project was only supposed to take three days and Mr. Wells requested half of the money which was $1740.00 prior to starting to get materials etc and would get the other half after the project was complete. The first half of the money was provided on May 31st. After two weeks, the job was still not completed and looked a hot mess after Mr. Wells had all kinds of random, homeless looking people working for him who were even bringing their wife and child to my home/yard who were hanging out on my patio like they were in the park and the child was running through the water sprinklers like she was at a splash pad. This was brought to Mr. Wells attention as he was very seldom on the work site. Mr. Wells kept promising that they would complete the job and needless to say the project was never completed. Mr. Wells tried to send someone else to my home to try and finish the project, but that person also rescheduled two different times and I finally told them never mind. I informed Mr. Wells that they had not completed $1740.00 worth of work and I needed my money back since he has basically walked off the job and not completed the job. He agreed that he did owe me some money back, but needless to say I have not received any money. The gentleman that Mr. Wells tried to send to my home after he didn’t complete the job, also told me that Mr. Wells owed him money as well and he pretty much bad mouthed Mr. Wells himself and indicated that he doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t need to be in the business. I’m still reaching out to Mr. Wells to try and recoup some of my money to no avail as of yet.

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