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George –

Victim Location 90210

Type of a scam Home Improvement

2 Irish men, one names Kevin one names Thomas knocked on my door in Beverly Hills and said they had extra asphalt from a previous job. They said they could pave my driveway for $1150, I said that was too much they said $900.

I asked for their business card, the phone number looked odd. Their car was unmarked truck.

They started the job immediately, it did not look like it was done correctly, there were still cracks in the driveway they said once it dried in a few hours the cracks would go away. They did not go away.

I tried to pay them with a check. They took the check then came back a few hours later stating they needed cash. I told them I don’t have cash.

Upon researching the business address from their business card, it is fake. It is a ups location.

They are returning tomorrow , I will have police on standby.

Attached is the business card they gave me.

User Review
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