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Levi – Oct 20, 2020

Victim Location 05828

Total money lost $242

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Our church treasurer received what he thought was a legitimate bill and paid it. This service was not ordered and we were never contact by this company. They very slickly got money they should not have. Interesting that it’s a "church" business but is out to rob churches!! I have asked twice for a refund. This company should be shut down and ashamed!

Charlotte –

Victim Location 30135

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Our Church received a bill from USA Churches Online . Com . it looked like a bill from a internet company. But if you read the fine print it had this is not a invoice, this is a solicitation. the It also had in red letters Your listing will expire February 2020. If it was not for a alert person who asks question. you look at it and think its a bill.

The fake looking bill also displayed the churches business email address. said Premium listing website: Phone: the amount 242.00

Gerald –

Victim Location 68467

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I received a letter in the mail that looked like a bill for a listing on the website Though it did say itwasn’t an invoice it was hidden in small print in the middle of a paragraph that said, "Due to expanded market coverage and limited time this may be your only contact. This is not an invoice, this is a solicitation you are under no obligation to buy." It looked like an invoice for $242.00 for a yearly subscription fee. There was a "stamped" notice that said, "Your listing will expire January 2020." I’m not sure how that is an advertisement (solicitation). It says nothing about the services offered it simply looks like a bill. How does that encourage anyone to buy their product except by mistakenly thinking they already have it?

I checked the website and surprisingly there was a listing there for us.

We never purchased it. It seems evident to me they are hoping a busy church volunteer will run the "bill" through on the assumption that someone else researched it and made the purchase.

I did a search on the website domain. The web hosting site, Godaddy provided the following information. The site is owned by Jackie *** *** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** ***  She is also listed as the Tech for the website.

I called the the number listed on the mailing and spoke with "Mary." I asked why our information was on their site since we were not costumers and she said it had been placed there as a "courtesy" but would be taken down in 90 days if we didn’t buy the listing. This has caused me to wonder if they are using the $242 they are charging their costumers very well since they seem to be able to do what they are offering for free. What more is there to do once the information is in their listing? Even if I thought they were a legitimate company and not simply a scam, I would have serious doubts about their business plan. I told Mary that her company’s business plan was deceptive and likely to be taking advantage of those organizations who are working hardest with the least resources in their communities to help those who are truly in need. Mary was polite but unconcerned. I asked her to remove our information since we didn’t request the service or give permission for it to be placed there. She said it wasn’t possible to remove it for 90 days.

Something I noticed on their site. You select a state and then a city, but selecting the state does not limit the list of cities to those in that state. The city pull down tab seems to contain all the cities they have listings for. This seems like extremely shoddy workmanship for for a sight that charges you $242 for leaving up your information that they already put on there.

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  1. Just got one today. Account number, invoice number, all looks like a bill NOT a solicitation. This is the WORST of the WORST – there is nothing on this piece of paper that they didn’t scrape off our church website. Some people have said “in the fine print,” but there IS NO fine print on this letter. Just a claim that we owe them money for a service we never purchased or ever heard of before now.

    DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TYPE OF THING! It is less surprising to get a call from the “Federal Marshals” who have found suspicious behavior “on” my social security number! Yeah… wouldn’t want to be them when God asks them to explain this one day soon.

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