ABC Repair – also using name Safe Paze

ABC Repair – also using name Safe Paze Scam or Legit? Check ABC Repair – also using name Safe Paze Reviews below.
James –

Victim Location 54208

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

While using my computer in August 2015 a warning message popped up stating not to shut down the computer as hackers will take over my computer (not exact wording but something to that affect) and a phone number was provided to call (stating they were Microsoft). I called, spoke to somebody stating they could place an antivirus on my computer and the cost would be $200.00. I agreed, was transferred to another representative that was going to be working with me to install. She states that the cost is going to be $600. I said that I was quoted $200 and if I had to pay $600 we were done, I didn’t want it. She agreed to give it to me for $200. I received two emails one from ABC Repair – a receipt stating it was a one time fix w/antivirus – $200 and another from SafePaze ([email protected]) – stating that I sent a payment of $200 and would see the charge appear as G2S-SPTECH. Beginning in 2017 I started receiving phone calls from the "company" stating that an update was not made automatically and they need to manually take care of that by having me log on to the computer because my computer was in danger of having a virus. I kept telling them I wasn’t by my computer, my internet wasn’t working or I didn’t answer the phone. They continued to call back through the beginning of 2018. In May 2018 I asked the caller why they continued to call me as I noticed that my account was expired. The caller hung up. September 21, 2018 I received a call from a "collection agency" stating that I owed this company for 2 years of service and they had emailed the invoices to me over those dates. I tried contacting the company via website and phone number all were non-existent or lead me to a customer service number for beauty products.

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